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Industrial Video Surveillance

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1 Industrial Video Surveillance
Prepared by: Scott Fu Date: Confidential

2 Networking Intelligence
Video Server IP Camera IP Video NVR DVR Digital Video Digitalization Immigration CCTV Analog Video Confidential

3 Typical Application Unmanned Power Substation / Oil Refinery Plant Surveillance
CCTV Camera I/O Sensor & Alarm Gigabit Ethernet VPort 461-S-SC 1-channel Industrial Video Encoder Card Reader I/O Analog Serial Fiber Copper The 1st is power substation surveillance system. We all know most of the power substation is unmanned. For the monitor and security purpose, there are usually CCTV cameras or IP cameras for the video surveillance, the sensor and alarm for security, and card reader for the access control. VPort 704 can connected all of those kinds of devices for transmitting back to the control center via TCP/IP network. With VPort 704’s help, the installation and integration of those devices will be easier than before. Confidential

4 Typical Application Highway Video Monitoring System
VPort 461 Toll Station VPort SDK PLUS for Integration Control Center Confidential

5 Video Surveillance for Process Automation

6 Yokogawa video pop scenario
FVSS and OPC Interface PC HIS Console YOKOGAWA CENTUM VP/ PROSAFE RS (6)Popup(IE Browser) (2)Alarm via OPC (7)Redirect to Video Server (3)Call PTZ Preset Ethernet, TCP/IP, 1. ALARM ! Video Server 2. Smoke/Fire alarm triggered. Alarm system detected. 3. Alarm send to FVSS via OPC interface PC. 4. FVSS commands camera movement via FVS 5. Camera moves to fire location 6. HIS video auto “pop-up” connect to OPC interface PC 7. OPC interface PC redirect to video server and show live video Camera Confidential

7 FVSS (Field Video Streaming Server)
Video pop – Live viewer Video pop - login Video pop – PTZ control Confidential Confidential

8 Field PTZ Camera Confidential

9 ABB China – Alarm Video Solution
Freelance 800F Video Stream PTZ Control OPC AE/DA/HDA Server Browsing Web Page via VPort ActiveX SDK OPC client to ABB Freelance 800F Control Logic: (1) Get Alarm tag & Check the Camera (2) Generate Video Alarm Web Page (3) Allocate the management UI - OPC /Alarm Tag Table - Video Server IP & PTZ Preset Table - Tag & Video Table Web Server Confidential

10 Partners for different requirements
Video Gadget SDK Support to Integration Open SCADA Platform DCS Platform SoftNVR-IA Confidential

11 MOXA Solutions for Industrial Video Surveillance

12 MOXA Industrial Video Networking Portfolio
c IP Camera Compact Fixed PTZ VPort 15 VPort 16 Preliminary VPort 25 VPort 26-2MP VPort 36 Platform IA VPort 704 Preliminary VPort 7304 Preliminary Multi-Service Gateway MxNVR-IA8 Preliminary Advanced c NVR VPort 451 Preliminary VPort 461 c Software IA Version SoftNVR-IA V1.0 Preliminary SoftNVR-IA V2.0 VPort 364 Preliminary VPort 354 Entry VPort 351 /D351 VPort D361 Preliminary VPort 254 Video Server Confidential

13 Industrial Video Server
VPort 364 series Excellent video quality, 4-channel H.264 Industrial Video Encoder VPort 451 series Multiple video streams, 1-channel MPEG4/ MJPEG Industrial Video Encoder VPort D361 1-channel H.264/ MJPEG Industrial Video Encoder Confidential

14 IP Camera VPort 26-2MP series VPort 36 series
2 Megapixel resolution, IP66, Day/Night, vandal-proof fixed dome IP camera VPort 36 series Full D1, IP66, Day/Night, 35X Outdoor PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera Confidential

15 Industrial Multi-Service Gateway VPort 704, VPM-7304/ 7704
Device Server Module Gigabit Ethernet Video Encoder Module Railways Oil/ Gas Available in Q2 Confidential

16 Industrial Network Video Recorder
MxNVR-IA8 8-ch network video recorder for distributed applications Automation Purpose 8 channels with 30FPS Local video recording Remote live view & playback 2x2.5” SATAII Hard Disk interface Modbus TCP supported 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports 2 serial ports , DI/O supported Operating Temperature up to -40 to 75 °C (EOT model need to install with SSD for storage) Reference Product Graphic Preliminary Confidential

17 IP Surveillance Software
SoftNVR-IA 32-ch IP surveillance software for automation applications Build-in OPC server Up to 32 channels Live view Dual monitor display capability Video recording Playback User privileges Confidential

18 VPort 364 + SATA interface EN50155: 2007, EN050121-3-2 certified
One SATA interface with SSD for local storage M12 Ethernet port 4 channels video inputs H.264 video streams By customer request Confidential

19 MOXA VPort 461 1-channel H.264 Industrial Video Encoder
The best-fit solution for mission critical video surveillance Confidential

20 H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10, AVC) in Wikipedia
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC is a standard for video compression Features: Multi-picture inter-picture prediction Spatial prediction from the edges of neighboring blocks for "intra"coding Lossless macroblock coding Flexible interlaced-scan video coding Higher video quality, Less network bandwidth More resource required!! Confidential

21 Quality in same bit rates
Video streams Compression H.264 MPEG4 MJPEG Quality in same bit rates Good Medium Worse Hardware Performance Requirement High Low Occupied Bandwidth Total Installation Cost Confidential

22 Popularity H.264 Video Confidential

23 VPort 461 series Excellent Video Quality, 1-channel H
VPort 461 series Excellent Video Quality, 1-channel H.264 industrial video encoder Dual codecs with H.264 and MJPEG Provide 3 video streams simultaneously Low latency < 200 ms 2 Ethernet ports for cascade and Ethernet port redundancy Local storage capability (SD) for video recording once network is down Support Modbus/TCP for easy SCADA communication Support 1 COM port for serial-to-Ethernet communication Optional -40 to 75°C (-T) Model CE, FCC, UL508 (Pending) Industrial Rugged Design H.264 Confidential

24 Product Models 2 RJ45 1 Fiber Current Model Future Model VPort 461
Ethernet ports Current Model VPort 461 VPort 461-T Future Model VPort 461-M-SC VPort 461-S-SC VPort 461-M-SC-T VPort 461-S-SC-T 1 Fiber Ethernet port Confidential

25 Industrial rugged design for harsh environment
Redundant Power Inputs SD card slot for local storage DIN-Rail Mounting IP30 Protection 2 Ethernet ports for cascade and redundancy One RS-232/ 422/485 COM port for serial-to-Ethernet connectivity Confidential

26 -40 to 75°C operating temperature
Meet for demanding environments Confidential

27 Industrial safety & approvals for mission critical environment
Industrial Safety (Pending) UL 508 EMI FCC Part 15 Class A, EN55022 Class A EMC EN55024, EN , EN , EN EN , EN , EN , EN EN , Mechanical Stability IEC shock, IEC vibration IEC Free Fall Confidential

28 2-way audio for VoIP-like communication
Output 3.5mm phone jacks for audio input and output IP Network Audio Input Confidential

29 3 Video Streams for different application purposes
H.264 Video 30FPS Live View Engine 1 Analog Video 10FPS MJPEG Video Analysis H.264 Video 10FPS Record Engine 2 Confidential

30 Low Latency < 200 ms < 200 ms Live Display Analog IP Video Video
Transmission Encode Decode < 200 ms Note: This is tested in pure LAN environment, and the there is no other data in this network. Confidential

31 2 Ethernet ports application -- Cascade link (Daisy Chain)
Cascade (daisy) Chain Cut down switch port requirements Confidential

32 2 Ethernet ports application -- Port Redundancy
Backup Path Primary Path Increase the transmission safety Confidential

33 2 Ethernet ports application -- Connect with one Ethernet Device
TCP/IP Network Ethernet I/O Save the field switch requirement Confidential

34 Local Storage with SD card
SDHC interface! Maximum 32GB No video lost! Confidential

35 One COM port for Serial-to-Ethernet communication
CCTV Ethernet Analog Camera RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 RS-232/422/485 port Operating mode Real COM TCP Server TCP Client Serial Device Confidential

36 Transparent PTZ control via Ethernet
VPort D361 Video Decoder VPort 461 Video Encoder PTZ camera Joystick and control panel Ethernet RS-485 PC RS-232 or RS-485 (Real COM driver required) Confidential

37 12/24VDC and 24 VAC redundant power inputs
Dual 12/24 VDC and 24 VAC power inputs for redundant purpose Power Input Unregulated +12 to +32VDC +18 to +30VAC Power Reverse Protection PWR1 DIN-Rail +24V Power Supply PWR2 Back-up Power Supply Confidential

38 Power failure warning alarm
PWR1 Relay Warning DIN-Rail +24V Power Supply LED Indicator PWR2 Warning Back-up Power Supply Confidential

39 System & event alarms for intelligent video management
Triggered Condition Triggered Action System Fault Event Fault Power Failure VMD (Video Motion Detection) X FTP Video Lost X DI Sensor Relay Alarm X Comm. Fail Confidential

40 3 area-selectable VMD (Video Motion Detection)
Detect the change of objects in the images to decide triggering alarm or not HTTP Event Server VMD Trigger FTP Relay Alarm * VMD Alarm will be supported after V2.0 Firmware Confidential

41 2 digital inputs for sensors or other devices
Integrate with 2 DIs (Digital Input) sensors can build an intelligent video surveillance system DI FTP Sensor Relay Alarm DI HTTP Event Server Access Control Confidential

42 Triggered actions for alarm warning
2 SMTP and FTP Servers are provided for redundant purpose 3 Snapshot images: Pre-event, Trigger-Event, and Post-Event are attached FTP Relay Alarm 2 Relay outputs are provided for system & event alarms HTTP Event Server External HTTP Event Servers are provided for alarm notifications and management Confidential

43 URL (CGI) commands for customized web attraction
Server side function: Popular work model Platform independent DIO/Serial/PTZ utility Server information/ facility (reset…) utility Confidential

44 Imagine the Active Scenario
When Intrusion Detector was triggered, you may hope… Capture the Video Automatically… Confidential

45 Complete Front-end Intelligence
Surveillance Software SCADA AI DO DI DO Confidential

46 Local Control Logic Confidential
As far as the local logic is concern, the click and go can also help users to reduce false alarm. For example motion detection camera can not distinguish a bouncing ball from a man. Raining or shading will also affect the efficiency of camera’s motion detection ability. Take the slide for example, if we rely on the motion detection, a bouncing ball might trigger the false alarm but if there are photo optic sensors are used along with a camera, the camera will begin recording only when both of the optic sensors are activated. The concept here is to utilize the hardware in compensation of the software limitation. Confidential

47 SoftNVR IA 32-channel IP surveillance software for industrial automation

48 IP Surveillance Solution
MX view Remote 3 CMS/VMS (Configuration Server / Alarm Server/ Monitor Matrix/ Playback) LAN/ WAN 2 NVR (Live view / recording / playback) Standalone NVR AOUT BOUT AOU 1 Hint: Overall IP Surveillance solution has 3 layers Video Transmission AOUT BOUT AOU AOUT BOUT AOU Confidential

49 SoftNVR-IA V1.0 IP surveillance software for industrial applications
Up to 32 channels in one system Build OPC server for easy communicating with automation system Live view with H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG from VPort series Dual monitor display capability Video recording with manual control, event-trigger and schedule setting Playback system with search by event and time Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese Industrial application oriented Confidential

50 Built-in OPC Server SCADA SoftNVR-IA
Device Status Video Popup Video Recording SCADA SoftNVR-IA Easy integration with SCADA system ! Confidential

51 Multiple video format 1-screen 4-screen 6-screen 9-screen 10-screen
Rotate Full screen Confidential

52 Dual Monitor Display One Screen for monitor Other Screen for operation

53 Video Record Manually Control By Events By Schedule Recoding video
AVI format Recycle in FIFO Confidential

54 Playback and Search Simultaneous playback with 4 recorded videos
Timeline selection Search by time, camera and event Confidential

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