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Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 PanoGuard Entire View Security System A 3D Virtual Reality Security.

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1 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 PanoGuard Entire View Security System A 3D Virtual Reality Security

2 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 I MAY Software PanoGuard A 360/180/wide-Angle Panoramic security system

3 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 360 degree image taken from single panorama camera De-warped images to view the whole scene Concept Overview: What Is 360 Degree Panoramic Security?

4 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 360 Panorama Screen Shot

5 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Provide Multiple Showing Modes With Auto-Pan (360)

6 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 What is PanoGuard 180 ? PanoGuard 180 Using 180 X 90 degree view produce entire view without blind- spot.

7 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 180 Panorama Screen Shot (Perspective Mode)

8 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Fisheye Image Convert To Cylindrical Projection, It’s Entire Viewing No Blind-Spots 180 Panorama Screen Shot (Cylindrical Project Mode)

9 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Each Viewing Mode is Entire View 180 Panorama Multiple Viewing Modes

10 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Save total cost by reducing number of camera, installation, cabling, and maintenance needed. Provide 360 degree view of entire scene without any blind spot. Minimize time and effort to change viewing area or settings. No need to go to camera site. Real-time tracking of suspected event by point and click. No mechanical delay. Increase camera and monitoring areas per monitor station. Lift limitation of browser monitoring. Great flexibility to configure each viewer window separately. Provide great advantage for surveillance solution design. Preserve more information of the scene when event occurred. Reduce network traffic loading 2-3 times. Key Benefits :

11 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Key Features : Concurrently support Up to 12 panoramic cameras Handle whole 12 Room in single PC. 360 degree entire scene from one camera and no mechanical PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) motor needed. Each viewer window controlled independently. Point and click to change viewing area and zoom size instantly. Select cameras and video servers on the fly. Remote monitoring based on TCP/IP. Unlimited cameras access in LAN/WAN/Internet. High-Speed optimized de-warp engine embedded. Support multiple panoramic imaging methods.

12 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Key Features : High image quality by optimized post-processing. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) module included. Support Remote storage for DVR recording. Add on PanoGuard Server, Fully control from remote monitoring site. SDK API provided, Easy to integrate into your system. Add on plug-in, customize your event handling. Dual Screen Supported. (1 PC Control 2 Monitors) Efficiency White-Balance Embedded, Generate Optimized Color presentation.

13 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 System Modules : Panoramic Image Engine Kernel. Motion Detector and Event Trigger. SDK API / Plug-in Customize your Applications. Publish. (Viewing, DVR, Snapshot, Web Activex Component) DVR Recording and Management. PanoGuard Server (Optional), Remote Client Control. Watchdog, Protect your PanoGuard System. ActiveX Controls for Remote Access and Control.

14 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Public Places – Building entrance, street, school, government building, Airport, stadium, concert Personal - home security, property, farm Event Places – sport event, car racing, celebrations High Security – Safe room, IDC, Warehouse Customer Area – Mall, store, hotel, theme park, Working Places – Factory, call center, construction site Tourist – Scenic point, hotel rooms Defense – coastal guard, security zone, border control Application Area:

15 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Special Function “Pack And Publish” Pack and Publish : This Function Allows you generate a small executable program, include all your monitoring environment. But do not allow change your settings. You can press “Pack And Publish” button, to generate a WIN32 executable file (About 350 KB), You can distribute this file freely to anyone, Those people who receive this file can also enter you monitoring system without “PanoGuard” system disk. PanoGuard Support 3 Types Pack/Publish Functions (1) Monitoring System. (2) DVR Recording File and Playback. (3) Snapshot, Snapshot also support full PTZ Functions.

16 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Monitoring Control Single mouse control for easy operation. Digital Zoom in, Zoom out. Shift left, right, Up, down on specified focus. Mouse click tracking. Software change camera. Control each viewing window individually. De-Warped image can be up to 135 degree HFOV (Horizontal Field of View), without wide-angle distortion. Monitoring Screen is image enhanced and clear. PanoGuard provide Mouse and keyboard full control interface.

17 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Specification High quality and large image size (VGA 640 X 480 and all Above) Lossless and what you see is what you record. Network drive storage and NAS supported. Simultaneous recording and playback. Motion Detector embedded, Save your storage Requirement. Automatic Cycling recording, Timestamp recorded.. 3.5 ~ 10.0 GB for IP Camera and video server, per channel per day in Max Speed (Non Delay). Max 12 Channel Motion and DVR recording. Video Coder and decoder without install any driver. Network acceleration available. Password for file protection. Automatic multiple HDD support, Include your storage. Storage Can be NAS or hard drive.

18 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Characteristic in Monitoring Mode When Fisheye Lens in used, Monitoring area can cover whole 360 degree, without blind spot. Each Sub-Screen field of view can up to 135 degrees, without wide-angle distortion. Multiple type Network Camera supported. Multiple type of panoramic lens supported. High-Speed De-Warped Panoramic image engine embedded. One camera can cover whole 1 room without blind spot. Provide both WEB and Windows monitoring environment. Software processing whole PTZ Functions. Software implement Switch Camera.

19 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Media Player Style DVR Playback

20 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 DVR System Characteristics Easy operated and Easy search. DVR Playback provide panoramic de-warped engine. Recorded File Protection, Only Root login can erase DVR File. Modify document is not allowed. (Non Watermark) Cyclic recording and erase document. No file maintain is needed. You can export DVR File direct into self executable file. Four channel recording. Recorded file without loose. Simultaneously Monitoring Recording and Playback.

21 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Multiple Panoramic Lens Supported Fish Eye lens Panoramic Mirror (Convex, Concave) Panoramic Mirror. Wide Angle Lens

22 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Specifications Frame Rate1.0 ~ 10.0 FPS (Each Channel, Dependent on Image Resolution and Compression Quality) Image Resolution640 X 480 (JPEG) to Mega Pixels Field of view30 ~ 135 (Each sub screens) Data Transmission10/100 Base TCP/IP Image quality24 Bits True Color Max Channel support12 Screen Separation1, 4, 6, 9, 12, …, up to max 32 Channels DVRJPEG/MJPEG, 3.5 ~ 10.0 GB a day DVR StorageBoth on HDD or NAS DVR Quality640 X 480 and Up to 6 MB Pixels

23 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Hardware Requirements Hardware Requirement – CPU :Pentium III CPU or faster – RAM :1 ~ 4 CH 128 MB, 6 CH Above 256 MB – HDD : 100 MB free disk space (for monitor). And 20 GB for DVR Recording. Is a minimum. – VGA Card : 16 Bits high color or above. – Monitor : Color Monitor. – Ethernet : 10 / 100 / 1G Base. – HUB : 100 / 100 Base, switching HUB is prefer. Camera Supported – Most All IP Camera Compressed in JPEG/MJPEG Format, with Resolution greater than 640 X 480. – 1, 2, 3, 4 Mega-Pixel IP Camera Supported. Custom Camera support is allowed.

24 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Software Requirements Operation System WIN95, WIN98, WINNT, WIN2k, WINME,WINXP,WIN2003 and Vista (Suggested platform WIN2k, WINNT,WINXP,WIN2003, Vista) Network Browser IE is needed MS Internet Explorer(6.0 Or later version).

25 Copyright © I MAY Software, 2002 Join Us Network Camera/Video Server Producer, can provide 640 X 480 image resolution camera, and HTTP/Web Server embedded. Panoramic Lens Producer, can provide 360 degree panoramic image. We are able to add your hardware into our system as soon as possible. If you are interesting with us. Email : PanoGuard is Pure Panoramic Security Software, Your join to our system is welcome. We hope the hardware component provider to Join Our System in following relate fields.

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