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Wednesday 2-4, KH 105 COMP 446 / ELEC 446 Mobile Wireless Services Project Scott Cutler Professor in the Practice of Computer Technology Department of.

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1 Wednesday 2-4, KH 105 COMP 446 / ELEC 446 Mobile Wireless Services Project Scott Cutler Professor in the Practice of Computer Technology Department of Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 9/15/10

2 Today’s Agenda Events of the week Announcements / Infrastructure Updates Memory Management Review Last Week’s assignments Website 101 Next Week Assignment 3 due by 9/23/2009 SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 42

3 Events of the Week Apple Backs Off Restriction on App Store Development Tools iOS 4.1 now available on iTunes iPad Cannibalizing Whole Notebook PC Industry Nokia Turns to Microsoft for New Chief Executive Meet Google Instant: Results as queries are typed 'YouTube Instant' creator finds instant fame Microsoft legal punch may change botnet battles forever SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 43

4 AppNation Conference Dedicated conference towards App creation App Revenue: 2009:$ 4.1 Billion 2012:$17.5 Billion App Downloads: 2009:7 Billion 2010:50 Billion Source – NBC news report SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 44

5 Current Roster Julia Botev COMP, SR, McMurtry Eric Cheng COMP, GR Jesus Cortez COMP, JR, Jones Graham De Wit ELEC, SR, Wiess Ashley Herron ELEC, SR, Martel Tara Hong ELEC, SR, Will Rice Vic Hu ELEC, SR, Wiess Marcos Hung BIOE, GR SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 25

6 Current Roster (2) Jin Kim COMP, GR Kevin Lin COMP, SO, McMurtry Robyn Moscowitz COMP, JR, McMurtry Norman Pai ELEC, SR, Hanszen Josh Rykowski COMP, GR Ivan Van COMP, SR, Will Rice, Jeff Yeh ELEC, SR, Hanszen Aron Yu ELEC, SR, Hanszen SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 26

7 Current Roster (3) Michael Lo ELEC, GR Elliot Ng ELEC, GR Rick Manning COMP, SR, Jones Henry Zhang ELEC, SR, Jones Jason Xu ELEC, SR, Brown Catherine Elder ELEC, SR, Hanszen SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 27

8 Current Roster (4) Sid Byrd Staff Xiang ‘Jash’ Guo ELEC, GR Wenyang Wu CS, GR Zhe Ren CS, GR SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 28

9 COMP 446 Syllabus 8/25/10Introduction / What makes mobile apps special Assignment:Load Visual Studio – Due 8/30/10, Access a Mac, Download CS193P materials 9/1/10Intro to Mac OS X and Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, Dev Tools, Using Objective-C, Foundation framework Videos:Lecture 1. Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Tools (January 5, 2010) Lecture 2. Objective-C and Foundation Framework (January 7, 2010) Assignment: Hello Rice [1a] and WhatATool 1 [1b] (Due 9/7/10) 9/8/10 Discussion of first applications Videos:Lecture 3. Custom Classes, Object Lifecycle, Autorelease, Objective-C Properties (January 12, 2010) Lecture 4. Building an Application; Model, View, Controller; Nib Files; Controls and Target-Action (January 14, 2010) Lecture 4a Xcode, Finding Help, Debugging (January 15, 2010) Assignment: WhatATool 2 [2a] and HelloPoly I [2b] (Due 9/14/10) 9/15/10 ASP.Net with a little HTML Videos:Lecture 5. Views, Drawing, and Animation (January 19, 2010) Lecture 6. Designing iPhone Applications, Model-View-Controller, View Controllers (January 21, 2010) Assignment: HelloPoly II [3] (Due 9/21/10) 9/22/10 iPhone (pseudo) Web Apps / Browser Capabilities Videos:Lecture 7. Navigation & Tab Bar Controllers (January 26, 2010) Lecture 8. Scroll Views and Table Views (January 28, 2010) Assignment: Paparazzi 1 (Due 9/28/10) 9/29/10 Creating and Consuming Web Services Videos:Lecture 9. Data in Your iPhone App (February 2, 2010)- Lecture 10. Performance (February 4, 2010) Assignment: Paparazzi 2 (Due 10/05/10) (note that Paparazzi will not be considered late until 10/12/10; You have 3 weeks to complete Paparazzi 2 and 3 but I need to have first submission of Paparazzi 2 by 10/05/10) 10/6/10 SQL 101 Videos:Lecture 11. Text Input and Presenting Content Modally (February 9, 2010) Lecture 12. Web Views; Locations and Maps (February 11, 2010) Assignment: Paparazzi 3 (Due 10/19/10, but watch lectures prior to 10/13/10 class) SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 29

10 COMP 446 Syllabus 10/13/10iPad Development / iOS 4 Videos:Lecture 13. Address Book: Putting People in Your App (February 16, 2010) Lecture 14. Touch Events & Multi-touch (February 18, 2010) Lecture 12a: Designing for the iPad (February 12, 2010) Assignment: Final Project Proposal (Due 10/19/10 along with Paparazzi 3) 10/20/10Android 1 Videos:Lecture 15. iPhone Device APIs; Location, Accelerometer & Camera; Battery Life & Power Management (February 23, 2010) Lecture 16. Audio APIs, Video Playback, Settings (February 25, 2010) Assignment: Final Project, Stage 1 (Due 10/26/10) 10/27/10Android 2 Videos:Lecture 17. Bonjour, NSStream, GameKit (March 2, 2010) Lecture 18. Unit Testing; Fun with Objective-C; Localization (March 4, 2010) Assignment: Advanced Feature App or iPad Application (Due 11/02/10) 11/3/10Windows Phone 7, Final Project Prep Videos:Lecture 19. OpenGL ES Basics (March 9, 2010) Lecture 20. From Student to Startup: Lessons from a CS193P Alumnus (March 11, 2010) Assignment:Final Project, Stage 2 (Due 11/09/2010) 11/10/10iPhone v. Android v. Windows Phone 7 group discussion Videos:Yelp Monocle (February 6, 2010) Evernote (February 19, 2010) Bump (February 26, 2010) Assignment:Final Project, Stage 3 (Due 11/16/2010) 11/17/10Final Project Prep Videos:Publishing on the App Store (March 5, 2010) LinkedIn: Important Life Lessons on CoreData & GameKit (March 12, 2010) Assignment:Final Project (Due 12/01/2010) 11/24/10Thanksgiving – Continue Final Projects on your own 12/1/10Demonstrate Final Projects 12/5/10Class Offsite – Sunday (tentative) SEC - 9/01/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 210

11 Submitting Assignments Please delete your build directory before submitting. It makes a 2MB file closer to 100KB or less. Programs with errors or warnings will be sent back without comments unless you explicitly let me know you are having issues you can not fix. SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 411

12 Check Your Fundamentals If you still feel lost: Come to TA sessions Re-watch iTunes U videos 2, 3, and 4 Try and use spring 2009 versions for a slightly different perspective Take your time. Study the PDFs. Pause and rewind the video until things are more clear. SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 412

13 Memory Management Basics Object Creation + alloc and - init methods Objects take space, space allocated with alloc and initialized with init. Object retention The objects maintain a retention count. [object retain] increases that count by 1 [object release] decrease that count by 1 When count reaches 0, [object dealloc] automatically called. Objects retained by other objects need to be released when finished Either when explicitly finished or in the dealloc method Objects which might get released to 0 by others need to be retained SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 413

14 Pointers vs. Objects Objects exist in the heap and take up resources Variable names, for example (NSString *) point at objects. Their value is a pointer to the real object. Names can be set to nil (0) when they point to nothing SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 414

15 Pointers vs. Objects Copying objects, particularly NSString guarantees they won’t be changed from under you You may cast them as an NSString, but it might be an NSMutableString Multiple names can point to the same object (NSMutableString *)mstring1 = [NSMutableString (NSString *)string2 = mstring1; // string2 == mstring1; both point to same object SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 415

16 Instance Variables and Properties Memory Instance variables take up some space int, float, etc store the actual values (NSString *) iVar saves room for a pointer to an NSString object The space needed by the actual object goes away when the object is deallocated, not when the pointer goes away. Variables initialized to 0 or nil. This includes pointer objects. Instance variables assigned to objects need to be released during object deallocation OK to message nil objects, not OK to release deallocated objects SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 416

17 NSString Setter - (void)setName:(NSString *)newName { if (name != newName) { [name release]; //old name retain count down 1 name = [newName retain]; // name’s retain count has been bumped up by 1 } SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 417

18 NSString Setter - (void)setName:(NSString *)newName { if (name != newName) { [name release]; name = [newName copy]; // name has retain count of 1, we own it } SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 418

19 Autorelease If you know you are finished with an object and you retained or own it, release it when finished. It will go away if you are the last reference. If you no longer need the object yourself, but want to pass it to someone else, autorelease the object; let them be responsible for retaining it. If you know you will be done with the object during this run loop but can’t tell where in your code you may finish with it, autorelease the object. If you acquire an autoreleased object and believe you will need it on a different run-loop cycle, retain the object and later release it. SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 419

20 Initial Retention Count Objects received through [class alloc] or [class copy] come with a retention count of 1 By convention, all other objects are owned by others and likely come autoreleased They will be automatically destroyed on next wait loop unless otherwise retained SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 420

21 - (void) dealloc { } First (optional step) is to run any logic cleanup code Second step is to release any retained objects. [object release], not [object deallocate]. Do not release the deallocated object itself (no [self release]) Final step is to call [super dealloc] SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 421

22 Property Memory Management Header options readonly – getter, no setter. Property can not be changed. readwrite (default) – setter and getter assign, retain and copy relate to how setter is coded SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 422 -(void)setName: (NSString *)value { if (value != name) { // [name release]; name = value; } } // Probably you would not want this -(void)setName: (NSString *)value { if (value != name) { [name release]; name = [value retain]; } } //Name points to other object -(void)setName: (NSString *)value { if (value != name) { [name release]; name = [value copy]; } } // Creates a copy which you own assignretaincopy

23 Last Week’s Assignment The – (NSString *) name {…} method Controller awakeFromNib method and setting up your poygonShape Changes in IB relating to Outlets, Actions Warning Levels Case sensitivity, iVar declarations, NSLog SDK Versions SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 423

24 Week 5 Assignments View CS193P Lecture 5 : Views and Drawing, Animations View CS193P Lecture 6 : View Controllers Basics, MVC Assignment: HelloPoly II [3] (Due 9/21/10) Note: On LogMeIn, Control Drag does not work as if you were local Websites 101 HTML, Browsers, Client/Server / JavaScript, AJAX, ASP.Net iPhone (pseudo) Web Apps, Browser Capabilities Future Feel free to get ahead of plan with videos and published assignments Workload will get harder with each assignment. We will follow CS193P assignments up to and including Paparazzi 3 Start thinking about big project Really – start thinking about big project! SEC - 9/15/10 COMP 446 / ELEC Week 424

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