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Digital Signage Workshop

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1 Digital Signage Workshop
Aaron Taylor, BrightSign Sales

2 Key BrightSign Applications
Retail Point-of-Purchase Displays Interactive Product Demos Advertising and Promotions Public/Corporate Spaces Museum Exhibits Trade Show Displays Lobby Signage Wayfinders Menu Boards Entertainment

3 Return on Investment In-store digital signage quickly pays for itself
End-cap signage promotion resulted in a 100 percent sales lift on the specific product 3 times as many shoppers sign up daily for discounts when SMS texting was employed on in-store digital signage * Data from National Retail Federation session presented by Walmart and creative partner Studio Squared The retailer staged a four-week campaign in which shoppers were told that if they'd sign up by dialing a specific code, they'd get exclusive announcements of new “Rollback” offers. During the four-week period, the retailer saw a three-fold increase in daily opt-ins.

4 BlueStar Retail-In-A-Box Solution
Makes deployment simple with all the components included – just add content! 42" LCD Monitor Universal Screen Mount HD Digital Media Player BrightAuthor Software HDMI Cable SD Card

5 Key BrightSign Benefits
Easy to Use. Everything you need is included - the hardware, the software and the networking abilities. Powerful Zones and Synchronization. Multi-zone screen layouts and video walls of multiple screens are easily created for impressive displays. Astonishing Full HD Quality. All BrightSign models support Full HD to ensure your sign is stunning.

6 Key BrightSign Benefits
Interactivity and Control. Engage your audience with interactive buttons, touch screens and more. Versatile Networking Options. Easily change what's being displayed without having to physically go to the controller. Reliable Solid State Platform. Its non-PC, solid state platform and slim, robust operating system offer the best in reliability.

7 BrightSign Models at a Glance
Models are tailored to specific applications, so you pay only for the features you need!

8 BrightSign HD Product Line
Looping Interactive Networked New! BrightControl CEC controls via HDMI Less cabling, less costs, more flexibility

9 Portable Tabletop Display Tower
New! BrightSign TD1012 Portable Tabletop Display Tower Delivers digital signage where it is most needed Requires NO external power or wiring Runs for at least 12 hours on rechargeable batteries Updates content through wireless networking

10 BrightAuthor Create, publish and network presentations with ease
FREE PC software that easily creates, publishes and networks digital signs

11 BrightAuthor Create, publish and network presentations with ease
Create: design full-screen, multi-zone, looping, interactive & synchronized playlists with an easy to use visual-based interface

12 BrightAuthor Create, publish and network presentations with ease
Publish: create a complete presentation packet including content, playlists and controls ready to successfully playback on BrightSign

13 BrightAuthor Create, publish and network presentations with ease
Network: sends published presentations over a network and provides a network management

14 BrightSign Network Benefits
BrightSign Network is an affordable subscription-based hosted service, providing…. complete infrastructure to serve and support your network affordably freedom from hosting and maintaining your own network strong, reliable security using standard web technologies scalable service to support any size network intuitive user interface in BrightAuthor to manage and maintain your network

15 Case Studies Retail Networking Menu Boards Retail Interactivity iPad Content Control

16 Case Study: Networking
Largest French Retail Digital Signage Network 2,000 BrightSign networked controllers in all 80 French stores FNAC is an international entertainment retail chain and the one of the largest retailers of its kind in France. With the BrightSign players driving more than 4,000 FNAC displays, BrightSign plays a key role in the largest retail digital signage network in France. Signage in-store is used for promotions, ticket sales, TV sales and more Custom networking permissions made enable local store personnel to add/update content such as regional specials, to corporate designed presentations

17 Case Study: Menu Boards
All locations use dual screen menu boards Custom zone layouts enable café to present multiple impressions on a single screen BrightSign Network provides targeted monthly product specials and pricing updates from HQ

18 Case Study - Interactivity
ODLO Sportswear: Price tag barcode scan displays product facts & touch screen acts as product finder MBT Shoes: Touch screen & RFID sensor in shoes trigger playback 1) ODLO: retail floor kiosk with touch screen & barcode scan abilities that trigger playback. It acts as a well informed sales representative. Customers can search for products that meet their needs via a product finding touch screen solution. And for instant feedback on a particular product’s features and benefits, customers simply scan a product’s sales tag with the built in barcode reader. 2) MBT: This shoe store digital sign solution uses RFID technology to trigger playback of information on a particular shoe. Simply pick up a shoe you’re interested in and the screen will playback content providing detailed information on it. Alternatively, customers can use the touch screen to find a product that meets their needs. 3) BOSE: Over 20,000+ BrightSign units have been implemented in Bose in-store displays worldwide. Digital signage provides Bose with the ability to match high quality video to their stellar audio products. Button speaker demo: Uses a single BrightSign unit to demo 3 products Plays an attract loop when no interaction is detected Button presses initiate demos of each of the speakers Demo leverages video to demonstrate speaker abilities by displaying movie clips, music videos, etc. to accompany their stellar audio sounds Lifestyle home theater demo Interactive presentation using buttons and a remote control to demonstrate the Home Theater solution Plays attract loops when no interaction is detected Button initiates demo start Remote control allows user to select various movie clips and music videos to playback Demo is in high-definition using an HDMI connection

19 iPad Content Control Unique exhibition tool for content delivery & interactivity Select, play, pause and resume videos from BrightSign Specify which videos to playback on show displays Buick Regal demo allows buyers to select videos of the car’s features

20 Questions & More Information:

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