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Collaborate 2015 Tech Preview Weekly Meeting | March 31.

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1 Collaborate 2015 Tech Preview Weekly Meeting | March 31

2 Agenda 1. 2. 3. Update and Review Whiteboard Discussion Review new features 4. 5. 6. Roadmap Discussion Roadmap Prioritization Future Topics

3 Update and Review Migrated to production environment New rooms More capacity System Moved Stabilized many audio / video and device issues Better Chrome and Flash experience Updated Software

4 Feedback Review More academically focused features (roadmap discussion) Better view for moderators with single screens Chat panel display Whiteboard (review today) Follow the cursor in annotations Participant functionality with Chat open (discuss notifications) Show speaker name when they are speaking Ability to read chat, see view when away We are listening …

5 Documentation Discussion What is most important to you for documentation to cover and present as you prepare to implement / use?

6 Roadmap Discussion: Whiteboard

7 Ignoring current product limitations, how would you like to use interactive whiteboard to support your instruction?

8 Whiteboard Demo

9 Understood Whiteboard Enhancements Keep multiple pages open Navigate back and forth between pages Multiple pages / persistence Insertion and editing Saving text Rich Text Across sessions Related to course? Save and Reuse

10 New for this week

11 Notifications Join/Leave Session Hand Raise Many Notifications Settings Designed to enhance experience without cluttered interface Quick Demo

12 Presenter Role Feedback from existing Collab users Allows App/File Share and WB Can annotate along with moderators Note: Currently a few error states when user is promoted/demoted The need for alternate presenters who should not moderate Quick Demo

13 Roadmap Discussion: Break out rooms

14 Ignoring current product limitations, how would you like to use breakout rooms to support your instruction?

15 Roadmap Discussion: Attendance

16 Tell us about your needs with respect to attendance tracking and reporting?

17 Roadmap Prioritization

18 This exercise will directly help us prioritize for Fall “back to school” and early adopters

19 General Availability > End of Q2 Release Overview High Quality Audio & Video High Quality Appshare Share and Annotate PPT / PDF / Whiteboard Add / Edit Profile Device Config UI Help Main Room Chat View Participants Raise Hand / Go Away Version 1.0 – GA Release End of Q2 Targets Moderator, Presenter and Participant Roles Basic Moderator Controls SAS Session Management MP4 Recordings WCAG 2.0 Accessibility 5 Languages Basic Session Scale 75-100 Participants Blackboard Learn 2015 integration Blackboard Learn 9.1 / Enterprise Integration Moodle Integration LTI Support Collaborate 2015 API Updates Worldwide Availability 20+ Languages Live Session Closed Captioning WCAG 2.0 AA Certification VPAT Increased Session Scale (100+) Preload Session Content in SAS

20 If I had $100/£100 … Moderator/Private Chat Polling & Real-time comprehension Whiteboard ImprovementsLesson Plan (PLAN) Native session recording / playback TelephonyBreak-out roomsClosed Captioning $ _____ Other $ _____

21 Collaborate 2015 Roadmap Priorities TelephonyBreak-out roomsNative session recording and in-browser playbackPersistent content repositoryLesson Plan Polling & Real-time comprehension Whiteboard ImprovementsUpload/Playback Multimedia filesModerator/Private ChatGranular Permission Toggles Time Expanded Session Scale (~200)Expanded Session Scale (~400) Future priorities subject to change based on beta and early adopter feedback

22 Wrap Up

23 First Survey

24 Future Topics Learn, Moodle and LTI Scheduled 4/14 LMS Integration Approach and gotchas Scheduled 4/7 Continuous Delivery Guest Presenter: Dan Loury Scheduled 4/21 Bb Student Mobile Solution

25 Testing this week! Please remember to have Flash installed prior Exercise all available functionality Browsers! Are we ready to try a small class? Specifically interested in other notification needs Notifications

26 Scheduled Updates System Update: Friday, April 3 from 8-10 AM EDT Lots of audio/video/device fixes and stability Firewall issues resolution Major Upgrade: Friday, April 10 from 8-10 EDT SAS Session creating and launching Recordings Optimized audio/video streams

27 Continued feedback on user experience and additional test scenarios Next Week 1. Continuous Delivery Roadmap Discussion 2. Survey Review 3. 4. Lots more participants!

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