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Welcome To Elluminate Live! ® Before we begin please: Confirm connection speed *Tools  Preferences  Connection Speed Configure microphone and speakers.

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1 Welcome To Elluminate Live! ® Before we begin please: Confirm connection speed *Tools  Preferences  Connection Speed Configure microphone and speakers Tools  Audio  Audio Setup Wizard… To share your profile, enter your information: *Tools  Preferences  Edit Profile… To view the profile of another user hover over their name in the Participants window * Mac Users please use: Elluminate Live!  Preferences

2 Agenda Introductions Applications in Higher Ed - Customers LMS integration Elluminate Live! Pricing / Hosting Options Questions

3 Your Elluminate Team! John Repetto – Enterprise Sales Manager Zemina Hasham - Elluminate Senior Director, Customer Services Shannon Autrey - Elluminate Customer Advocate

4 Who is Elluminate? Elluminate is a leading provider of live eLearning and real-time web Collaboration with a core focus in Education

5 Raise Hand Send Message Talk Polling Whiteboard Tools Elluminate Interface

6 Raise Hand Send Message Talk Whiteboard Tools Elluminate Mac Interface Polling

7 Higher Ed Applications Direct Instruction –One-to-one / One-to-many Instructor Office Hours Remote Guest Speakers Cohort Groups Research Initiatives Faculty Meetings Project Management Groups Professional Development Tutoring / Counseling Leverage Specialized Teachers Blended Learning Marketing Academic Programs Learning Object Repository Development

8 State Agencies / Consortiums Florida Department of Education Florida Distance Learning Consortium Sunshine Connections Alabama Department of Education Georgia Department of Education Louisiana Board of Regents Georgia Board of Regents Southern Regional Education Board HELP Team (Hurricane Education Leadership Project) Ask a Tutor Pilot with FCCJ

9 Higher Ed Customers in Florida Florida Distance Learning Consortium Edison College Florida A&M University Florida Community College of Jacksonville Florida State University Manatee Community College Nova Southeastern University Florida Foreign Language Association Okaloosa-Walton College University of Florida University of Central Florida (FLARE) University of Miami University of South Florida University of West Florida University of North Florida Brevard Community College Seminole Community College

10 Customer Advocate Program What I do:How I do it: Help guarantee success Ensure successful rollout Ensure successful implementation Offer application ideas Provide resources for support and service Learn all about YOUR school and uses Tips & Tricks Sessions 1 on 1 training for administrators Customized training for users Available for specific needs

11 L-Tech Support Lab @ Okaloosa Walton College One stop source for learning & support for ALL technologies Can join from office OR home Application Share often used to provide instruction Breakout Rooms for individual attention when several people show up Advertise in weekly newsletter Accessed by all faculty using ANY learning technology

12 Elluminate’s Integration to Blackboard Learning System – CE and Vista Enterprise

13 Elluminate Integrations Include: –Blackboard Learning Management System – Enterprise, CE, Vista –Moodle –Sakai* –Angel*

14 Elluminate PowerLink Features Integration to Blackboard Learning System – CE 6/Vista 4 Enterprise (formerly known as WebCT) Elluminate PowerLink features include: –Integration with Course Tools, Learning Modules and Organizers –Users are authenticated from the Blackboard database –Provides all users access to Elluminate Live! –Session creation by instructors and teaching assistants –Display list and modify scheduled sessions –Launch of sessions by all –Ability for instructors to record sessions –Playback of recorded sessions by all –Access to users outside of Blackboard

15 Let’s see a demonstration

16 Using Blackboard and Elluminate Together Scheduled Classes –Capture the essence of face to face teacher/student interaction in an online format Virtual Office Hours –Teachers, professors, teaching assistants can create office hours for students –Can help students even while they are not able to be physically be in a certain place Guest Lecturers –Instructors can invite guest lectures to their sessions

17 Using Blackboard and Elluminate Together Group Collaboration –Small groups who can’t be physically together and come together virtually –Work on documents, presentations, spreadsheets –Discuss and collaborate on group projects Recorded Learning Objects –Record live classes or small tutorials that students can access at any time

18 Product Design Core philosophy: No User Left Behind™ – Low bandwidth support (28.8 kbps to LAN) – Multiple platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris) – ADA Compliance and Accessibility Highest Quality of Experience –Managed by the CCF (Collaborative Communication Framework) –Dynamic and engaging experience –Transparent Technology

19 Essentials Session Management Activity Indicators Participant Management –Permission granting –Hand raising with queue –Participant sort –Auto hand raise at entry –Multiple moderators –Moderator control –Emoticons

20 Essentials User Profiles Users can create a profile to be locally stored and shared with others in the session Permission based, moderator controlled Attendees can save each others profiles and can send an email from within the session Allows communities to develop naturally Available during recording playback as well

21 Essentials Chat Permission based public & private messages Moderator can choose to view private messages Add clickable URL links Users can: –Save chat text –Send graphical emoticons –Filter messages –Time-stamp messages

22 Instant feedback and comprehension check –Multiples Choice, Yes/No, Class Pace Publish polling results to a new whiteboard screen for all attendees to view Lock poll responses –Participants cannot change their responses Individual polls can be conducted per breakout room Engage and Interact Polling

23 Essentials Audio Crystal clear VOIP with the ability for 1-6 simultaneous talkers Automatic volume level control –Keeps volume at a consistent and optimal level –Automatic peak limiting and automatic gain control Moderator can mute/unmute a talker's speakers Dynamically accelerated audio playback Compensates for Internet delays

24 Essentials Whiteboard Flexible Presentation of Content –Import PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice, and clipart –Clickable URL Links Powerful Whiteboard Tools –Whiteboard drawing tools –Dynamic objects –Save, print, or protect slides Facilitates Dynamic Learning –Real-time, tracking laser-pointer –Customizable clip-art collection

25 Active Content Application Sharing Share applications, region of or entire desktop –Preview what is being shared –Markup for annotation, retention and discussion Take remote desktop control –Password protected –Send keystroke combinations to remote machine Mini controller for continuous session awareness ESP Activity Indicators Scaleable to screen size Hot keys for quick control

26 Active Content Presentation Mode Puts participants into a full-screen mode –Whiteboard or Application Sharing –Users will only see the content area Users can close out of Presentation Mode and return to the default view

27 Synchronized Web Surfing –Tour guide functionality can be passed to other moderators Participants can interact independently with content URL can be “published” to chat window Embedded browser window Active Content Web Tour

28 Moderators initiate streaming video playback Moderators can view the status of downloads Download managed by CCF in the background Ability to load and playback multimedia –Mpeg, QuickTime, Flash,.M4V (Podcasts) Active Content Streaming Video

29 Adjust image quality and video size –160x120, 320x240 and 640x480 Snapshot picture and automatically place it on the whiteboard “Preview” or “Transmit” video Bandwidth managed by CCF Video Support for: –High-end camera (Camcorders) –Compressed video –Direct X video Active Content Live Video

30 Engage and Interact Breakout Rooms Individual student / small group work –Full featured rooms in a private environment Moderator can: –Create rooms on the fly –Move freely from room to room –Move content –Rename breakout rooms Automatic distribution of attendees into breakout groups –Randomize by number of rooms or number of participants / room

31 Engage and Interact Timer Notifies the attendees of the length of activities Initiated by moderators Show to Everyone or To Moderators Only –Timers will show in breakout rooms Counts up or down Visible and/or audible alarm on timer expiration Pause-Restart-adjust time

32 Take notes during session in separate window Notes automatically saved on participant’s computer During recording playback, notes are played back in- synch Notes can be edited/enhanced after the session (during playback) –Can be used to prepare Text transcripts after the session Engage and Interact Synchronized Notes

33 Permission Based. Privilege can be given to participants Transferred during recording playback Can choose to prompt users of transfer Engage and Interact File Transfer

34 Engage and Interact Graphic Calculator + Math Symbols Can be moderator controlled or individually controlled Shared versus private mode X and Y intercepts

35 Engage and Interact Quiz Manager Quiz Manager –Test student understanding Formal (Unit exams) Informal (Comprehension) –Access class summary or individual quiz statistics –Load and store quizzes or quiz results –Create quiz on the fly

36 Interactive Recordings Absent participants never miss a session Indexed recordings based on session activities Share, save and interact with user profile, even send them email while watching the recording Web Tours and File Transfers happen during a recording at the right time Ability to save/print public text messages, presentations Pause, forward, rewind or navigate to any location in recording Social Networking Social Software to Build a Community

37 Engage and Interact Recordings Retain all live session interaction –Files Transfer, Synchronized Notes, Application Sharing, Web Tours and more! Playback Navigation Indexed based on session actions –Indices based on session actions –Searchable indices –Compact native format

38 Elluminate Publish! (Create portable, reusable learning content!!) Audio Podcast Elluminate –Create audio podcasts in just seconds from any recorded Elluminate Live session. –Store in your content management system, portal, or website. –Distribute by email or even publish to iTunes. Elluminate Unplugged! Recordings –Experience the rich interactivity of an Elluminate Live! when you are NOT connected to the internet. –Create Unplugged recordings in native format to post on a web server, email, or distribute on CD. –Anyone can view the recording – even if they’ve never been in Elluminate Live. Video Podcaster (2008)

39 Accessibility ADA Compliance Closed Captioning –Permission based, can have multiple users providing Closed Captioning –“Preferred Source” and font Screen Reader Support (JAWS, Narrator…) –Java Accessibility Bridge Keyboard shortcut and mnemonics Scalable whiteboard, Chat, and Application Sharing After-session transcription using Notes

40 Elluminate Live – Pricing Options Elluminate Live is sold by concurrent seats for: –Perpetual: One time license fee then you own the technology forever. Maintenance is fixed at 18% of your purchase price. –Annual Server: Elluminate Live installed on client’s server. –Annual ASP: Elluminate Live installed on Elluminate’s server. –Price includes all upgrades and 24x7 technical support. State Options – Concurrent or FTE –Unlimited pricing per institution. –Statewide purchase (all schools unlimited). –Cumulative Pricing - Pricing for each individual order will be based on the ending tier. –Customized pricing, or flat discount.

41 Competitive Advantages Award-winning, High Quality VOIP –Option for up to six simultaneous microphones –Dynamically Accelerated Audio –Audio Buffering Superior Bandwidth Management –Exceptional performance in varying bandwidth environments as low as 28.8K No User Left Behind –Low Bandwidth and Multiple Platform Support –Support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

42 Competitive Advantages Focus on Education and Training –Free online training –Mini videos and user guides –Customer Advocate Role Support –Outstanding, responsive “24x7”customer service. –Local presence, U.S. Headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale along with ESM and CA. Simple easy to use interface –Everything is built it –Same interface for Moderator and Participants –Full Moderator access & control

43 Three for FREE! Get your 3 seat, Elluminate room at No cost. No time limit. Sign up Now!

44 Pre/Post Session Admin Elluminate Administration Tools – Set up individual meetings – Repeating, scheduled sessions – Single-Click email notification Automatically add to Outlook Calendar Web Link Access –Via Email, Web Page, or Instant Message Integrates seamlessly with most LMS –Access Elluminate Live! by clicking a link on a Web page or in an email

45 The Elluminati User Group Monthly Live Sessions –Features how our customers are using Elluminate and provides practical information Online Community –Features discussion boards, library of resources, meeting room, calendar of events, list serves, etc. –Register at

46 Minimum System Requirements Windows Client –Windows 2000 / XP / Vista –Pentium III 500 MHz Processor –256MB RAM –20 MB free disk space –28.8 kbps Internet connection –Soundcard with speakers and microphone or headset

47 Minimum System Requirements Mac Client –Mac OS X 10.2.8 / 10.3.9 / 10.4 –G3, G4, G5, or Intel Processor –256 MB RAM –20 MB free disk space –28.8 kbps Internet connection –Microphone (internal, USB, or iSight)

48 Minimum Server Requirements Supported Operating Systems –Windows 2000 or 2003 Server –Mac OS X 10.4 or OS X Server –Solaris 10 (SPARC or X86) –RedHat Enterprise Linux v4 for X86 –Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES9 and 10)

49 Minimum Server Requirements Server Requirements (100 Concurrent Users) –1.2 GHz Pentium 3 (Windows, Linux, Solaris) –2 GHz (Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server) –750 MHz UltraSPARC II (Solaris) –Static IP address with 4 Mbps outbound bandwidth –512 MB of RAM plus OS Requirements –400 MB of free disk space

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