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UK Data Lean Pilot Redesign - Approach Storyboard Neil Hickman 11-10-2011.

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1 UK Data Lean Pilot Redesign - Approach Storyboard Neil Hickman 11-10-2011

2 Contents Introduction Redesign – The As Is – The Bottom Up Plan – The Top Down Plan Next steps

3 Introduction The UK Data Lean Pilot Redesign took place in Telephone House Sheffield between Tuesday 4 th Oct and Thursday 6 th October The final slide pack and the materials generated through the week were presented on Friday to Mark Whitley (MD of Service Delivery) by Pete Stewart and some of his team Actions and plans are currently being developed by the operational teams with the help of the Lean Change Agents This was the journey…


5 5 The As-Is - Background Summary of the As-Is Diagnostic Findings ‘Why we went to UK Data’ Voice of the Customer (VoC) ‘What our customers want’

6 6 The As-Is – Horizontal Fulfilment Processes Generic 2 MegPartial Private Circuit (PPC) ISDN30 Each slide with 4 Quadrants Summarising: Process Performance Customer experience Process Steps Insights

7 7 The As-Is – Vertical Functions Job Control Planning Design & Assign Slides summarising: Demand on Team Team Structure Key Interactions Insights gained

8 8 The As-Is – Completing the Picture Performance (MCRS Management control and reporting system) Organisation and skills Mindset and Behaviours


10 Improvement log Affinity Improvement log As Is Playback Action Plan Improvement Log Work Stream Storyboard Prioritise Improvements As Is Phase - Ideas Capture

11 As Is Phase – Ideas Capture 9 teams 30+ different locations Circa 160 people in scope

12 Improvement Log Pre Redesign Workshop

13 As Is Playback

14 Improvement Log Increasing !!!

15 Prioritising Ideas

16 Turning Ideas into Plans

17 Improvement Work Stream Facts & Figures 132 Actions Idea Circa 400 ideas Split of Actions Vs Opportunities Only 2 Actions estimated to extend into 2012!! Small scale system changes Removing duplication Up skilling and sharing best practice Openreach Customer management Supplier relations


19 19 True North (Top Down) Approach 12 3 The Operational teams and Change Agents worked through these 3 steps - using a mountain of brown paper and post-it notes…

20 20 True North Key outputs were: ‘ End State Principles’ ‘Core Design’ ‘True North’ – 5 Lean Lenses ‘1 st Target Condition’ – 5 Lean Lenses


22 22 Next steps The operational teams are now starting to use the Lean Ways of Working as they implement the ‘Bottom Up’ and ‘Top Down’ changes

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