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2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential NEVER MISS A WORD Staff Development for Smartpen.

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1 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential NEVER MISS A WORD Staff Development for Smartpen

2 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Your Presenter: Holly De Leon, VP K12 Division My contact information: –512-924-8550 cell –512-916-9801 office Background: Speech/Language Pathology; Special Education Developed K12 Divisions for LeapFrog, American Reading Company, Sed de Saber, Livescribe

3 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Agenda 3 Overview of Smartpen and Dot Paper Module 1: Record and Playback Module 2: Save and Search Module 3: Send and Share Module 4: Customize and Expand Module 5: Plan for Use

4 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Our Objective in Education Degree of Learning = Time Spent Learning Time Needed to Learn We can impact this part

5 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 5 Who Is Using the Smartpen in Education? Pen & PaperPencast Sharing Store on Computer

6 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 6 Livescribe’s Paper-based Computing Platform Smartpen Applications and SDK Livescribe Desktop Pencasts and Community

7 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 77 Module 1: Record and Playback Smartpen Features Dot Positioning System Earbuds Paper Replay

8 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 8 What is a SMARTPEN? How Is It Being Used in Education? Pen & Dot-Paper Pencast Sharing Store on Computer = Pencast Captures/stores your writing Captures/stores audio, linking to writing Dot-Paper = Dot Positioning System

9 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Binaural Recording – Binaural is to the ears what binocular is to the eyes –– Stereo recording, but better –– The highest fidelity recording system available Far field recording challenge –– Binaural summation produces a 10dB boost…which is the perceptual equivalent of asking someone to speak up Benefits of spatial audio –– 3-dimensional sound produces a strong sense of presence ––Allows the listener to distinguish voices based on location and to selectively tune out unwanted sounds –– Note: binaural microphones are required to record spatial audio, but any earphones can play the 3D recordings back

10 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Dot Positioning System Two-Dimensional Barcode – Camera in pen tip reads 6 x 6 dot region – Each dot can have 1 of 4 positions – 4^36 = 4.72 x 10^21 – Practically speaking, that’s > 7 trillion unique notebook pages

11 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Notebooks- Buy From Us or Print Your Own Single Subject 4-Pack Black Journal 2-Pack 3 Subject Notebook Flip Notepad 4-Pack FREE

12 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Audio Controls 12 Nav Plus Record-Pause-Stop Jump Forward/Back Bookmark Position Bar Playback Speed Volume

13 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 13 Module 2: Save and Search Docking Smartpen Livescribe Desktop Software Notebooks & Pens Pages & Audio Custom Notebooks Search Function

14 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 14 Docking Smartpen Docking Cradle for Pulse smartpen Micro USB Cable for Echo smartpen

15 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 15 Livescribe Desktop Features Pen Name & Notebooks Custom Notebooks Thumbnails

16 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Pencasts: Audio-Annotated Animated Diagrams 16 If a picture is worth a thousand words – Capture sequence and oral description Content authoring made easy – Turn the smartpen on and tap Record –Talk while your write and draw –Tap Stop Share it with one…or everyone – Livescribe Community – Embedded in web pages Non-linear access through ink

17 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 17 Module 3: Send and Share Share Button Livescribe On Line.pencast file Send to iPad or iPhone Send Custom Notebook

18 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 18 Livescribe Desktop Features Share Button

19 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Livescribe Community (with 500MB of free space)

20 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 20 My Livescribe on the Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch Do More With the Information You Capture View and download your pencasts from your Livescribe Online account Play pencasts on an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch Share pencasts with others Native, high-resolution iPad support

21 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 21 Student Pencasts Telling a story with pictures Sequencing Oral language practice Incorporate art into lessons Create a comic strip with different character voices Recall steps in a science experiment Check for reading comprehension

22 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential PENCAST POWER – What Can Be Accomplished With A Single Pencast? Lesson Archive Create custom folders for all lessons by date, by standard Lesson Delivery Record in class using doc cam Pre-record – deliver as a pencast Student Review Send to classroom computer for student review of lesson Parent Pencasts Send to parents so they know how lesson was delivered in class Share With Students >Absent >Hospital/homebound >Alternative Schools Collaborate With Colleagues Create “Promising Practices” portal New Teacher mentoring Embedded Staff Development

23 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Appendix Seamless Integration of Technology in the Classroom Audio Study Guides Making content accessible to ALL students needing additional reinforcement

24 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Content Can Be Printed on Dot-Paper Create Audio Study Guide 1.Dot paper in print tray 2.Print content on paper 3.Record audio Tap –record- Speak as you are making audio dot Tap –stop-

25 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Audio Dots Can Be Attached to ANY Surface Talking Word Wall Interactive Maps Audio-enabled Books Child-to-Child Program Celebrity Reader Program

26 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Appendix Seamless Integration of Technology in the Classroom Administrative Uses Consultation Evaluation Productivity

27 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Fluency/Running Records

28 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential In-Class Observations of Students or Teachers – Capture audio linked with observational notations

29 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential In-Class Observations of Students or Teachers CodeCategoryDescription ?Knowledge-level question Requires a right answer or simple recall of facts; includes review questions ? (circle) Higher cognitive question Requires students to think, apply, interpret, analyze, synthesize, create, or evaluate ? (slashed) Checks for understanding Requires students to show understanding of content or procedures; call for summarizing, explaining, comparing + Praise or acknowledgement Students’ academic responses, actions, or products are praised or acknowledged CCorrection Students’ academic responses are wrong or incomplete, and teacher corrects them GGuided correction Students’ academic responses are wrong or incomplete, and teacher guides, probes, restates (check mark)Social comments Teacher makes a social comment to a student. Even if stated as a question, a social comment is coded – ReprimandTeacher reprimands behavior Student initiates Student initiates remarks or questions to the teacher. Be sure to code the teacher’s response if there is one (Stallings, Needles, & Sparks, 1987)

30 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Ideas Supplied From Educators Around the World Audio Study Guide Think-Aloud Math Problems - / Students use the Pulse pen and notebook to work their math problems as they describe verbally the math process they are using. The teacher is able to listen to the child’s process to determine any gaps in the student’s understanding of the math concept. Dynamic Dictionary – (from Eric Martini, Runanga School, New Zealand) Students write unfamiliar words in their “Dictionary” and then research to find its meaning. To reinforce their learning, they write keywords or draw some visual cues, and then use the smartpen to record audio of their understanding and meaning of the word, how it is used, and tips on pronunciation for difficult words. Students then review and self assess. Chemistry Pencasts for Student Review Dr. Daniel Stasko, a Natural & Applied Sciences Professor at the University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College, has been capturing chemistry lectures using a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen for over a year now and sharing them as pencasts with his students.

31 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 31 Student Use Teacher In My Pocket Think-Alouds Oral Practice (debate, plays) Oral Reports

32 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Notetaking is Important –In-class notetaking is pervasive –– 99% of college students take notes (Palmatier & Bennett, 1974) Notetaking is more predictive of class performance than class attendance or critical thinking (Worth, 2000) The primary benefit of notetaking comes from the review of notes –– There was no difference in performance between students who took notes but did not review them and students who neither took nor reviewed notes (Hartley, 1983; Kiewra, 1985 & 1989) –Unfortunately, conventional notetaking practice produces notes that are incomplete and ineffectively organized (Bretzin & Kulhavy, 1981; Kiewra & Benton, 1988)

33 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Notetaking is Difficult Piolat, A., Olive, T, & Kellogg, R. T. (2005). Cognitive effort during note taking. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 19, 291-312.

34 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Solution: Teacher in My Pocket Access to classroom instruction any time, any place, as many repetitions as needed Allows student to listen in class rather than frantically trying to capture every word in lesson – Teacher speaks at 150 words/min, we write at 40 words/min Levels the playing field Each student can process the information and take notes in their own way

35 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Our “Postings” From Users In the Classroom “In 20 years of teaching, nothing has actually changed my teaching methods more than this smartpen. I have students who have gone from an F to a B simply by reviewing my prior lessons.” AP Teacher of the Year 2009 “In 3 years time, I will have this smartpen in the hands of every administrator, teacher, and student in the district.” Assistant Superintendent – NY "The pen is a more complete classroom or an extension of the learning doesn't end when the bell rings" Carly Rody, Science Teacher You have started down the path. What will be YOUR next step?

36 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential Frequently Asked Questions Do you have handwriting to text transcription? Can I print a form onto Livescribe dot paper, fill it out and then upload the information to my computer? Can I embed my pencast into my blog site? Can I use an external speaker with my smartpen? Does the smartpen work for people that are left handed? Do I have to buy Livescribe notebooks or can I print my own paper? No ink is flowing from the cartridge? How long does the battery last per charge?

37 2007 © Livescribe, Inc., Confidential 37 Thanks! Check out: Holly De Leon Vice President, K-12 Division 510-777-0071 X 1348 Important Numbers to Note: K-12 Education Support Line – Brian Kaliher, Lead 1-510-553-4991

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