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Dr. Kelley A. Lassman & Professor Sharon Medow - Pace University, NYC Dr. Angel L. Lopez, Jr. - University of Central Florida 1 st National TeachLivE Conference.

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1 Dr. Kelley A. Lassman & Professor Sharon Medow - Pace University, NYC Dr. Angel L. Lopez, Jr. - University of Central Florida 1 st National TeachLivE Conference Orlando, FL May 24, 2013 Developing Teachers Utilizing TeachLivE: Language of Instruction and Classroom Management

2 In the beginning………… Technology An idea

3 How best to use the TeachLivE system to enrich the curriculum for Pace NYC teacher candidates? Does learning to teach with the TeachLivE system promote faster and more complete skill acquisition than traditional methods? Are skills demonstrated in the lab generalized to the K-12 classroom?

4 An Idea and Desire to Move Research Forward Teacher Education Developing Curriculum Secure Funding Partner with University of Central Florida Leverage the Technology and Resources Available at Pace Skillbuilding for Faculty and Students Create a research group including faculty & students

5 Implementation Phase I One semester developing and piloting 4 modules addressing teacher performance skills (S-1) 1 faculty member class- 1 faculty researcher Team continued to develop curriculum Team Teaching and implemented modules w/ student teachers for adolescent, childhood and special ed cert (S-2) Conducted 5 case studies with pre-post testing and 4 modules in the lab Childhood and adolescent cert teachers (S-3)

6 Developing Curriculum Phase I Identified elements in the Danielson Framework for Teaching as possible training variables Within the research group we conducted literature review of variables of teacher talk Developed 4 learning modules: 1) Intro and general praise; 2) specific praise; 3) questions and mands; 4) higher order questions Each module is situated in a literacy lesson. Participants teach common core literacy skills and create a prepared lesson on a prescribed written or visual prompt. Each module offers a choice on the literacy skill and the prompt material.

7 Teaching Live Phase I Participant reads the module and prepares a lesson plan Teaches a 8-10 minute lesson During teaching live coaching takes place from faculty (sentence length, wait time, rate of speech and target variables) Lesson is videoed, then participant and coach discuss the next module Participant views video online the next day and is asked to 1) reflect, 2) implement the target skills for the week in the K-12 classroom,3) write a reflection of their progress * In-service teachers pre/post test with matched vocab lessons on a fable

8 Implementation Phase II Developed with and for alt cert teachers Spring 2013 developed draft curriculum Piloted with alt cert (9 months experience) teachers Summer 2013 first implementation with alt cert cohort prior to classroom induction (modules 1-4; est with 24 candidates)

9 Developing Curriculum Phase II Reviewed current journals and teacher training texts to identify elements of classroom management, CEC skills for initial certification Clustered the topics into 14 modules Rank ordered the modules based on initial, secondary, and advanced skills Refined the modules based on feedback from candidates and interactors

10 Developing Curriculum Phase II Initial 1. Intro 2. Routines and Protocols 3. Initial Teacher Talk 4. Planning and Teaching Appropriate Behavior 5. Co-Teaching Step II Modules 1. De-escalation 2. Teacher Learning how to group 3. Managing student talk 4. Teacher talk about a difficult topic 5. Positive behavior support-tracking and monitoring of behavior Step III Modules 1. Students taking responsibility 2. With drawn students/coping/calming & anger management 3. Advanced teacher language of instruction 4. Self-monitoring, goal setting, and contracting

11 We have learned……….. Prefer to work on 2-3 skills maximum We used 4 modules/4 sessions and the candidates self-reported needing 1-2 more for practice Needed a guided reflection sheet Video capture with teacher and avatars is better than teacher only Significant challenges interfacing across tech programs/platforms Changes for alt cert teachers include: Shorter sessions with repetition (3 trials with video playback in between) Pre-written lesson plans Smaller group sizes The modules are choice driven to individualize The lesson plans are created for the candidates There is planned and scripted events from the interactor

12 In Progress Coding the pre and posttest (case study) data for analysis Initial findings: Participants did increase target variables Social validity is high with candidates who volunteered Candidates often were initially reluctant to videotape, to participate and then reported high levels social validity Higher order questions had the smallest gain scores (could be an order effect)

13 Candidate Comments “During this last lesson, I finally felt comfortable with the students. Throughout this semester, I was able to practice certain skills with the students that have helped me in my own teaching. For example, I am more aware of giving praise. I try to always give praise throughout the day to encourage my students and to compliment them on their good behaviors and good work. I also am working on giving mands instead of asking questions. With my fourth grade students, I have to be firm with them to get them to do something.” (Student Teacher – Childhood Program) “The Teach Live sessions have really allowed me to reflect on my own teaching. I rarely get the opportunity to watch myself teach and I find that it is very beneficial. I can literally pinpoint the things that I have to work on and things that I do well. Although the students in the Teach Live session are a little older than my real students, I find that the have a lot of same behaviors and personalities. I can use what I have learned through the Teach Live sessions to become a better teacher.” (Student Teacher – Childhood Program) “I personally think that the TeachLive sessions have been a good experience that will impact my practice. I hope to use these experiences and tools in my own classroom especially in terms of working with students with disabilities.” (Student Teacher – Special ed-Advanced Cert)

14 Candidate Comments “ This was the second time I did this module. The first time, I struggled in that I kept asking students closed questions, which messed me up. Dr. Lassman stopped me several times to help me reframe what I was trying to say, and I didn’t realize how difficult it was until I was put on the spot to change my delivery. Upon realizing this difficulty, I asked if I could do the module again (the following week). Upon having time to reflect on how the first session went, I went into the classroom (student- teaching) giving mands and decreasing the amount of closed-ended questions. Until it was pointed out to me, I didn’t realize how frequently I pose things as a question. So, when I redid this module I prepped myself to avoid asking questions that didn’t pertain to the image. I noticed how I look uncomfortable in the video and my posture shifts and changes quite frequently. Putting my physical movement to the side, I noticed that this lesson began to turn toward a more scientific approach. I liked the fact that I got CJ and Maria to talk and actually be interested. In the same way, Kevin and Ed were receptive to answering questions and also in bringing up new ideas. After watching this video several times over, I noticed how the discussion really picked up midway. I think this happened because discussion went beyond the picture, as if the topic peaked students’ interest. I will admit, the students stumped me a couple of times with scientific questions. Overall, I think I was able to effectively engage students by prompting open-ended questions. I think I still have to work on praise, but I have begun to notice it has become somewhat “natural.” I have enjoyed the entire TeachLive experience. I have learned a lot about myself and how I come across, from my tone of voice to my body language. “ (Student Teacher – Adolescent Program)

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