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Silverlight 5: What’s new? Presenter: Kevin Grossnicklaus June 25 th, 2011.

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1 Silverlight 5: What’s new? Presenter: Kevin Grossnicklaus June 25 th, 2011

2 Agenda Introductions Silverlight 5 HTML 5 vs Silverlight 5 Additional Resources Final Thoughts Conclusion

3 Introductions Kevin Grossnicklaus – ArchitectNow- (2009-Present) President – Washington University - CAIT Program (2003-2010) Instructor – SSE - (1999-2009) Chief Architect Software Development Practice Leader Email: @kvgros @kvgros Twitter: @kvgros@kvgros Blog:

4 We want to thank the sponsors of KCDC. Without them, none of this would be possible. Thanks to Our Sponsors Product Sponsors Silver Sponsors Gold Sponsors


6 Assumed Knowledge Basic Knowledge – C# – Silverlight/XAML – VS.NET 2010 Optional (but useful): – XAML – Data Binding – MVVM – Entity Framework


8 Getting Started – Download and install SDKSDK – Install Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5

9 Media – SoundEffect XNA SoundEffect class from Windows Phone 7 – TrickPlay Video

10 Text This is some really long text that won't fit right into the main RTB control and should overflow into the area that I've defined in my XAML to be the other section.

11 Text

12 Debugging – Binding Debugging

13 Data Binding – DataTemplates – Ancestor Relative Source

14 Controls – ClickCount – Multiple Window Support OOB and Elevated Permissions Multi-monitor support

15 3D Graphics API XNA 3D API Hardware Accellerated (GPU) 3D support Immediate Mode 2D Demo

16 Trusted Applications – InBrowser Requires Registry Key – OutOfBrowser P/Invoke – Full Screen Keyboard – Broader File Access – Host Browser – Access local devices

17 Misc Stuff Startup performance improvements on multi-core systems (multi-core JIT) ComboBox with type-ahead searching DefaultFileName in SaveFileDialog!!! Improvements in the graphics stack brought over from the Windows Phone codebase Hardware acceleration in Windowless mode in Internet Explorer 9 Vector printing Power awareness for things like full- screen apps (i.e., don’t put me to sleep if I’m watching an awesome movie) Remote control support allowing users to control media playback OpenType support Text clarity improvements with pixel snapping A new DataContextChanged event WS-Trust support for services 64-bit support for the plugin COM interop for trusted in-browser applications P/Invoke for trusted applications PivotViewer control improvements and distributed in the SDK


19 What’s Next? Future of Silverlight Future of HTML5 Future of Windows

20 Timing Build Silverlight 4 Applications Now Silverlight 5 in late fall 2011


22 Additional Resources

23 Additional Resources (Cont.)

24 Additional Resources

25 Next Steps… Dive in Play around Ask Questions Research What if I need help? Twitter: @kvgros

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