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Live Calls (VTCs) – ElluminateLive! Instructions.

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1 Live Calls (VTCs) – ElluminateLive! Instructions

2 Blackboard Collaborate / ElluminateLive! Visit the ElluminateLive! support page to check Systems Requirements and Configure your system: port/default.asp?deptID=8336&task=knowledge& questionID=1279 port/default.asp?deptID=8336&task=knowledge& questionID=1279 ** The following images are from setting up Elluminate on my Mac (the process may look different on a PC, but will be similar)

3 URL we send will take you here (Kate will send you the URL in Oct/Nov for the test calls)

4 Enter your full name (this will identify you to the speakers and other participants) and click Log In

5 Open the Java Web Start and let the application be downloaded

6 When the Blackboard collaborate program launches Click "Accept," "Trust," or "Allow"

7 Choose Cable/DSL for the connection speed and Click OK

8 You will enter the meeting room (looks something like this)

9 Orientation to Meeting Room

10 Run the Audio Setup Wizard (access the wizard way 1)

11 Run the Audio Setup Wizard (access the wizard way 2)

12 Run the Audio Setup Wizard (access the wizard way 3)

13 Follow the Microphone Playback and Confirmation prompts Record your voice and listen to the playback.

14 When completed you can continue to make adjustments in the Audio Panel Audio Panel (top left) ** Remember, we will not be using videos from your schools during the January live calls.**

15 At the end of the call…

16 Technical Support Blackboard Collaborate technical support and the support Knowledge Base are available through the Support Portal:

17 Essentials for Participants (really long) 10308c13e796/index.htm

18 But, sections you may be interested in the document… Getting Started The Participants Panel The Chat Panel The Audio Feature

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