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Crankcase Audio Inc. presents… Realistic Engine Virtualization.

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1 Crankcase Audio Inc. presents… Realistic Engine Virtualization

2 Crankcase Audio Inc. Who are we? John Twigg: Software Engineer  Queen’s Electrical Engineering  Piranha Games; Blackbox Games; Criterion Games; United Front Games; London Investment Bank  Currently working in mobile social casual games Adam Boyd: Sound Designer  SFU School for the Contemporary Arts (Film, Communications)  Electronic Arts Canada, Blackbox Games  Currently freelance (Blur, Spyro, Modern Warfare 3) Together we have over 18 years of experience in game sound design and engineering - specifically focused on the creation of believable engines

3 What is Rev ? It is a vehicle engine simulator built specifically for games that captures and reproduces the character of an acceleration ramp REV includes: A PC tool providing easy spectral analysis, engine cycle tracking and playback in a simulation A cross-platform runtime component

4 Where did REV come from? White papers concerning musical instrument modeling and speech synthesis; Investigation into spectral analysis and additive synthesis; Inspiration from granular wavetable synthesis software such as Reason: Malström

5 Why choose REV ? 1)Prefabricated solution to a complex problem  Representative of two years development time - many have tried and failed, or stalled in their attempts (i.e. Rockstar, unnamed audio middleware developers) 2)Significant end-user time savings  Simulation supports rapid iteration – very low turnaround time  2/3 reduction over traditional loop model building 3)High quality sound  Demonstrably superior to loop-based models (increased aggression and believability)  Competitive advantage (your engine sounds don’t have to hide in the mix) 4)Simplicity of implementation  User friendly tool, easy for a junior sound designer to master  Simple ‘loopless’ model (fewer moving parts means fewer voices)  Full runtime source distribution (easy to customize, easy to debug)

6 What is included in the REV runtime? Plug-in style design  Graintable player in two flavors  Single Ramp model (acceleration ramp only, filtered decel)  Full model (accel, decel, idle and pops)  Audio Engine Simulator  Upshift/downshift patterning  Clutch modeling  Pop simulation  Physics Simulator  Vehicle weight  Braking force  Engine torque

7 Detailed tech brief ADPCM 3.7:1 data compression ratio Butterworth Filtering Notch Filtering Multithreaded plug-in style architecture Currently embedded in DirectX STD C++ lib dependencies Current CPU usage: 0.96% of 2.7 GHz core (single ramp) Memory footprint: 4Kb for Single Model, 8Kb for Full Model

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