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Windows 8 Introduction Mark Rosenberg Development Instructor New Horizons.

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1 Windows 8 Introduction Mark Rosenberg Development Instructor New Horizons

2  Intro to Windows 8 Features  Software Development in Windows 8

3 Windows 8 Features Everything that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8 Reimagines Windows from the chipset to experience a new range of capabilities, scenarios, and form factors

4 Reimagining Windows Windows 8 Experience Metro style platform and tools Hardware Platform Cloud Services

5 Performance Windows 8 will run on Arm, x86, and x64 Tablets, laptops, and desktops Both touch and keyboard / mouse

6 Performance gain Windows 7: 404 MB 32 processes Windows 8: 281 MB 29 processes (so far)

7 Demo of Windows 8 Here is the Windows 8 experience

8 Windows 7 Windows 8


10 Quick Reminder – What Is.NET Base Class Libraries The CLR JIT & NGEN Garbage Collector Security Model Exception Handling Loader & Binder Profiling& Debugging APIs Entity Frame- work ASP. NET WCF And more! Work Flow Work Flow WPF Win Forms

11 .NET Versions.NET 4.5 is an in-place update You can chain it in for your installers on Win7, Win2K8, etc. You get it automatically with Windows 8 and Windows Server 8 On Windows Update for supported downlevel OSes.NET 1.0.NET 1.1.NET 2.0 3.0 3.5.NET 4.0 2002 2003 2010 2005-08 4.5 -Win8

12 Windows 8 Development Lots of options….

13 Windows Development

14 Windows 8 Development

15 Metro Style Apps in Windows 8

16 Devices SensorsGeolocationPortableNFC Communications & Data Contracts XML Web SMS Networking Notifications Local & Cloud Storage Streams Background Transfer User Interface HTML5/ CSS XAMLDirectXControls Input Accessibility Printing Data Binding TilesSVG Metro style application APIs Fundamentals Application Services AuthenticationCryptographyGlobalization Memory Management Threading/ Timers Media Visual Effects PlaybackPlayToCapture

17 Process State Transitions

18 Terms to Know: Windows 8 – the new operating system that runs in a “dual mode”: Desktop (Win32) and WinRT Win32 – the OS API that supports today’s applications in Win8 WinRT – the new OS API that supports future applications Metro – a user experience design language often used when building WinRT applications

19 How do I get ready for Windows 8 Development? Build Silverlight or WPF apps Follow the Metro standards

20 Flavors of.NET.NET Full profile.NET Client profile Silverlight Windows Phone.NET WinRT profile

21 Demo creating a Windows 8 App

22 Thank you!! Mark Rosenberg Email: Blog: Twitter: @m_rosenberg

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