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Dung T. Thoi Microsoft Switzerland Level 100  299.

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1 Dung T. Thoi Microsoft Switzerland Level 100  299

2 Customer Input Developer Input Engineering Excellence

3 Few Changes: Focus on quality and reliability improvements Few Changes: Most software that runs on Windows Vista will run on Windows 7 - exceptions will be low level code (AV, Firewall, Imaging, etc). Hardware that runs Windows Vista well will run Windows 7. Deep Changes: New models for security, drivers, deployment, and networking

4 Everyday Tasks Made Easier Helps you Live a Life Without Walls Works the Way You Want

5 Everyday Tasks Made Easier

6 Task Bar Preview Jumplist Pinning Snap Hover Device Stage Web Slice

7 MicrosoftSoftware PartnerSoftware PartnerHardware

8 Helps you Live a Life Without Walls

9 Libraries Federated Search Play To VHD

10 Local Machine My Docs E-mail IntranetInternet MOSS 2007 Team Sites Legal Sales HR Line of Business Corporate Index EMC Documentum Repository 10

11 OpenSearch protocol ( Simple http protocol that builds on RSS & ATOM 1-2 days to add it to a search server’s web front end Supported by MOSS 2007 servers out of the box No code installation required for client deployments 2. Create.osdx RSS results http request 1. Enable Servers for OpenSearch 3. Deploy.osdx 11

12 Works the Way YOU Want

13 Background Processing Graphics Power Efficiency

14 Performance Responsiveness to the user Consumes resources from foreground applications Boot, Shutdown, Logoff, etc. Reliability Memory leaks System crashes, hangs Dependent application crashes Security Activity may require system privileges Successful attack may compromise entire system Power Consumption Extra disk, CPU utilization Decrease in battery life Prevents idle efficiencies

15 Internal evaluation of 49 Windows services Not critical for boot and login Critical and required for their individual scenarios ResourceQuantity File I/O47,286 Copy-on-Write (COW) Pages4,656 (~18MB) Memory Pages (Total)15,967 (~60MB) Registry Operations38,508 Threads367

16 Compared IT image to clean Windows Vista installation: 10 additional 3 rd -party services

17 Choose the right model Windows Service or Scheduled Task? Leverage the latest Windows infrastructure Trigger-Start Services for Windows 7 Make performance optimizations Eliminate unnecessary privileges Evaluate and measure Iterate (step 1)

18 Device Trigger Group Policy Trigger (machine & user) IP Address Trigger (arrival & removal) Domain Trigger (joint & removal) Custom Trigger Service foo Device Trigger Start Service Stop Service Device Interface ID GUID HW ID Manual Automatic

19 Tablet PC Input Service Bluetooth Support Service (bthserv) SCM SC

20 Calendar Boot Logon Idle Event log based entry Workstation lock Workstation unlock … services.exe Unified Background Process Management services.exe Unified Background Process Management svchost.exe taskhost.exe Service-Controller-and-Background-Processing/ Service-Controller-and-Background-Processing/ Task Triggers

21 Service NameDescriptionTrigger Type AELookupSvc Processes application compatibility cache requests for applications as they are launched Custom ETW BDESVC Provides BitLocker client services for user interface and auto-unlocking of data volumes Custom ETW BTHSERV The Bluetooth service supports discovery and association of remote Bluetooth devices. Device SensorsMTPMonitor Monitors MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) sensors (such as a cell phone with a GPS receiver) to communicate sensor data to programs Device TabletInputService Enables Tablet PC pen and ink functionality Device WinDefend Protection against spyware and potentially unwanted software Group Policy

22 Background Processing Graphics Power Efficiency

23 Increased performance and visual quality (  2x) Lower CPU usage than GDI/GDI+ Hardware accelerated Reduced memory consumption Direct2D Direct3D Segoe UI DirectWrite DXVA & WIC

24 System memory allocation GDI video memory allocation DWM Composition 11 22 Provided by: Microsoft ISV IHV

25 System memory allocation GDI video memory allocation DWM Composition 11 11 Display driver Provided by: Microsoft ISV IHV

26 Note: The above data compares system memory consumption only. Preliminary data gathered on Windows 7 pre-release builds and subject to change

27 GDI Text Times New Roman 12 Point ClearType Compatible Widths DirectWrite Times New Roman 12 Point ClearType Sub-Pixel Positioning


29 Background Processing Graphics Power Efficiency

30 Time Watts 0W - Off Idle Power Trade quality or performance for power savings Examples Index only high- priority items Disable animations DVD playback at 30fps instead of 60fps “Race to Sleep” Execute rapidly at high power Quickly re-enter low-power state Extend average idle duration Examples Timer coalescing Idle Resource utilization optimizations Reduce power by eliminating unnecessary activity Examples: Events and notifications instead of polling Extending polling intervals Eliminating periodic disk activity

31 Platform energy efficiency can be improved by extending idle periods New timer coalescing API enables callers to specify a tolerance for due time Enables the kernel to expire multiple timers at the same time Timer tick 15.6 ms Periodic Timer Events Windows 7 Vista

32 Iterative evolution of Vista power policy Continue 3 plans: Performance, Balanced, Power Saver Same toolset Refined UI elements New power settings for Windows 7 features Minor changes to idle timeout defaults Power WMI Provider Enables power policy configuration through standard WMI interface

33 NameGUIDDescription Default (Balanced) ACDC Unattended sleep timeout 7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469- b07b-33eb785aaca0 Determines the amount of inactivity time before the system automatically sleeps if the computer resumed without a user present 2 minutes System cooling policy 94d3a615-a899-4ac5- ae2b-e4d8f634367f Determines if Active or Passive cooling should be favored for thermal zones Active Reserve battery level f3c5027d-cd16-4930- aa6b-90db844a8f00 Configures the percentage of battery capacity remaining before displaying the reserve battery warning n/a7% AHCI link power mode 0b2d69d7-a2a1-449c- 9680-f91c70521c60 Configures AHCI link power modes (HIPM, DIPM) and link power states (Partial, Slumber, Active) HIPM, Partial HIPM, Slumber Allow System Required Policy a4b195f5-8225-47d8- 8012-9d41369786e2 Enable applications to prevent the system from idling to sleep Enabled Dim Display After 17aaa29b-8b43-4b94- aafe-35f64daaf1ee Determines the amount of inactivity time before the system automatically reduces the brightness of the display on a mobile PC 5 minutes2 minutes

34 Power Options PowerDemo

35 B108: Security & Management B109: Deployment C108: Green IT C110: ForeFront A112: Surface!

36 14 – 15 avril 2010, CICG

37 Classic Sponsoring Partners Premium Sponsoring Partners


39 PLEASE READ (hidden slide) This template is designed for use with Office PowerPoint 2007. The charts and graphics can be edited with PowerPoint 2007, but not with PowerPoint 2003. This template uses Microsoft’s corporate font, Segoe and Segoe Semibold Segoe is not a standard font included with Windows, so if you have not already done so, you need to install it on your computer How to install Segoe: Get the font at: \\Showsrus\images\Corporate_Fonts\PC\Segoe or Copy all the.ttf files into your c:\windows\fonts folder Questions: email

40 Notes (hidden) Some speakers at Microsoft like to use this slide for hidden “notes slides”. Delete it if you don’t want to use it. NEXT:

41 Font, size, and color for text have been formatted for you in the Slide Master Use the color palette shown below See next slide for additional guidelines Hyperlink color: Sample Fill

42 Example of a slide with a subhead Set the slide title in “title case” Set subheads in “sentence case” Generally set subhead to 36pt or smaller so it will fit on a single line The subhead color is defined for this template but must be selected; In PowerPoint 2007, it is the fourth font color from the left





47 Use this layout to show software code The font is Courier, a monospace font The slide doesn’t use bullets but levels can be indented using the “Increase List Level” icon on the Home menu

48 Name Title Group


50 Name Title Company

51 Name Title Company


53 Minimize change Keep Laser sharp focus on OS stability, reliability and performance. More importantly avoid disruptions Help bolster productivity Reduce learning curve and provide improved toolsets and documentation Create new and exciting experiences Build next generation software experiences that make your users lives richer

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