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1 Voip Calls Recording Solution MiaRec Business

2 MiaRec Business Voip Calls Recording and Monitoring Solution Call Centers Financial Institutions Emergency ServicesVoip Service Providers Air Traffic Control Inter-office Calls for …

3 Increase customer satisfaction; Improve agents productivity; Resolve disputes; Increase security; Comply with legal requirements; Reduce costs. MiaRec allows business to:

4 MiaRec Entirely software-based MiaRec requires no proprietary hardware, expensive telephony equipment or complex installation. All calls are recorded directly from IP network and archived on disk storage. MiaRec records calls made with either softphone or IP phone.

5 MiaRec Easy remote access to call records with any Web Browser and from any computer inside local network or even from Internet. Web-based User Interface

6 MiaRec Every call record contains all important information such as Date/Time, Duration, Caller and Called Parties’ Number, Name, IP, MAC etc. Easy to retrieve call details information

7 MiaRec Playback calls directly from Web browser Listen to recorded calls with embedded Media Player inside Web-browser. No additional software is required on user’s computer to playback a call.

8 MiaRec Powerful calls search Find easily any recorded call using many search parameters such as Date, Time, Caller or Called Parties’ Phone Number, Name and others.

9 MiaRec Easy to manage and organize calls Create custom folders and organize calls by customer, agent, department, date etc.

10 MiaRec Secure Multi User Interface Multi User Interface feature allows assigning monitoring and playback rights on a per user basis.

11 MiaRec High compatibility MiaRec is compatible with all major IP-PBX systems, which are based on H.323, SIP, MGCP, Cisco Skinny, TAPI, Nortel UNISTIM etc. AvayaCisco Nortel Mitel Asterisk Vonage 3Com NEC ZultysSiemens and many others…

12 MiaRec Server Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista 7.2 MB disk storage per hour of conversation Client: Windows, Linux, Mac with Web Browser Other hardware: Managed Switch with Port Mirroring support System Requirements

13 MiaRec is … »» Flexible. Easy to install and administer. »» Scalable. Suitable for large call centers as well as for small companies with only a few seats. »» Entirely software-based. No proprietary hardware is required. »» Affordable. MiaRec is based on innovative packet sniffing technology that allows it to be considerably less expensive than analog-based recording systems. »» Reliable MiaRec is enterprise-level solution, designed specifically for 24/7 Voip calls recording.

14 MiaRec Contact information Duxoft LLC Tel:+1 866 324 6717

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