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DVR 3.0 Introduction V1.2 2010.08.25 To Secure the World with You!

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1 DVR 3.0 Introduction V To Secure the World with You!

2 Product Family 2010 Cell phone TD-2500FD 540TVL IP TC-562 Out door IP
Mega IP TC-621 TC-622 Dome IP TC-564 TD-2500HE/HD IP module TC-100 TD-2400MD TC-201 TC-301 Cell phone TD-2300ME TD-44 TD-44S TD-30 TD-2300SE TD-43 TD-31 TD-3300

3 Introduction (firmware 3.1.2)

4 True Color GUI

5 Control Panel Easy PTZ: E-ZOOM Display mode Playback mode
4times zoom in immediate playback Right click mouse to call or hide control panel Display mode Auto dwell Easy PTZ: 1- control by mouse (1ch mode) 2- quick switch among channels 3- full function

6 True VGA 1280*1024 VGA: 1280*1024 HDMI: 1920*1080 (for specific model)
CVBS( BNC out): D1(720*576) 1- Startup wizard: to lead user finish basic settings of the DVR 2- Multi language 3- Screen saver: to lock screen automatically when user left Tips: default output is VGA. Press “ESC/Stop” to switch to CVBS or HDMI* HDMI will be available in next version

7 Live (Display) 1- order of display 2- hide cameras 3- dwell interval
Programmable main out (auto dwell) 1- split mode 2- order of display 3- hide cameras 4- dwell interval Programmable spot out 1- order of display 2- hide cameras 3- dwell interval Privacy Mask 1- 3 masks per channel

8 Full Control of Recording Sources
Flexible Settings: 1- D1 and CIF 2- D1:1~30fps CIF:1~30fps 3- Bit rate up to 2M bps Recording Source Indicator Motion Static target VBR Higher bit rate to maintain video quality, need more storage Low bit rate to get same video quality, save storage CBR Fixed bit rate, compromise to quality Fixed bit rate, waste of storage

9 Recording with characters and time (water mark)
Pre-alarm 1- 5sec~4min* Expired days 1-to define how long you want to keep the video without recycling recording 2- 0~60days, or never 3-channel independent setting to fit different priority Recording with characters and time (water mark) * Available in next version accurate figures refer to official information

10 Schedule Schedule for Accurate setting: 1- motion 2- sensor
Quick setting: 1-accurate to 30mins 2-easily by clicking girds Schedule for 1- motion 2- sensor Accurate setting: 1- accurate to 1min

11 Motion 1 motion = 5 to 120 Secs Motion area
Different channel, different settings, to fit the priority Motion area 1- define by dragging mouse 2- sensitivity from 1-8 levels

12 Smart Search Search by time 1- click time bar to specify a time
1- accurate 2- simple 3- no loss of file when time changes Search by time 1- click time bar to specify a time 2- or input accurate time Search by event 1- just motion 2- just sensor 3- both Search by file 1- find all files 2- including file hidden after changing time

13 Playback 16ch simultaneously playback E-ZOOM 4times
1/4/6/9ch playback available Play next file FF: 1- up to 16times speed 2- 1/2 ,1/4 time speed available 3- up to 16times frame by frame FF Progress bar 1- dragging for quick search

14 Versatile Notification
Full Screen Notification 1- Triggering specific channel to go full screen 2- Full screen lasts 10sec, or close by clicking Notification: 1- 3 address, up to 3 photos (JPEG) Triggering Recording 1- any 1 or more channels to record Full Screen Record PTZ 1- cruise 2- preset

15 Other Notification More Notifications coming later

16 Backup USB2.0, IE, CMS Accurate file Preview before backup
1- Flash disk up to 16G 2- HDD connects to PC directly Accurate file 1- File cutting 2- Flexible file size Preview before backup 1- click file to playback Avi or DVR format 1- easy playback on PC ***photos of screens

17 Network Network stream: DDNS: Email 1- CIF, up to 7-30fps per channel
2- Bit rate: 32kbps*~768kps DDNS: 1- Free DDNS 2- Update interval: up to 3 hours 1- 3 Receivers 2- attach up to 3 photos 3- photo intervals: every 1 ~ 5 Secs

18 User Management Specific user, specific authority Disconnect an user
1- operation independent 2- channel independent Disconnect an user

19 Event and Log Operation log Event log 1- complete operation record
2- export (html) Event log 1- detailed information 2- export (html)

20 Others: DST&NTP Auto DST GMT Time Zone NTP (Network Time Protocol)

21 Others: Configuration management

22 Device: PTZ 128 presets 32 cruises PTZ Protocol Pelco P Pelco D Lilin
Minking Neon Star Vido DSCP VISCA Samsung RM110 HY 128 presets 32 cruises

23 Device: Sensor Sensor name up to 36letters
1 Sensor (holding time)=5-120 Secs

24 Startup Wizard

25 Introduction DVR CMS IE Cell phone SE/ME/MD/HE/HD

26 Device manager 1000+cameras DVR Capture card IP camera Auto search
Group *For bigger project, we have a distributed CMS for choice .

27 Emap 256maps BMP Camera status Live video

28 Display 1/4/9/16/32/64ch display Dual stream Dual screen Full screen
Device status indicator Events window PTZ Dual stream Dual screen Device status Events Window

29 Remote configuration All devices Full control

30 Search and playback 4CH playback Event window snapshot

31 Backup

32 Log Event Operation log All devices

33 Introduction DVR CMS IE Cell phone SE/ME/MD/HE/HD

34 Display 1/4/9/16ch display Dual stream Snapshot 2 way audio
Channel independent Indicator Snapshot 2 way audio Local recording PTZ *Mac will be supported later

35 Smart Search

36 Playback 1/4/9/16ch Playback Snapshot FF Full screen

37 Backup

38 Introduction DVR CMS IE Cell phone SE/ME/MD/HE/HD

39 SuperCam (pro) iPad (App store) iPhone (App store)
Windows CE/mobile (embedded) Blackberry (embedded) Symbian (embedded) Google/Android (Google shop)

40 Interface (iPhone) Login Server list/Favorite Manu

41 Main function 1/4ch Display Snapshot Local recording PTZ
Local playback Blackberry supports 1ch display, and no local recording and playback in version 3.1.2

42 Introduction DVR CMS IE Cell phone SE/ME/MD/HE/HD

43 Model TD2300SE TD2300ME TD2400MD TD2500HE TD2500HD
Compression H.264 (Main Profile) Operating System Embedded Linux Signal Format NTSC or PAL Video Input 4/8CH 4/8/16CH Video Output 1BNC Spot Output Optional Loop Output No 4/8/16CH(*) VGA Output 1 VGA: 1280*1024 HDMI Output YES* Max Recording Rate at CIF (per CH) 25/30fps MAx Recording Rate at Full D1 (per CH) 6/7fps 6/7 or 25/30fps Playback 4CH Audio Input 4CH/Full audio Audio Output 1 Output (RCA Jack) 2way audio Alarm Input Alarm Output 1ch Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45), 1000Mbps* 10 / 100 / 1,000 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45) PTZ Control RS-485 Serial Port 1 (Terminal Block) USB Port 2x USB 2.0 HDD (2TB) 1SATA 2SATA 4SATA 2/3SATA Power supply 12V/3A Adapter 100 to 240 VAC Dimension mini 1U 1U 2U NTP Server YES GMT & Auto DST Programmable Main Monitor Professional Authority Other advanced features Yes, or pending

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