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Studio tools We’re gonna get technical, technical. I wanna get technical. Lets get into technics now...

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1 studio tools We’re gonna get technical, technical. I wanna get technical. Lets get into technics now...

2 the control room Video CaptureSound BoardLight Board Switcher TeleprompterGraphics

3 Switcher Used by the TECHNICAL DIRECTOR to choose which video source goes to air.

4 switcher The switcher allows you to preview shots before you take them, use transitions, apply effects (such as chroma key) and work with a wide variety of audio and video inputs.

5 Switcher inputs Camera 1 Camera 2 Camera 3 Playback Rec. Video Server Cable Stream Frame Buffer

6 Switcher Your Program/Preview switches are your most important. Preview allows the director to see a shot before he/she decides to Take it. Program is what goes to air.

7 Switcher Program Preview Switch Description Notice that the switches line up underneath the description. You will always be able to tell what switch controls what input.

8 Important! ATTN: ALL DIRECTORS! You will ALWAYS call a Preview before a Take

9 Switcher Allows you to use a pre-programed transition, OR manually transition with the trans-lever, OR simply cut.

10 Switcher Allows you to adjust the video signal, which affects the image. We use this a lot to adjust while using the green screen.

11 Video Signal Guide Hue: Color Saturation Gain: Brightness relative to the color channels (RGB) RGB video signal is chrominance May cause noise Y Suppressor: Brightness relative to the amount of white Referred to as luminance

12 Video Capture/server Lucy Desi Meet Lucy and Desi

13 Video Capture/server Can preview show using playback monitor We record to Lucy We run video from Desi All PKG’s will be housed on Desi

14 Video Capture/server All video recording on lucy is run through Final Cut Pro Instead of Log and Transfer we use: Log and Capture --> Capture Now Make sure you are saving your projects prior to working just like we always have

15 Video Capture/server All video on Desi should be finalized before playback Work in FCP in classroom Export locally and bounce to server On Desi, pull down from xserve and import into FCP Make sure to render before playing back live!

16 Soundboard Looks way more complicated than it really is We will only work with a fraction of the knobs, dials, buttons, and sliders.

17 soundboard Knobs adjust EQ (Equalizer) which has influence over how each input is interpreted. Sliders allow us control the Db levels on the fly to accommodate for fluctuations in talent’s performance.

18 soundboard Uses same Db meter as Final Cut Pro Avoid Peaks on talent Make sure there is no feedback from monitor playback.

19 Remember Pay attention to your meters. Just because it is an acceptable level in the control room does not mean it is an acceptable level on tape (or your recording)

20 Microphones Anchors use lavaliere microphones Referred to as a Lav or Lapel mic Type of dynamic microphone Worn at the neck

21 Studio Lights Lights are a one stop shop. On at the start of the show, off at the end. The only time you’ll need to adjust them is for using the green screen.

22 Mobile Lights / Light kit The mobile lights are used for transport when lighting a scene outside of the studio. Flood lights are for a wide spread of light Light Kits are used for a more specific style of lighting.

23 Lighting Lighting equipment can one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on a set. Tend to get very hot Need to be handled correctly or they will explode!

24 Lighting Always yell “striking” when turning on a non studio light. Never move the light stands while the lights are on. Always use gloves when adjusting barn doors, changing scrims, or replacing bulbs. When you are done, allow the lights to cool off before you pack up.

25 Lighting The switch Most lighting switches do not have an “On” or “Off” on them. They have a “|” or “O”. Refers to the circuit being opened (|) or closed (O). “|” is on “O” is off

26 Lighting Make sure you plug them in, in the correct order. Make sure the switch is turned off (“O”) Plug cord into the light Plug the cord into the wall outlet Yell ________! Turn light on via switch

27 Teleprompter Teleprompter uses a mirrored system similar to a periscope to reflect an image off of a monitor so that it can be read by the on air talent.

28 Teleprompter Uses a specific type of treated glass creating abeam-splitter to ensure that the image of the text is not detected by the lens, but can still be read while looking head on..

29 Teleprompter Uses software similar to Microsoft Word Allows for title headings, camera notification, story breaks, even duration. Allows you to shift stories around easily, and on the fly.

30 Teleprompter Lets the operator control the speed of the text as it appears on the prompter. Can jump up and down stories instantly. Needs a steady hand!

31 Camera Op It’s not that hard.

32 Camera To turn the camera on slide it to camera. NOT media. On/Off

33 Camera Zoom toggle W: Wideangle T: Telephoto (rec button does nothing)

34 Camera Tilt Lock Pan Lock

35 Wheel Lock UnlockedLocked

36 Camera Usage When moving the camera make sure: There are no cables/wires in the way Your wheels aren’t locked Always unlock tilt/zoom when using, and lock when done Always unlock wheels when using, and lock when done Always keep your headset on and listen to your director Make sure your camera is locked down when done

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