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Introducing M9099 Waveform Creator v2.0

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1 Introducing M9099 Waveform Creator v2.0
July 1, 2014 Introducing M9099 Waveform Creator v2.0 September 2014 Welcome to an overview of the M9099 Waveform Creator software, including new capabilities recently added in release 2.0 (July 2014). This is a brief flyby of the product. There is much here that deserves a closer look. If you need to create versatile and complex waveforms, you will find these capabilities of interest. Take the time to look under the hood. You will not be disappointed.

2 What if you had the ability to easily engineer your own real world waveforms?
What signals do you want to create? Have you been forced to create your own custom hardware because nothing else provides you with the signals you need? And once you have that “gold standard” signal, how do you determine the performance of your system when noise or other interference is introduced? Imagine what could be done if your waveform creation tool could mix signals or add impairments or re-create a given RF environment. What would it mean if you could simulate the streets of New York or Singapore on your bench in the lab? That is what Waveform Creator can provide. You just have to imagine it.

3 Situation Custom signals are complex and difficult to create
New AWG’s and VSG’s require tools to access their full capabilities Today’s communication world is characterized by signals that are increasingly complex. Simple modulation techniques have been replaced by wideband signals in an effort to carry more and more information. From radar to cellular communication, the information content is more demanding than ever. The demand for more information increases the signal complexity and the signal complexity increases the difficulty in creating the desired signals. Arbitrary Waveform Generators enabled the creation of just about any signal imaginable. But their tools often require advanced programming skills or restrict you to a library of already created waveforms. Just as Keysight’s VSA enabled complex waveform analysis, Waveform Creator simplifies complex waveform creation.

4 Waveform Creator Value Proposition and Target Customers
Provide general purpose signal creation, from basic function generator capability to complex I/Q modulation and real-world signal impairments that can be applied to a wide variety of markets and applications Aero/Def R&D and Test Emerging Communications Target applications Academic Research Medical R&D and Test University student Labs Grant funded research projects National Lab research Ultrasound to mmWave Military & public service radio testing MILCOM, SATCOM Create proprietary modulated waveforms Radar EMI GP Equipment Pool DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modems R&D and Test Leverage SystemVue plugin for developing new emerging waveforms Test body sensors, pacemakers 2FSK/BPSK modulation Ultrasound receiver and transducer test Customer’s needs Anyone working with signal creation will be interested in Waveform Creator. We think the biggest opportunities exist in the A/D market, including Sat Com or Mil Com applications that require non-standard communication signals with added impairments and/or corrections to those signals. There will also be interest in emerging communications as new formats are developed and introduced. With the new DOCSIS 3.1 option launched with version 2.0, designers and manufacturers of this new generation of cable modems will find Waveform Creator an invaluable signal creation tool. It’s the first product that makes it easy to create these complicated waveforms. We also expect that those involved in Academic Research, or with designing and testing Medical communication systems will be interested. 4

5 Introducing Waveform Creator M9099
History Developed in 2008 for Wi-Gig applications What is different from other signal tools? Waveform creation Mixing multiple waveforms Adding impairments Source calibration/corrections Multiple output devices Create signal libraries Access the full capability of modern AWG’s SCPI commands for all functions Waveform Creator enables you to explore your imagination. It’s not just another signal creation tool. Waveform Creator doesn’t limit you to a library of signals or to simple creation of one specific signal. A wide variety of waveforms can be mixed together, and impairments and corrections can be added as needed. The core product can output to any supported signal generator without the need for re-engineering the signal to work properly with the signal source. As AWG’s increase in sample rate and bandwidth, Waveform Creator is the tool that enables full access to their capabilities. Also, all of the functions are SCPI programmable for those who need to access the capability programmatically. Do not be confused, this is not just another waveform software tool or library of preconfigured waveforms! This is not just another software tool or waveform library!

6 Waveform Creator – Block Diagram Core functions
M9099 Waveform Creator (Core Application) Waveform Editor Composition Mixing Impairments Resampling Sequencing Markers Pre-correction Let’s take a look at Waveform Creator’s architecture. This is a diagram of the core product, where all the heavy lifting happens. It’s in the core where waveform tracks are composed, mixed, and impaired. Based on the selected output device, the composite waveform is resampled, pre-corrected, and markers can be applied.

7 Waveform Creator – Block Diagram Input plug-ins
GP Digital (AYA) DOCSIS 3.1 (DCS) M9099 Waveform Creator (Core Application) Waveform Plugins File, Multitone, Utility, Import Waveform Editor Composition Mixing Impairments Resampling Sequencing Markers SystemVue Model Plugin Use any SystemVue model as a waveform source… User-Defined Waveform Plugin Author a proprietary plugin… Pre-correction Application note gives code example and walkthrough Waveform Creator’s beauty and elegance is perhaps best experienced by the capability to add and create waveform plug-ins. These Input Plug-ins provide a variety of signal creation capabilities. For example the General Purpose Digital modulation input plug-in provides waveforms based around digital modulation standards such as QPSK and QAM formats. The new VSA plug-in imports VSA recordings to easily capture real-world signals into your Waveform Creator projects. The SystemVue plug-in allows you to transfer signal from SystemVue models into Waveform Creator. The new DOCSIS 3.1 plug-in easily creates waveforms that adhere to this new cable model standard. The Multi-tone, Utility, VSA import, and File Import plug-ins are all standard, included with the core M9099 product. As Keysight adds plug ins featuring other signal formats, you can add to the tool as needed. The Plug-in Interface is an open documented interface which allows you to create their own plug-ins. They could be waveform creation plug-ins or a library of signals for a specific user community. This interface is documented (see Application Note available from ). Open, documented Interface Keysight Authored Modules User Authored Modules

8 Waveform Creator – Block Diagram Output plug-ins
GP Digital (AYA) DOCSIS 3.1 (DCS) M9099 Waveform Creator (Core Application) Waveform Plugins File, Multitone, Utility, Import Waveform Editor Composition Mixing Impairments Resampling Sequencing Markers Output Device Plugin (Hardware Device) (M9381A, M8190A, 81180A/B, M9330/31A) SystemVue Model Plugin Use any SystemVue model as a waveform source… Output Device Plugin (Compound Device, e.g. Envelope Tracking) User-Defined Waveform Plugin Author a proprietary plugin… Output Device Plugin Unencrypted File, (Opt DFW) Pre-correction Signal generators and arbitrary waveform generators are connected via Output Device plug-ins. Currently the M9381A PXI VSG, M8190A AGW, 81180A/B AWG and M9330/31A AWGs are supported. Additional products will be supported in future releases. The license resides in the PC and not in the signal source hardware which means that the signal generators are interchangeable without requiring a new license. Simply connect one or more sources to the PC or controller with the Waveform Creator license to output your signal. If the signal requires portability throughout your enterprise, there is also an unencrypted file output option which allows the output file to be moved and used with any device. Keysight Authored Modules User Authored Modules

9 Waveform Creator – Block Diagram Versatile, Flexible, Upgradeable
M9099 Waveform Creator (Core Application) Waveform Plugins File, Multitone, Utility, GP Digital (AYA), DOCSIS (DCS) Waveform Editor Composition Mixing Impairments Resampling Sequencing Markers Output Device Plugin (Hardware Device) (M9381A, M8190A, 81180A/B, M9330/31A) SystemVue Model Plugin Use any SystemVue model as a waveform source… Output Device Plugin (Compound Device, e.g. Envelope Tracking) User-Defined Waveform Plugin Author a proprietary plugin… Output Device Plugin Unencrypted File, (Opt DFW) Pre-correction Application Note gives code example and walkthrough As you can see from the diagram, the Waveform Creator platform is a truly modular solution providing a versatile waveform creation tool, flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements, and upgradable to provide a path into future applications. Open, documented Interface Keysight Authored Modules User Authored Modules

10 How does it work? Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

11 Step 1: Select the Waveform type, adjust the parameters and drag them onto tracks
Step 1 is to select the desired waveform types. The tabs listed correspond to the available input plug-ins. Here you see Multi-tone, Utility, File Import, DOCSIS 3.1, Digital Modulation, and VSA Import. If you use the SystemVue option to import signals created with that software into your Waveform Creator projects, their tabs would appear here also. Once you select a waveform type to work with, the parameters window will display configuration settings to customize your desired wave segment. There are 8 segment windows under the Plug-in tabs. When you’ve created the desired waveform segments, simply drag the segment or segments into one of the four tracks in the Waveform Layout window. There are four tracks available to create up to four different signals which will be mixed into the final output waveform.

12 Step 2: Choose the output device and select your output parameters
The next step is to choose the output device you want to use and define the output parameters of your waveform, for example frequency, power, triggering, markers, etc. Here we’ve highlighted the choices for the M8190A arbitrary waveform generator.

13 Step 3: Preview the final waveform in time or frequency, then select “Generate and Output”
The final step is to preview your composite waveform in either time or frequency, then select “Generate and Output” to send the waveform to your signal generator. The proper sampling rate and the block size of the file to meet the source requirements are automatically determined by Waveform Creator. That’s all there is to it!

14 M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 A Modular Software Architecture with Flexible Plug-in Functionality
Waveform Generation Plug-ins Utility, Multitone, VSA Import & File Import Included Playback of any CSV / MAT waveform Multitone with independent tone modulation (AM, FM, PM, etc) Import VSA recorded waveforms General Purpose Digital Modulation (Opt AYA) Provides access to single carrier modulation for many industry standard linear and non- linear modulation Matches VSA Opt AYA coverage SystemVue Waveform Creation (Opt SVM) Provides access to SystemVue generated waveform models Requires SystemVue product licensing, including any add-on library licenses DOCSIS 3.1 Waveforms (Opt DCS) Downstream and upstream signals Create your own! Output Device Plug-ins Hardware Devices M9381A VSG M8190A AWG 81180A/B AWG M9330/31A AWG Virtual Devices (Opt DFW) CSV / MAT / BIN Data File Output M9381A native files Let’s quickly review the available Plug-ins for M9099 Waveform Creator version 2.0. The standard included input Plug-ins are: Utility, where you’ll find square, sine, triangle and sawtooth waves, silence, and Gaussian noise. Multi-tone, where you’ll find single, two tone, and multi-tone signals, including AM/FM/PM modulation File Import for bringing your own bin, hdf, and csv files into your projects 89600 VSA Recording import to capture and include real-world measured signals And you can create your own custom input plug-in using the available documentation The optional input plug-ins are general purpose digital modulation (AYA) , DOCSIS 3.1 (DCS), and SystemVue Import (SVM). Provided output device plug-ins in v2.0 are: M9381A PXI VSG M8190A AWG 81180A/B AWG And M9330/31A AWG Option DFW is the optional output plug-in to create unlicensed (unencrypted) csv, mat, or bin file types, and native M9381A VSG file format By design, the modular plug-ins will enable ongoing enhancements.

15 Keysight Positioning Waveform Creator Signal Studio
Creates custom/non-standard waveforms using I/Q data from user files, VSA, MatLab, or C. Optional DOCSIS 3.1, Digital Mod or SystemVue plug-ins aid file creation & impairments Premium Pay-for-Support and Knowledge Center optimizes customer solution Signal Studio Generates standards compliant / customer verified waveforms, for Cellular, WLAN, Video, GPS, Radar, and more Includes tools for pulse, multi-tone, additive impairments, MIMO, and NPR. Connects to many VSG’s, ARB’s, Wireless test sets, Logic analyzers,…with RF/BB Specs. Free post-sales support Here’s a positioning summary with Keysight Signal Studio software. Waveform Creator and Signal Studio are truly complimentary products. Signal Studio remains Keysight’s best solution for standards-compliant waveforms with specified performance on a variety of hardware. Waveform Creator is emerging as the best tool to create custom and non-standard waveforms, now including DOCSIS 3.1, on a growing set of vector signal and arbitrary waveform generators. And Waveform Creator provides a Premium Support Subscription and Knowledge Center to ensure you can quickly develop your most challenging signals. Bottom line: These products targeted at different use cases

16 What’s New in M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 What’s New in M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 Waveform Plug-ins Waveform Creator Core Framework and User Interface M9099T Waveform Creator “Core” Output Plug-ins Utility File Write (Opt DFW) Multi-tone M9381A VSG GP Digital Modulation (Opt AYA) SystemVue Model Plug-in (Opt SVU) Mixer Switch Impairments Let’s look at what’s changed from the first release in Fall Here are the features launched with version 1.0, showing the Core product that the provides the engine for creating, combining and mixing signals from the various waveform plug-ins, adding impairments, and outputting the aggregated waveform to an M9381A PXI VSG. As you’ve seen, it’s a lot like creating and mixing tracks in popular audio and video editing software. We also provided options for creating digitally modulated signals, using SystemVue to import waveforms, and generating unencrypted waveform files. Keysight-developed Plug-ins User-defined Plug-ins Confidentiality Label

17 What’s New in M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 What’s New in M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 Waveform Plug-ins Waveform Creator Core Framework and User Interface M9099T Waveform Creator “Core” Output Plug-ins Utility File Write (Opt DFW) Multi-tone Multi-tone Add AM/FM/PM 2.0 M9381A VSG 2.0 Add AM/FM/PM Modulation M8190A AWG GP Digital Modulation (Opt AYA) 81180A/B AWG 2.0 SystemVue Model Plug-in (Opt SVU) Add VSA Recording Plug-in Mixer Smoothing Filters 2.0 Switch Impairments 2.0 M9330/31A AWG 2.0 VSA Recording Plug-in (Build up with animation) With the Waveform Creator 2.0 release, we’ve significantly enhanced the product’s capabilities to provide: A “VSA Recording Plug-in”, include with the core product A new option “DCS” provides rich DOCSIS 3.1 downstream and upstream waveform creation with tight VSA integration for easy analysis AM, FM and PM modulation now included in the core product’s “Multi-tone plug-in” The waveform preview feature now provides frequency spectrum display along with the composite time waveform Along with the M9381A PXI VSG, Waveform Creator 2.0 adds output support for several arbitrary waveform generators – the M8190A, 81180A and B, and the M9330/31 Q-Arb. All at no added cost. Let’s take a closer look at some of these new features. 2.0 2.0 DOCSIS 3.1 (Opt DCS) Add DOCSIS 3.1 Modulation Spectral Display Keysight-developed Plug-ins User-defined Plug-ins New smoothing filters and spectral display Support for M8190A and 81180A/B, M9330/31 Q-ARB Confidentiality Label

18 New in WFC2: 89600 VSA Recording Playback
Measurement Hardware M9391 MXA/PXA 89600B Recording M9099 VSA Input Plug-in Record real-world signals with VSA Any hardware supported by VSA Use the VSA recordings in Waveform Creator Combine VSA recordings with any other Waveform Creator segments You can now easily incorporate VSA recordings into your Waveform Creator projects. This new Input Plug-in, included with the Core Product, was actually developed by a Keysight Application Engineer using the User-Defined Plug-in documentation, and has now been formally included with version This plug-in captures signals measured by VSA software with any supported hardware, and combines them with other custom waveform segments, ideal for capturing an unknown signal or complex RF environment, such as a large city, for later playback so that real world signals can be incorporated into composite waveforms

19 New in WFC2: Waveform Spectrum Preview Display
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 New in WFC2: Waveform Spectrum Preview Display Preview composite waveforms in both Time & Frequency Domain Leverages VSA technology for consistent results Also new in the Waveform Creator 2.0 core product is the ability to preview your aggregated composite waveforms in both time and frequency domains. We leveraged the same FFT and display code as the VSA software, so you can be assured that the spectrum preview will match your actual created waveforms. Confidentiality Label

20 New in WFC2: DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream Signals
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 New in WFC2: DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream Signals Our new Waveform Creator DCS option provides the world’s first, simplest and most comprehensive waveform creation tool for both downstream and ….. Waveform Creator 89600 VSA Confidentiality Label

21 New in WFC2: DOCSIS 3.1 Upstream
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 New in WFC2: DOCSIS 3.1 Upstream upstream signals, in compliance with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem standards. It automatically creates VSA setup files to easily demodulate and analyze signals for DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem design and test. If you design or manufacture these new cable modems, you need this software. Waveform Creator 89600 VSA Confidentiality Label

22 New in WFC2: M8190A support Marker support Streaming
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 New in WFC2: M8190A support Animation build-up: Waveform Creator now supports several additional sources, including the M8190A arbitrary waveform generator. All of the M8190A’s output modes are supported: Speed, Precision and DUC modes. Sequencing and streaming are also supported And, using measurements created with the VSA, Waveform Creator will automatically output calibrated and corrected waveforms from the M8190A Marker support Streaming “Download data” to each channel Sequencing Confidentiality Label

23 Wideband pre-correction
Waveform Creator Core Composition Mixing Impairments Resampling Channel + DUT Pre-correction Calibration Signal Here’s how Waveform Creator takes advantage of VSA measurements to automatically pre-correct the signal generator’s output waveforms. A known calibration signal is output from the VSG or AWG hardware and measured using the VSA with a scope or signal analyzer of suitable bandwidth and performance. Waveform Creator then uses these calibrations when generating your desired waveforms, ensuring that they’re accurate.

24 M9099 Waveform Creator Pricing & Structure v2.0
Presentation Title 4/14/2017 M9099 Waveform Creator Pricing & Structure v2.0 Available July 1, 2014 Model-Option DDP $ M9099T Waveform Creator Software (Transportable Perpetual License) Core product w/ Utility & Multi-tone plug-ins (Required) M9099T-LIC $4,200 Premium Support Program (1 year) M9099T-LIC-12M $630 Premium Support Program (1 year renewal) M9099T-LIC-12R Digital Modulation plug-in M9099T-AYA $3,000 M9099T-AYA-12M $450 M9099T-AYA-12R DOCSIS 3.1 plug-in M9099T-DCS $5,000 M9099T-DCS-12M $750 M9099T-DCS-12R SystemVue plug-in license (requires SystemVue software) M9099T-SVM $1,000 M9099T-SVM-12M $150 M9099T-SVM-12R File-based write (unencrypted waveform license) M9099T-DFW $22,000 M9099T-DFW-12M $3,300 M9099T-DFW-12R Software & Documentation Media (DVD) M9099T-MED $100 NEW M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 is available to order and shipping now. When purchased with other qualifying Keysight software, you can take advantage of Keysight’s 20/30/40% software discount promotion through September Be sure to download the software and try it out for free for 30-days. Confidentiality Label

25 Customer Post Sales Support
Premium Service & Support Program “Membership” Unlimited direct phone and support from product experts Access to product “Knowledge Center” and “Apps” Access to online self-paced training Access to product updates and enhancements Cost: 15% per year of product list price Support membership will be especially important to those customers working on custom plug-ins or creating their proprietary impairments or modeling Since this product is so capable, we want to ensure that you have the best possible software experience. Therefore we offer a Premium Service and Support membership program. It provides you with more than just unlimited phone and access to our technical experts. It also provides access to a rich online Knowledge Center with application information, examples, videos, and self paced training courses. And of course, it provides free product updates and enhancements as they’re introduced.

26 Waveform Creator Software Licensing
Software is licensed to the PC or embedded controller in a chassis. Transportable & perpetual Waveform Creator license tied to “HostID” of chassis controller or external PC. Supports unlimited VSG/AWG connections to the licensed controller/PC VSG/AWG does not require license. Option for waveform export to external “unencrypted” files (Opt DFW), supporting transportability of waveform IP. Supports the following licensing types for PC software: 30-day Trial License Transportable License  - Perpetual   Finally, just a bit more information on software licenses. Waveform Creator’s software license is tied to your PC or embedded PXI/AXIe controller. It supports an unlimited number of hardware connections to that PC or controller. The signal or arbitrary waveform generator hardware does not require a license. An unencrypted file output option, DFW, is available if you want to use created waveforms independently from the connected PC or controller that you can use however you desire.

27 What could you create? Conclusion
So, using Waveform Creator, what could YOU create? Thank you for your time. For more information and to download a free 30-trial, visit

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