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Avaya Aura ® Conferencing Customer Presentation Name: Date:

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1 Avaya Aura ® Conferencing Customer Presentation Name: Date:

2 The Avaya Aura ® Architecture Clients and Devices Unified Communications Applications Session Manager System Manager Voice/Video Services Presence Services Application Integration Avaya Agile Communication Environment (ACE) Collaboration, , Team Space & Social Networking Integration Communications Infrastructure Data Infrastructure Office Devices Avaya one-X ® UC Clients Video Endpoints MessagingConferencingVideo

3 Avaya Aura® Conferencing Standard Edition Avaya Aura® Conferencing Standard Edition Unified & Integrated Video Conferencing* UC integration Avaya & 3 rd party Web Conferencing Audio Conferencing 3 Avaya Aura Conferencing Solution overview Meeting Exchange Enterprise Edition Meeting Exchange Enterprise Edition Avaya Aura Conferencing Video availability planned later this year in Avaya Aura® Conferencing 6.0 Standard Edition

4 Avaya Conferencing and Collaboration  Trusted solution: over 24 years Industry leadership  Global Market Leadership: 2010 Frost & Sullivan award  Leading scalability and design choices: Scale from small to large, from simple to sophisticated  Carrier class solutions: Easily deployed on Enterprise customer premise  Open standards based SIP & media interoperability  Choice with UC client, Web Conferencing, Video: Increases usability, lowers barrier to entry, expands the solution  Multi-vendor PBX integrations: via Avaya Aura®  ROI / productivity benefits: Plus expanded utilization, additional applications & value UC Magic Quadrant Leader#1 Audio Conf Licenses#1 Global market share 24+ years leadership in audio conferencing

5 Optional Integration (both Editions) Functionality Value Enterprise Edition* port Audio Multiple codecs G711, + Operator / Attended mode Web Conference (opt) with (opt) Record / Playback Advanced Redundancy Multiple options for design / deployment Standard Edition Single Virtualized Server 500 ports Audio G ports Web Conf (opt) Video MCU * Near feature parity with Enterprise Edition Partner enabled install Web Conferencing UC Client Integrations: Avaya, MSFT, IBM, Adobe Avaya Aura Conferencing Editions Video availability planned later this year in Avaya Aura™ Conferencing 6.0 Standard Edition

6 Avaya Conferencing Enterprise & Standard editions Side by side comparison Adobe CP OneX Comm. OneX Portal IBM ST Connect IBM ST Web Notes Sched UC Client Integrations OCS 2007 R2 LiveMeeting Outlook Sched Applications Enterprise Standard Conferencing Applications Avaya Web Conf. AWC Rec / Play Web Portal CRS Operations Enterprise Standard Design Deployment Centralized Distributed Redundant DR Capacity Operational Modes UnAttended Attended Res-less Reservation G.722, 726, 729, ILBC Codec G.711 Video MCU* Video availability planned later this year in Avaya Aura® Conferencing 6.0 Standard Edition

7 Avaya Aura Conferencing Web Conferencing integration - expands the solution

8 Avaya Web Conferencing Multimodal collaboration Voting / Polling ad hoc Annotations Invitations Click to Join Dial out audio Video Chat Unified roster Web / Voice Application Share Desktop Share Presentation mode Record / Playback Enterprise only File sharing Std Edition only

9 Avaya Aura Conferencing UC integrations Adobe Connect Lotus Notes Scheduling Sametime Connect Sametime Web Outlook Scheduling OCS 2007 R2 Live Meeting 8 Avaya Web Conferencing Audio Console

10 Multi-modal conferencing Available with Avaya Aura® Conferencing Standard Edition 6.0 SP1 Combined audio and video bridging Voice activated switching H.263 Video Supports CM administered endpoints Avaya Aura® Conferencing Standard Edition Avaya Desktop Video Device with Flare Experience (Standard Edition Only) New

11 CRS Web Portal Conferencing Avaya Web Conferencing Primary Site Optional Simple single server centralized global conferencing Avaya Aura Conferencing Standard Edition deployment Leverage on net calling, global access, centralized application, intelligent routing, reduced trunking, multi-vendor environments

12 Conferencing Standby Site - B CRS Web Portal Conferencing Standby DR Site Distributed conferencing with Resiliency & off-site DR facilities Avaya Aura Conferencing Enterprise Edition - deployment example CRS Web Portal Conferencing Standby Primary Site AWC Playback Avaya Web Conferencing AWC Record Avaya Web Conferencing Optional Leverage on net calling, global access, centralized application, intelligent routing, reduced trunking, multi-vendor environments

13 Avaya Aura ® Conferencing Thank you…

14 Back up / additional materials

15 Avaya Aura™ Conferencing Enterprise deployments Co-resident: Application server & Media server Standalone: 3200 ports G711 RTP SIP call control Bridge / Media RTP SIP call control Bridge / Media CRS / Web Portal opt Web Conferencing Decoupled: Application server & Media server Pyramid: 4000 ports G711

16 Enterprise Edition Resiliency options “Standalone - Resilient” Conferencing Standby “Standalone” Conferencing Adds: - Standby Conference server - 100% capacity redundancy - Automatic failover “Pyramid - Resilient” Standby Conferencing SW Media Servers N+1 SW Media Server Adds: - Standby Conference server - 100% capacity redundancy - Automatic failover - N+1 SW Media Server - Load sharing “Pyramid” Conferencing SW Media Servers

17 Avaya Aura Conferencing Summary  Conferencing and Collaboration applications… – Deployed on-premises – Utilizing SIP call control – Leveraging on-net dialing  Highly scalable in Features and Capacity – Value to Users and the Business – Smooth growth and evolution  Design and deployment choices – Tailor the solution to your needs  Relevant to initiatives : – ROI and savings – Avaya Aura® – Unified Communications – Productivity / agility – Disaster Recovery / BC Avaya Aura®

18 18 Avaya Aura Conferencing Core applications CRS – Client Registration Server System admin app / SQL database: Accounts / User profiles / Schedules Optional LDAP integration, System reporting Web Portal - Audio Console End user application: Profile / conference settings, conference scheduling Moderator web-based conference control: Active speaker, mute, dial-out, sub-conf., record, etc Bridge Talk* – Conference Management Used by leading Service Providers globally Full bridge supervision, Operator-Attendant application: *0 Help, Q&A, Polling modes * Enterprise Edition only

19 19 Avaya Aura Conferencing Comparison to external services Avaya Aura Conferencing – ROI savings from eliminated external charges, typically in months – No expense with: Increased core usage Expanded user groups Advanced feature usage Contingency, Business Continuity – Assured & secure access – High capacity absorbs spikes – Sophisticated usages and new applications and can roll out without added costs *0 Help, Attended, Recording, Playback, DR dial-out – Leverage the corporate network Most users are already “on-net” for telephony Reduced trunking / facilitites External services – A per-minute rate paid for every minute, every user – Increased costs from: Increased minute usage Expanded number of users Advanced feature use Unusual circumstances: M&A, emergency, snow, volcanic ash – Trend is to reduce costs, results in: Trend to reduce total usage Trend to less sophisticated usage – Network, trunking, facilities required to access external services Most users are on-net and need to go off-net for external services

20 Avaya Aura Conferencing Compound TCO/ROI Advantages beyond CSP avoided costs…  Platform for growth – Accommodate organic & in-organic sources  New usages & applications add value – Emergency response, Webinars, archived Trainings, proactive customer reach out – Foundational video MCU capability (Enterprise) augments existing video strategy  Increased security of voice & data – Leverages corporate network, on-network calling  Leverages Avaya Aura ® architecture – Centralized application, global access, reduced trunking, multi-vendor  Leverages desktop UC clients from Avaya and 3 rd parties – Higher quality, enhanced experience – Increased agility and productivity

21 Avaya Aura Conferencing Design / deployment benefits  Centralized application - global access  SIP enables resiliency, redundancy and increased availability  High capacity - minimal footprint  Distributed deployment options - Low TCO centralized admin.  Tie into Business Continuity and Risk Management initiatives – Provide superior communications when you need them most Tailor the solution to fit your organization…

22 Avaya Aura Conferencing Feature scalability benefits  To the Business: Enables progressive deployment strategies – Start simple  Extend to Sophisticated Reservation-less on-demand  Emergency Ops, Training  To Existing users: – New applications: Customer events, Webinars, Trainings at no incremental cost – Increased frequency, duration or expanded style  To New users: – Expand core collaboration services to entire organization  To the Business: Compounded ROI value with capabilities difficult to operationalize externally: – Emergency, notification, disaster response, project war-room conferencing – No incremental cost to the business Usage & value Costs

23 Avaya Aura Conferencing Capacity / scalability benefits  High capacity: 4,000 ports max per instance – Largest Enterprise customer deployments to date: 15,000 and 12,000 ports *  Enables “ growth as a strategy ” – Start off with smaller / simpler project – Extend and evolve initial deployments to increased size, scope, sophistication  Absorb temporary usage spikes – Market conditions, competitors, weather, volcanic ash In-organic growth: M&A scenarios, Business Continuity Training, Notification, Etc … Organic growth: More use from existing users More users enabled with access * Capacity perspective: Avaya by example uses approx ports for day-to-day conferencing operations in NA… over 125m minutes / year usage Usage & value

24 Avaya Aura Conferencing Customer benefits  Addresses universal Conferencing and collaboration needs – Enables worker productivity, agility – Core communications  Provides ROI and compounded savings – New applications / new uses: Webinars, Trainings, DR, M&A  Robust features / robust capacity – Broad applicability – Design & deployment options  Web Conferencing option – Multi-modal collaboration – Standard Edition - single server footprint  Available UC integrations – Enhanced experience / higher quality collaboration

25 Avaya Aura Conferencing Customer benefits  Consolidated portfolio – 2 editions – Shared common code base – Benefit of over 25-years conferencing heredity – Improves small / mid-market offer – Smooth upgrade path  Standard Edition - virtualized single server – System Platform, consistent, simple & green – Partner enabled installation  Enterprise Edition – Carrier class high capacity / design & resiliency options – Expanded feature / capability set  Aligned with Avaya Aura ® - one of the largest users of the network – SIP, immediate savings, on-net calling, trunking, global access, routing – Multi-vendor environments

26 Avaya Aura ® System Platform HDD RAM NIC S8800 System Platform Console XEN Hypervisor DOM-0 CPU Avaya Aura® System Platform streamlines deployments / upgrades and provides consistent and secure remote access Same user capabilities, UC integrations across Conferencing Editions System Platform used for Conferencing Standard Edition as well as CRS, Web Portal, and Web Conferencing in Conferencing Enterprise Edition Application Template Conf Bridge & Media Server Conferencing 6.0 Standard Edition Template Client Reg Server (CRS) Web Portal / Audio Console Web Conf Server Conf Manager

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