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UNCLASSIFIED United States Joint Forces Command Joint After Action Review Resource Library (JAAR-RL) Info Brief Aug 2009 Ken Goad USJFCOM- J7 Deputy, Joint.

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1 UNCLASSIFIED United States Joint Forces Command Joint After Action Review Resource Library (JAAR-RL) Info Brief Aug 2009 Ken Goad USJFCOM- J7 Deputy, Joint Training Solutions Div JFCOMNRLPMTRASYS PEO STRI ARIAFRL/APLJITC

2 UNCLASSIFIED What is JAAR - RL? A GOTS integrated product that enables high quality feedback/assessment for the Joint Warfighter Trainer and Analyst Presentation Module User Outputs Real Time White Cell Measures of Effectiveness Measures of Performance Ground Truth vs. Perceived truth Textual/graphi cal summaries and reports Range Instrumentation Systems Virtual/Constructive Simulations Live C4I Systems Service Weapon & Sensor systems Data Fusion & Analysis Module DoD Unique Analysis/Collection Systems TENA HLA DIS C4I VIDEO COMMS. C2

3 UNCLASSIFIED Why ??  Identified Needs  Training Transformation Implementation Plan (Initial)  High Quality Feedback & Ground Truth  JNTC Accreditation and Certification Shortfalls (validated)  MWTC, MSTP, MAGTF-TC, MAWTS-1, Virtual Flag, Green Flag East, Blue Flag, WPC/USAFE, Air Wing Fallon, JTFEX, FST-J, USAREUR  Multiple training programs have identified Joint AAR shortfalls  Functional needs analysis vetted with stakeholders in FY05

4 UNCLASSIFIED How (Modified JCIDS Process) Service AAR Nominations Army, Navy, Marine Corp Product Line Integration FOC FY 05FY 06FY 07FY 08FY 12 FNA PMP & SRV DODAF OVs & SVs Increments provide greater capabilities with addition of GOTS AAR Tools LVC-IC/IA - Army TSTS - Navy NECC - DISA IOC Block 1 Prototype Program & Initial Production Delivery Analysis showed that no Service nominated tool provided a Joint data collection and analysis capability Functional Analysis & Post Independent Analysis CONOPS Operational Analysis Requirements Analysis System Architecture FSA Block 0 Technology Demonstration Acquisition Programs BASELINE CM

5 UNCLASSIFIED 2 CONDUCT: When required, download the subjective measurements to the PDAs/Notebooks for Instructor(s) and analysts. 4 COLLECT : Empirical and subjective data collected and associated during the exercise. 6 Conclusions: Generate event Reports for the target audience. 1 PLAN: Setup the training objectives and participants. 7 Conduct AAR: Reports and conclusions presented to training audience. 3 CONDUCT: Instructor(s) and analysts, input observations 5 ASSESS: Near real time feedback 8 Analyze Event: Improve the training process & identify DOTMLPF gaps. C4I Concept of Operation TENA HLA DIS

6 UNCLASSIFIED JAAR-RL Enables Collection, Exchange, Analysis and Visualization of Tactical and Operational Data Green = Range Ground TruthRed = Sim Ground TruthPurple = Perceived TruthBlack = Analysis & Exercise Control JTEN/Service Networks AAR SIMULATIONS HLA, DIS, VIRTUAL, CONSTRUCTIVE Simulation Ground Truth LIVE TRAINING EXERCISES Perceived Truth COMMAND CENTERS Perceived Truth SIMULATION RESPONSE CELLS Simulation Ground Truth RANGE INSTRUMENTATION Range Ground Truth Intel Data Collectors Service C2 Site AAR JAAR AAR Service Comms. Voice Data C4I Data Collector. Sensor Data Weapon AAR Service Data Base Weapon Data Service Data Base

7 UNCLASSIFIED JAAR-RL Four Views Integrated Analysis Capability  Top COP  C2PC Feed  3D Display  3D models  Sequential Playback  Analyst Workstation  Report Generation  Presentation Manager  2D Display  MS2525B & NTDS Icons  CDADRG map data  Sequential Playback Top COP - C2PC 3D Replay SIMDIS Analyst Workstation2D Replay DDST

8 UNCLASSIFIED Benefits to Warfighter and Analyst  Reuse of existing AAR capabilities  Tactical and Operational Situational Awareness (Real Time and Near Real Time)  Tactical and Operational event recording with 2D and 3D playback  Real Time event adjudication  Pre-defined Hot button and user queried reports  Analyze conclusions & take home packages  Fratricide analysis via automated engagement reporting  Measurements of Effectiveness and Performance  Verifies Warfighter gaps in Tactical Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s).  Tool for staff, unit commanders and pilot/aircrew and ground combat team debrief.  Academic environments to study Lessons Learned.

9 UNCLASSIFIED Block 0 Prototype Demo Program Architecture Established Five Service Apps integrated BLUE FLAG MAWTS-1 Block 3 Deployable System Performance Measures CAOC Analysis Tactical Communications VF Development and Deployment Schedule Sustained Capability Service Joint Training Programs Requirements Analysis FST LANT FST PAC Army, Navy, Marine Corp Product Line Integration Joint AAR Resource Library Size 6 Million Source Lines of Code 12 Million Source Lines of Code Successfully Leveraging Service Programs/Investments Block 2 Initial Automated Reports Enhance Assessment Initial Digital Assistant IOC Block 4 Video & Voice Planning Enhanced Reporting & Real-time Analysis MAGTF-TC JTFEX AWF USAREUR FY 06FY 08FY 09FY 10FY 11 FY 07 FY 12 GF – E Other Programs MSTP LVC-IA? LVC-IC TSTS? NECC? Acquisition Training Programs Block 5 Multi Network Distributive operations Human Performance Measures Mission Thread Analysis FOC JKCE BCTP JMRC Block 2 Production Program 3 Service training programs JRTC USAFE

10 UNCLASSIFIED Business Model  JFCOM J7 funded:  GOTS product development  Product Installation for JNTC assessed Service Training Programs  System software sustainment/upgrades  System logistics support  Initial on-site training and help desk support  Customer funded:  hardware logistics support after 2 years  Event Analyst  Software and H/W specs have been made available to other Service training development program for evaluation (i.e. LVI – IC/IA, TSTS, NECC)

11 UNCLASSIFIED  Provides the Joint Enterprise near real-time/post event capability  Currently meets needs (291) identified in FNA  36% (104) completed  26% (76) in development  38% (111) remaining  Current fielding of 6 systems  Planned fielding of 16 by FY12  Leverages and integrates existing data collection and AAR capabilities across the Services  Available for Joint and Service specific analysis  Available for utilization by emerging training system development programs (Currently being evaluated by LVC-IC\IA & Delivery Planned for AFRL)  Capturing future product enhancement requirements from customers  Initial setup and fielding provided Summary


13 UNCLASSIFIED Resource Library Tool Sets

14 UNCLASSIFIED F JAAR – RL CAPABILITIES 0807 WARSIM ONESAF GCCS DDST JLVCDT SIMDIS Enhanced Assessments Block 2 WARSIM ONESAF GCCS DDST SIMDIS JLVCDT JMOC CPAS Block 3 WARSIM ONESAF RAP/VTM DDST SIMDIS JLVCDT JMOC CPAS CAPT JIMES C2 Data Analysis Block 4 ONESAF DDST GCCS WARSIM Initial Production Block 1 Improved Training Assessment Measures & Reports 0910 Service Capability Additions

15 UNCLASSIFIED  Weekly Engineering Meetings  Review Schedule & Status  Software Problem Reports  Issues  Configuration Management  Maintain all code  SW Version control  System Configuration Documentation  Software Problem Reports  Documentation  User manuals  Software Installation procedures  Startup/shut down procedures  CM documentation  Program Documents  Functional Needs Analysis  Functional Solution Analysis  System Verification Review Specification  Program Management Plan  Concept of Operations  Training  Available in Orlano or/and Site  System admin  User training  Logistic Support  Planning & coordination  Help Desk  Integration/test  Hardware  HW Spec’s  HW Configuration  HW Maintenance – 18 Months  Software  OS SW Licenses  Executables  Security  ATO/SSAA  Operate in multiple environments (Unclassified & Secret)  JTEN and NCTE Documented Program

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