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ReadyNAS Surveillance

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1 ReadyNAS Surveillance

2 Network Camera Revenue ($M) High growth technology
27% CAGR ( ) IMS April 2012

3 Trend of IP surveillance
High Definition Video Surveillance Network Intelligent

4 Benefits of IP Monitoring
An easily scalable solution Ability to leverage existing data network without setting up a separate security network Higher quality video provides more information IP data is easily manipulated and shared Remote access to live and recorded video Safe backup of data to offsite location There are two main technologies which can provide video security solutions. Analog CCTV technology – This is based on legacy TV standards. Cameras stream video content over coax cables to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The DVR has a fixed number of camera ports. If your solution requires more cameras, you buy additional DVRs. Not very scalable. Also the coax cables create a secondary data cable network onsite. All companies/homes now support IP technology for broadband internet access. Analog CCTV resolutions are also very limited IP-based solutions leverage existing data networking onsite. No duplicate networks needed. Network Video Recorders do not have physical port count limits. So growing the numbers of cameras in a solution can be as easy as just buying another cameras and plugging into the local area network.

5 IP vs. Analog CCTV NETGEAR
Product DVR Add-on License Pre-paid Paid license Max Cameras Up to 16 Video Resolutions 648x486 Anything from 320x200 to 2560x2048 Data Reliability Single HDD Multi-disk RAID/XRAID2 protection Intelligent Search No Yes Digital Watermark E-Map Analog/CCTV resolutions are too low to clearly see faces, license plates, etc. Lack of data reliability RAID/XRAID2 Replicate data offsite Use ReadyNAS for Surveillance and data storage Analog cameras require parallel analog cables to be run. IP cameras use existing IP infrastructure

6 ReadyNAS Surveillance Cost effective and high-performance network video recorder (NVR) for ReadyNAS
Software license for NETGEAR ReadyNAS Cost effective, yet high-performance NVR solution Highly integrated solution with proven technologies License managed by user Paid license required Licenses are perpetual (one-time license) Every camera requires an active license Multiple licenses available for multi-camera installations Pay as you go/grow model The ReadyNAS Surveillance is an add-on application which run on all x86 basd ReadyNAS products. This includes our Ultra and Pro desktop families as well as all our ReadyNAS desktops. ReadyNAS Surveillance creates a cost effective, yet high performance NVR solution based on proven storage technologies This is a paid application. The license is a perpetual license. With no re-occurring subscription costs. There is also a free 30-day trial which will be activated when you first install the add-on. The trial supports the full 16 camera limit to fully test the performance and functionality of the ReadyNAS Surveillance solution. Every camera needs an active license once the trial period is over. Licenses are be added in a pay-as-you-go model up to the limit of 16 cameras per ReadyNAS device.

7 ReadyNAS Surveillance Competitive Advantages
Solution Approach Most Flexible Solution License exactly the number of cameras you need We support as many cameras as major surveillance software vendors such as Milestone – 70 camera brands and camera models Camera video protocols support RTSP & HTTP Best Management Approach eMAP support multiple layers & insert icons into map Advanced search functionality Windows CMS software up to 128 cameras. Cameras can be at multiple sites Only vendor with a complete solution portfolio PoE Switching, Wireless, NAS/NVR hardware, NVR software

8 “Just Add Cameras” Total NETGEAR Solution
Storage, Surveillance Application, PoE Switch, Wireless, UTM

9 Build Complete Solutions Integration with 3rd Party Solutions
Point of Sale (PoS) Systems to connect video with cash register data Access Control Systems (digital input / output integration with 9 leading manufacturers) Other systems such as license plate recognition

10 Performance & Compatibility
Support for High Definition (HD) and Mega- Pixel Cameras Premium recording performance (80Mbps) Supports 16 3-Megapixel (2048x1536) cameras with H.264 high quality video* Support for over 70 IP camera brands All top brands Including Axis, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic and Mobotix Support for over 1600 camera models Also compatible with ONVIF based cameras Management / Monitoring of up to 128 cameras with single Windows CMS software The ReadyNAS Surveillance solution is a very high performance solution. We can support at least 80Mbps recording performance on even our low end ReadyNAS products. This will support sixteen 3-Megapixel cameras using H.264. The solution support over 35 brands of IP cameras including market leaders such as Axis, Sony, & Panasonic. This adds up to over 1000 IP camera models plus support for cameras that support the ONVIF camera API. * Actual performance will vary by scene complexity

11 ReadyNAS Surveillance Feature Overview

12 Complete Surveillance Solution
Comprehensive recording Multiple video codec support Continuous, manual, event, and scheduled recording Synchronized audio recording Megapixel recording Digital watermarking Digital zoom Intelligent search Live view Pan Tilt and Zoom controls On-screen events/alarms Compatibility 70 IP Camera brands (1600+ models) Windows Application Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

13 Flexible Remote Viewing
Mobile clients for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Windows CMS software Allows viewing of up to 128 cameras on multiple ReadyNAS units Cross-browser viewing: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer One of the biggest selling points of IP surveillance solutions is remote access. With ReadyNAS Surveillance you can download Apple and Android based applications to view your live video from where ever you are.

14 Dual Stream Support Saves bandwidth
Optimized mobile/remote performance Uses both streams from supported cameras High quality stream for recording Mobile optimized stream for remote access Now lets talk about some of the great features including in ReadyNAS Surveillance. Dual Stream Support allows for video streams to be different for recording and viewing. This is a requirement for remote viewing. While everyone would like to record video in the highest possible resolution and frame rate possible, this is not possible for remote/mobile viewing. Remote and Mobile clients have bandwidth limitations that make watching HD quality video impractical

15 Video Recording

16 Recording modes Flexible Recording Schedule Always recording
Recording on Event Boost Recording Boost Recording will be available in next release

17 Boosting Recording Benefit and features:
Event recording in higher frame rate Save storage capacity Event happen, start boost recording Event finish, stop boost recording Video quality Normal: 1 fps Time Normal quality Original quality Boost: 30 fps Boost Recording will be available in next release

18 Duplicate Camera ReadyNAS Surveillance System enables users to view video of one camera in different ways at the same time. ReadyNAS Surveillance supports multiple camera views. From a single camera, users can duplicate the camera view. This is extremely useful with megapixel cameras. Utilizing the digital Pan Tilt Zoom features, users can split megapixel images into multiple unique video streams. There is also support for 360 degree lens technologies like Immervision.

19 Offsite Data Protection
Automatic daily data backup to offsite device Backup video and audio NVRmini2 Network Storage (FTP) Another ReadyNAS Protecting data in the case of theft, vandalism, or disaster is a critical feature of any surveillance solution. ReadyNAS Surveillance has a built-in backup feature which can duplicate data to an offsite server. Unfinished ftp backup job will be terminated. Test Result : 6 Cam total bitrate 22Mbps. 24 hour video size 202 GB. Local FTP server backup time 97 mins.

20 Intelligent Search Apply Video Analytics to Recorded Video
Search recorded video via 5 analytic features instead of fast forwarding through hours/days of video General motion motion in a specific area of interest Missing Object when objects are removed from an area Foreign Object when objects appear in a specific area Camera Occlusion when the camera is blocked Signal Lost when the signal to the camera is lost

21 Alarm Actions Internal Actions Internal On Screen Display E-Map
External Actions External CMS Send Digital Output Push Notification

22 E-map w/ Indicator E-map with multiple layers and icon-setting option
With camera & IO indicator to easily find out the camera/IO location/status E-Map is a built-in function which can pop up a predefined map when an event occurs. The map can provide the locations of each camera and the camera or sensor which has detected the event.

23 Integrity & Watermark Protect for original recording from alternation with our watermark verification tool ReadyNAS Surveillance can export and also verify videos have not been altered. This could be a requirement for court cases and insurance claims for example.

24 Centralized Management Software (CMS)

25 Windows CMS software Free remote live view of 128 channel
Free of charge, unlimited number of installation and user Auto connect to multiple NVRs Max 64 (8x8) channel on single monitor Output to 4 monitors View group of cam from difference NVR eMap with alert and live preview PTZ and camera duplication

26 NETGEAR Remote Live View
Free Manage up to 128 channels IP camera 。

27 ReadyNAS Surveillance Application Language Support
English Japanese Spanish German Finnish French Hungarian Italian Russian Czech Korean Polish Dutch Serbian Swedish Portuguese Turkish Hebrew Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese (v1.3.1 only)

28 Product Version

29 Version of ReadyNAS Surveillance
ReadyNAS Surveillance OS 6 (x86) ReadyNAS Surveillance OS 6 (ARM) “Home” Current Version 1.3.1 1.0.0 SW Embedded in Available Apps tab Max # Cameras Supported 16 8 Fully 30 day 16-camera trial period Yes No Included Camera Licenses Zero (0) One (1) Max. Live View Channels 64 Max Concurrent Playback Channels Max Concurrent Playback (user) 1 Scheduled Recording Motion Detection Camera input/output Joystick Support

30 ReadyNAS Surveillance Available For
ReadyNAS Surveillance Home Supported ReadyNAS ReadyNAS 300 Series ReadyNAS 500 Series ReadyNAS Ultra/Ultra+ ReadyNAS Pro ReadyNAS 1100/1500/2100 ReadyNAS 3100/3200/4200 ReadyNAS 100 Series ReadyNAS 2120

31 Netgear Surveillance App
SOHO Application Single NVR 8 IP cameras Switch Web Viewer (Internet Explorer) Netgear Surveillance App Supports Andriod/IOS

32 Mid-Side Application Web Viewer Free CMS (128 Channel) Single NVR
16 IP cameras Switch Remote Live view/Playback (Windows Client) 16 IP cameras Switch Single NVR 16 IP cameras Switch Web Viewer (Internet Explorer) Switch 16 IP cameras 16 IP cameras Switch Netgear Surveillance App Supports Andriod/IOS 16 IP cameras Switch

33 Enterprise Application
ReadyNAS CMS (500 Channel) 網路攝像機

34 Netgear Enterprise Application
ReadyNAS CMS 500 Channel

35 ReadyNAS Surveillance Summary
All-in-one Surveillance Solution Peace of mind with live viewing from anywhere Utilize existing NAS device and scalable up to 16 cameras Secure Digital watermark on exported video and snaps prevents data tampering ReadyNAS proven data protection and scalability Affordable Free 30-day trial (16-cameras) and pay as you go/grow model. Mix and match licenses for cost effective solution Simple Auto-camera detection and setup Web based management to configure, monitor, and playback Intelligent search reduces the amount of time to find video of interest Updated Davin

36 For More Information Surveillance solution page product page AS-surveillance/default.aspx microsite Links to downloads, manuals, bandwidth and storage calculator For More Information, take a look at the ReadyNAS Surveillance product page on or look at the landing page.

37 Resource Planning ReadyNAS Surveillance Bandwidth & Storage Calculator
Sample video settings Find link from

38 Thank you

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