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Polycom Video Content Management Streaming & Recording Solutions

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1 Polycom Video Content Management Streaming & Recording Solutions
David Wagner | Polycom, EMEA VCM Solutions Architect

2 Polycom Video Content Management Overview

3 Business Applications for Video Content Management
Healthcare Continuing Medical Education Grand Rounds Webcasts Patient Education Prevention and Wellness Education Distance Learning Lecture Capture Flipped Classroom Online Testing and Quizzes Enterprise Executive Webcasts Corporate Communications Town Hall Meetings Training Corporate communications departments – stream executive webcasts live to thousands, or publish and syndicate recorded video content to dispersed digital signage Training departments – capture instructors’ presentations, slides, and Q/A sessions for live and on-demand training Knowledge workers – capture and publish content from desktop tools like IBM Sametime or Microsoft Lync 2010 Account managers – securely capture B2B and B2C meetings between anyone with a browser and web camera, using their Skype®, GoogleTalk™, Facebook® contacts Project teams – capture and publish a multipoint video conference meeting for colleagues who couldn't attend Employees – take video-based training and video-triggered testing from their preferred mobile device, which leads to trackable training and compliance records Field sales and service reps – use their mobile device to attend video conferences, view live streaming webcasts and access their organization's complete video library Speeds knowledge sharing over distance and time challenges

4 Polycom receives a positive rating in Q Gartner Magic Quadrant: Polycom was ranked highest in “ability to execute.” Polycom ranked as a leader in the inaugural Video Platforms for the Enterprise Wave, Q1 2013 $500M & 24% CAGR is from Gartner’s unpublished research – Whit Andrews. Gartner predicting $1B by 2015. Gartner Market Scope: Cisco was a step behind Polycom with a Promising rating. (Gartner Rules state that we can’t do only 2 vendor comparisons. We must mention other vendors.) While seven other firms also receive positive ratings from Gartner. Close competitors like Qumu, VBrick, and others offer similar functionality but these smaller firms do not garner Polycom’s global presence, financial viability, or blue-chip customer footprint.   The Polycom Video Content Management Solutions portfolio has no equal in true enterprise-scale combined with a complete solution for webcasting with videoconferencing integration. Forrester Wave Q1 2013: Polycom, Kaltura and Qumu were identified as Leaders. Competitors like VBrick, Sonic Foundry, Ignite Technologies, and Cisco, were identified as Strong Performers.

5 RealPresence® Video Solutions
SOCIAL VIDEO COLLABORATION IM/PRESENCE MOBILITY WEB CONFERENCING CALL CONTROL BUSINESS APPS Core Networking & Security Rich Suite of Open APIs Polycom® RealPresence® Platform RealPresence® CloudAXIS™ Suite Video Content Management Firewall Traversal & Security Virtualization Management Video Resource Management Universal Video Collaboration On the Go Conference Room Home Office Immersive Theater Work Office

6 Manage with Rules and Logic
Polycom Video Content Management Solutions Capture from any source, manage automatically, deliver to any device REALPRESENCE CAPTURE SErver VIDEO CONFERENICNG ENDPOINTS REALPRESENCE Media Manager Content Delivery ANY DESKTOP VIDEO Manage with Rules and Logic Collect Transform Organize Protect Analyze DESKTOPS & LAPTOPS ANY MOBILE VIDEO ANY VIDEO CONFERENCING SMART PHONES & TABLETS 3rd Party Encoders & CONTENT SERVERS DIGITAL SIGNAGE REALPRESENCE CAPTURE STATION

7 Updated VCM Portfolio - How do the products fit together?
CAPTURE New! RealPresence Capture Series RealPresence Capture Server - Appliance Edition RealPresence Capture Server – Virtual Edition RSS 4000 – EoS soon Polycom has the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to capture video in any situation. MANAGE RealPresence Media Manager RealPresence Media Manager - Appliance Edition RealPresence Media Manager - Software Edition RealPresence Media Manager - Virtual Appliance Simple, automated, rule-based workflows to manage all aspects video content. Deep integration with multi-vendor IT environments. DELIVER Content Delivery Solutions Multi-content delivery network distribution via Riverbed, Windows Media, IIS Media and CNDs Broad spectrum of network optimization capabilities. Supports delivery to mobile devices.


9 Polycom Capture Server

10 Turn real-time collaboration into anytime collaboration.
Polycom® RealPresence Capture Server Network-based appliance Provides centralized acquisition of video and content from H.323/SIP endpoints Offers true HD video calls to live streams and on-demand playback, comprehensive output to mobile, and 50% greater recording capacity than competitors. 720p recording / offline transcoding for VOD streaming Support for 200 web viewers Redundant hardware = easier to support, more customer satisfaction Record and stream from your entire video network

11 Capture Server 1.6 Available for appliance and VMware
New Virtual Edition 6 recordings / 3 live Compatible with Media Manager 6.6 R RRP Timecode Watermarking New layout (50% / 50%) Transcoding templates Akamai Integration 720p streaming included in base license 720p content streaming Max 500 streams (250 in base) Please note SoftRMX must run with mixed SVC-AVC mode to be able to record as Capture Server doesn‘t support SVC yet.

12 Capture Server 1.7 Capture Server v1.7 New Features
1080p30 Recording & Live Streaming Admin/UI Features Add "save-as" to admin tasks More call status info Outbound dial speed setting per VRR Directory Services / User Management Enable/disable all-user view permissions Encoding Formats Supported – Windows Media Video .wmv with VC1 Multicast live .wmv with VC1 Unicast .wmv with VC1 Unicast live Endpoint Playback Content playback to VTC endpoints; Quick Code playback to EP Enable full people / content transcoding for playback to endpoints Interop with Cisco VCS via SIP / H323 Capture Server v1.7 New Features Enhancement with RPP Component Control RMX layouts MP4 Multicast/H.264 Multicast MP 4 Multicast Performance Improvements CS to meet or beat Wowza on streaming performance System-Wide Max Live Stream Time/Max call length Quality Improvements Default IP address for Appliances (real and virtual) Do not time out when on system upgrade screen English grammar and spelling scrub Fix admin session time outs Video quality issue - Glitch / Flicker (IFrame refreshing issue) Usability VOD Layouts (User Controls for video & content swap) REST APIs

13 Capture Server v1.7 – Available models
SKU Basic Capabilities VRSS5000-6 VRSS5000-6VE Capture Server 6/3 (6 Calls / 3 Live) VRSS VRSS VE Capture Server 12/6 (12 Calls / 6 Live) VRSS VRSS VE Capture Server 18/9 (18 Calls / 9 Live) VRSS VRSS VE Capture Server 40/0 (40 Calls / 0 Live) 6/3 Upgrade

14 Polycom RealPresence Media Manager

15 Polycom® RealPresence® Media Manager
Key Differentiators/Benefits: Scale without limits—Starting from 250 users to a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users, this solution can be sized to fit any organization. Access content on-the go—Access content whenever you need it, wherever you are, on your preferred mobile device, plus upload mobile recordings from the browser Measure everything—With 40 easy to pull reports, you’ll fully understand how your video assets are viewed Video-enable your intranet – Make your video library searchable, viewable, and trackable inside your Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Blackboard Learn 9.1 environment. Use IT resources efficiently— Scalable live event webcasting, video on-demand pre-positioning, multi-content delivery network distribution with Blue Coat, Cisco, Riverbed, and Windows Media Integrate into any web application —A web-services API makes it possible for your organization to customize and embed Choose any delivery—From pre-configured turn-key appliance, software-only, or cloud deployment options

16 Media Manager – Added Value
Branding / Customizing Easy-to-understand Find faster videos Meta-data Reporting/Measure results Content Distribution Editing

17 Media Manager - New base licenses
Media Manager v6.6 – Appliance Edition 250 Concurrent Users Can be upgraded to 1,000 Concurrent Users Media Manager v6.6 – Virtual Appliance Media Manager v6.6 – Software Edition Scales up to 40,000 Concurrent Users VCM SmartStart 1x SKU for Product + Maintenance / 1x for implementation Available for all VE editions (Media Manager + Capture Server)

18 Version 6.6 – Media Manager Base License
Media Manager base license includes: 250 / 500 concurrent users (actively using the system, regardless of login) Active Directory / LDAP (or local database), Single Sign-On (SSO) & SAML Ingest files/streams from network encoders and/or shares Upload user generated content via browser Automatic VOD Transcoding for Mobile Devices (HLS for iOS & supported Android) Broadcast Live with auto-archiving from Capture Station Pro, RSS, Capture Server UC Media Utility (Lync 2010, Lync 2013, Sametime) User evaluations, quizzes, surveys, polling, moderated Q&A, reporting… Webservice API (REST) SharePoint API (custom) IMS Global LTI 1.0 Certification & Interoperability Portal customization Reporting Engine

19 Optional Speech-to-text module (RAMP)

20 How to sell? Know your customers use-cases
HR: training for new hires Internal communications: training & news around the company CEO: townhall meetings (live & VoD) Education: lecture capture IT department: record/create HowTo‘s (reduce helpdesk calls) Speak to customers LoBs to show them how VCM can simplify their day-to-day work Explain the ease of use Start live-events and recordings with technology they already have invested in Start live-events and recordings they already know how to work with Dial an extension and stream = streaming is easy as a phone call

21 Demo Portals Media Manager Demo Portals Education
Enterprise/Corp Healthcare Legal User: demo.user Password: polycom

22 Thank You

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