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Passage Media … an innovative set of services in digital marketing.

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1 Passage Media … an innovative set of services in digital marketing

2 Digital Marketing Services Passage advertising (P.A.) Digital – out - of - home marketing ad space Passage content (P.C.) Content agency for digital signage and digital out of home Passage solution (P.S.) Full - service digital signage systems provider

3 Passage advertising (P.A.) can provide you with adept digital display networks for an effective communication strategy tailored to your target group. with unique POS (point of sale) and POI (point of interest) in large- panel displays passadvertising could reach over 2 million contacts each and every day. makes it possible for you to get your marketing campaigns to your target group in real time in super markets, movie theaters, shopping centers, travel agencies, airplanes, and all-day cafes, clubs, restaurants. entertainmentchannel foodchannel travelchannelpublicchannel

4 Entertainmentchannel Movie theater advertising reaches consumers during their free time. Showing your ads on the digital large-panel displays in the entrance ways, within the ticket area, over the food counters, and in the waiting areas in front of movie theaters. Clubs - bars Showing your ads on the digital large-panel displays in the entrance ways, behind the bar the dj-corner All day’s Café Showing your ads on the digital large-panel displays in the entrance ways Tablet displays on the tables Village Cinemas VS Hospitality Group Gregory’s Corners Airports

5 Foodchannel Super market, bakery shops, advertising reaches consumers during their shopping time. The monitors are located throughout entrances, main runs, and cash registers. Marinopoulos Gregory’s Bakery Shops

6 Travelchannel Travel agency, airports, airplanes, advertising reaches consumers during their travelling time. The Travelchannel accompanies the target group with digital displays from the travel agency to the airport and right into the airplane. Airports

7 Publicchannel As one of the most modern shopping malls in Athens, the Metro Mall in Agiou Dimitriou offers an ideal environment for presenting your marketing messages on digital and animated bill boards to clientele looking to shop and enjoy their free time all at the same time. All 55 vertical full HD bill boards have been installed throughout the mall’s promenade and guarantees maximum attention Metro mall

8 Passage content (P.C.) creates and produces multi-media motion content for digital display networks. Regardless of whether: ad spots for digital-out-of-home campaigns, infotainment content for digital signage networks, animations for mobile apps passage content will prepare individual content or even a complete program concept tailored to the customers needs.

9 Production Ad Spots - We put static ads in motion, make high-quality motion clips from your images and logos, or optimize existent ad spots for use on digital display networks. Our experience allows us to design ads that do justice to the particularities of the medium and permit of optimal effect—regardless of whether at the POS (point of sale), POW (point of wait), or POS (point of sale). Content - Digital signage needs powerful content. Passage Media provide fresh ideas not only for real eye-catchers, but also for tailor-made digital program content completely in line with the customers wants and needs. Village Cinemas VS Hospitality Group Gregory’s Corners Airports Content Consulting Program Creation & Production Program Concept

10 Infotainment Standard - Make your program more attractive— with infotainment by passagecontent. Choose from various rubrics, content, and always up-to- date RRS news feeds. Politics Economics International News, Regional News, Weather, Lifestyle, Culture, Auto, Science, Health, Travel, Sports, VIP-News. Custom - We will create custom news, sports, and weather content in accordance with your design specifications. This does not only make your program more interesting, it also highlights the competence and CI of your company at the same time. Premium - Take your program to a new level— with premium content by passagecontent. Current news and infotainment directly from OTE TV - Highlights for every network. Village Cinemas VS Hospitality Group Gregory’s Corners Airports Preparing Ad Spots Infotainment Premium Content

11 Passage solutions (P.S.) Passagesolutions is a full-service one-stop shop for digital display communications: from consulting to installation and beyond to content management and network maintenance. Hardware Software Services

12 Passage solutions (P.S.) Hardware Display - Digital LCD or LED displays are the basis for any digital signage network. passagesolutions provides in each unique POS (point of sale) and POI (point of interest) only with certified industry products distinguished by their high viewing angle, long life, 24/7 running capacity, and extraordinary color saturation in full HD. Column Displays - Columns, totems, or multi-media columns are a wonderful supplement to digital signage measures regardless of what the intended use, place, or price classes are. The displays and media players are in housing units capable of being individually designed. We can provide with media portals for in and out doors and for interactive use. Touch - Whether single-touch, multi-touch, or hands-free gesture-controlled—passagesolutions provides interactive terminals individually tailored to the wants of our POS.. Size and design, connection and content, standard or tailor-made—all of passagesolutions ’ touch systems are licensed industry products and are convincing in their claim to the highest of quality. Videowalls - Depending on POS needs we can combine any number of LCD or LED models, making one big experience. Hardware Suppliers HP, iDisplay

13 Passage solutions (P.S.) Software Scala is among the global market leaders for managing multi-media content and offers “Software as a Service” (SAAS). Scala is the basis for a successful and reliable digital signage network and serves as a platform for the central management of our content. Hardware Suppliers: Scala

14 Software - Designer - easily create brand-consistent, interactive content for your digital signs or leverage our easy- to-use templates as a starting point. Include a wide range of media formats for images, video, flash and sound Add rss feeds, social media or other third party content Use hundreds of built in effects and transitions and our library of clip art, stock images, templates, backgrounds, and stock video Content Manager - schedule and manage your content and deploy it to hundreds, even thousands of digital signage displays, from any Internet- connected computer. Organize your content by file type, categories and metadata Create dynamic playlists using scripts, messages, videos, flash, or static images with our easy- to-use, web-based interface Take advantage of our flexible scheduling options, permission based user roles and network monitoring features to make managing your network easier. Player - Scala playback software is loaded with features including: No blank screen—If your network connection goes down, Player keeps playing using store and forward technology Stable and reliable playback 24/7 Ability to update on-air without interruption Logging of events for ad billing and error tracking Real-time data insertion for news, weather, etc.

15 Passage solutions (P.S.) Services Project Management - The passagesolutions project management, team certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, has years of international experience and will take on the planning and implementing of the projects. Content - The heart of any successful digital signage network is the program content. Only when your content is engaging and up-to-date can the maximum amount of sustainable attention be realized. passagecontent will gladly work with you to create and to produce your program content. Content Management a) Management - Each professional digital signage network requires structured program management- passagemedia schedules, plans, and manages the program content for the POS and will shape it into a complete display loop. b) Structure - The program structure shall be oriented on what POS wants and can be automated in accordance with importance, geographic criteria, display frequency, or temporal criteria. c) Monitoring - Content management also contains the monitoring of the program. Should any display or player go off-line, then passagesolutions will automatically receive an error message and will be able to immediately get to the source of the problem. d) Reporting - Plus, we have the possibility of monthly reports presenting the actual display frequency of individual content

16 Passage solutions (P.S.) Services Maintenance & Service Hotline - passagesolutions has its own help desk hotline available around the clock. Our employees are trained and highly motivated and are at your disposal. Reaction Time 24/7 - It does not matter whether it is the weekend, in the middle of the night, or a holiday, passagesolutions is available to quickly help you with any and all of your questions. Regardless of whether your questions concern your software, hardware, or network, we are there for you 24/7. 1 st, 2 nd, und 3 rd Level Support - Should there be a technical problem with your network, we guarantee 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Installation - After a joint inspection with you, passagesolutions will take over the installation, networking, and technical system integration for you. Only our own trained professionals will do the work. Our installations are ISO certified and are managed by a project management team certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

17 Points of Sales “POS” - Points of Interest “POI”

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