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1 Notice QUALCOMM Incorporated grants a free, irrevocable license to 3GPP2 and its Organizational Partners to incorporate text or other copyrightable material.

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1 1 Notice QUALCOMM Incorporated grants a free, irrevocable license to 3GPP2 and its Organizational Partners to incorporate text or other copyrightable material contained in the contribution and any modifications thereof in the creation of 3GPP2 publications; to copyright and sell in Organizational Partner’s name any Organizational Partner’s standards publication even though it may include all or portions of this contribution; and at the Organizational Partner’s sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part such contribution or the resulting Organizational Partner’s standards publication. QUALCOMM Incorporated is also willing to grant licenses under such contributor copyrights to third parties on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and conditions for purpose of practicing an Organizational Partner’s standard which incorporates this contribution. This document has been prepared by QUALCOMM Incorporated to assist the development of specifications by 3GPP2. It is proposed to the Committee as a basis for discussion and is not to be construed as a binding proposal on QUALCOMM Incorporated. QUALCOMM Incorporated specifically reserves the right to amend or modify the material contained herein and nothing herein shall be construed as conferring or offering licenses or rights with respect to any intellectual property of QUALCOMM Incorporated other than provided in the copyright statement above. Busan, Korea AC30-20130311-012 Title:Battery life benchmark summary and potential test cases to add Abstract:A summary of CDG 89 and GSMA TS09 is provided and some tests we can potentially provide are described Source:Jing Sun, QTI ( Date:March 11, 2013 Recommendation:FYI

2 Outline  What is available in CDG89  What is available in GSMA TS09 v7.4  What we can add 2

3 What is available in CDG89 3

4 High level summary  Title is “CDG Talk-Time and Standby-Time Measurement”  As the title suggests, it covers only talk time and standby time  Last published in 12/11/2007 in v2.0  Equipment needed:  Base station simulator  Battery simulator power supply (optional) Not needed when using battery depletion method Capacity of the battery needs to be determined  Mobile configuration:  Backlight set to minimum or OFF  Room temperature  Fully charged battery from the original charger 4

5 High level summary  Base station simulator configuration:  Channel (Ior, Neighbor list, Ec/Nt, etc)  RC and SO  Paging (SCI, QPCH etc)  Searcher 5

6 Measurement  Talk-time:  Transmit power controlled by base station simulator to fit CDG suburban statistical profile Use power control to cycle through the tx power levels in the distribution  Standby-time 6

7 What is available in TS.09 v7.4 7

8 High level summary  Covers more use cases and more technologies (and technology combinations)  GSM/GPRS/WCDMA/E-UTRA/Wi-Fi etc  Standby, talk, packet switched, browsing, streaming, application software, video telephony, bluetooth, FTP, GPS 8

9 Standby test  Standby test defined for the following  GSM  GSM/GPRS  WCDMA  GSM/WCDMA dual mode (camped on GSM)  (GSM/GPRS)/WCDMA dual mode (camped on GSM/GPRS)  WCDMA (GSM/GPRS) dual mode (camped on WCDMA)  E-UTRA standby  WLAN combined with GSM or WCDMA or E-UTRA  GSM with Wi-FI enabled, no AP  GSM with Wi-Fi enabled, connected to AP  GAN over WLAN, GSM coverage available  WCMDA with Wi-Fi enabled, no AP in range  WCDMA with Wi-Fi enabled, connected to AP 9

10 Talk time  Talk time for the following scenarios defined  GSM  WCDMA  WLAN in conjunction with GSM or WCDMA  VoIP over WLAN, no GSM or WCDMA coverage 10

11 Packet switched transfer test  Packet switched transfer test for the following scenarios defined  GPRS  WCDMA  E-UTRA download  E-UTRA file upload  E-UTRA FDD parallel file download and file upload  These are basically the parameter settings for the packet switched applications defined later, such as browsing, streaming, VT, FTP, etc  A general principle is the vendor can use the most efficient setting for data transfer test, but the setting needs to be logged 11

12 Browsing test  Browsing test for the following scenarios defined  HTML browsing A local web sever is to be setup to use a given webpage with text and a picture that will refresh every 20 sec  HTML browsing for devices with full web browsers A local web serve is to be setup and uses the given ETSI’s Kepler reference page 12

13 Streaming  Uses a system simulator or a streaming server  Video streaming  A set of core video formats are defined with different resolution and data rates  Audio streaming  A few streaming rates defined 13

14 Application software test  Music playback  Defines the data rate  Video playback  Defines a few profiles  Camera operation  Defines 20 pictures every 30 sec  Video recording  Play a given video on a PC and record 14

15 Video telephony  Only applies for WCDMA  Defines the FL and RL rates with given video file 15

16 Bluetooth interface usage test  Headset – talk time  Headset – music player  PC connection – FTP download  Device in BT discovery mode – standby time  BT data transfer in idle 16

17 FTP download  FTP download for the following technologies defined  WCDMA  GPRS  WLAN 17

18 GPS tracking  Device in GPS tracking mode and GSM standby mode  Prefer to use a satellite simulator  If not, conduct the test outdoor 18

19 What we can add 19

20 Motivations  Due to the emerging of smart phones, the applications of mobile phones grow far beyond voice calls  We need to define battery life benchmark methodologies for more data oriented applications that can be used by consumers and operators to compare devices  CDG 89 basically covers 1x only  There is nothing for DO  May want to cover 1x for different RC and DO for different subtype 20

21 Potential test cases to add  Some potential use cases, but not limited to:  Email  Browsing (HTTP)  Streaming (Audio/Video)  Large file downloading (FTP)  For each test case and each technology, we need to define  Channel conditions for FL and RL  Base station setting  Mobile setting  Traffic source Some content server might be needed for comparability of tests 21

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