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1 Aimetis Symphony Gold ADP Application Workshop

2 This is >Company Overview >Founded: 2003 >Ownership >Private, 50% owned by institutional funds >Business >Network video management & analytics software & services >Offices >Waterloo, Canada (HQ); Shanghai, China; Frankfurt, Germany >450+ Certified Resellers in 100 countries >Support for +40 IP camera manufacturers >Key Verticals >Education, Government, Retail, Transportation 5/4/2015 2

3 Aimetis Products - Symphony >Single product, three license versions to choose from –Symphony Standard: IP Video Recording –Symphony Professional: IP Video & Integrated Alarm Management –Symphony Enterprise: Video analytics >License Strategy –Mix & match different licenses on same server –One Camera. One License. –Unrestricted camera replacement (license tied to MAC address of server not cameras) –Easy upgrades: simple license purchase >Projects –Munich Airport (2000 cameras); Novi Sad, Serbia (1000 cameras); ICA Supermarket, etc. 5/4/2015 3

4 Aimetis Products >Other products –Aimetis People Counter –Running on Axis Camera Application Platform –Aimetis SDK –Enables solution providers to customize solutions, ensure system interoperability and centralize event management across multiple systems, including: –Access Control –Intrusion Detection –ATM –Building Management 5/4/2015 4

5 System Architecture Web Client: http://SERVERNAME:50000http://SERVERNAME:50000 PDA Client: Windows Mobile, winCE 5/4/2015 5

6 Symphony Architecture Dependencies: MS.NET Framework 2.0 (32 / 64bit) MS Data Access Components MS Extendible SNMP Agent OPC Core Components 5/4/2015 6

7 Server: Data Organization Configuration information stored in MS SQL Server Express 5/4/2015 7

8 Server: Core Services 5/4/2015 8

9 Server Farm >Distribute the work load of camera processing across several servers >Server Failover / Redundancy –Fail over camera processing from a ’down’ server to a ’redundant’ server –Devices, users, rules and alarms tied to the ‘farm’ not the server –All ’live’ and ’redundan’t servers run the same software services, share a license file and can potentially run the processing of any camera –Configuration data redundancy... Database Cluster (For configuration data) Server 1 Server 2 Server n DB1 DB n Data Store NAS or SAN (Configuration Data)... 5/4/2015 9

10 Main View

11 Live View / Playback >Live & playback mode integrated in main view >Overlay –Tracking boxes, tracking paths, time, camera messages, etc. >Multiview –Can display up to 25 cameras simultaneously –>1 multiviews can be opened >Carousel –Loop through multiple cameras across multiple servers in a single view, pausing on each camera for a defined period of time. 5/4/2015 11

12 PTZ >Mechanical PTZ >Camera Tour >Digital PTZ –Digital Tracking(Digitally zoom in on hot spots) >Support for Axis Joysticks 5/4/2015 12

13 Analytics >Differenciate between foreground movement & environmental change >Process video and produce metadata used by search engine or rule engine >More than one analytic can be enabled per camera Video Source Video Engine Rule Engine Search Engine Alarms Search Results Video Metadata >Applications –Motion Tracking, Object Classification, People / Vehicle Counting, Virtual Fence, Alarm zone(s) / restricted areas, Left/Removed Object, Wrong Direction, Loitering, Dwell Time, Occupancy, Auto-PTZ Tracking, Automatic License Plate Recognition 5/4/2015 13

14 Analytics: Three Key factors >1. Selecting the right engine for different environment 5/4/2015 14

15 Analytics: Three Key factors >2. Camera placement & image quality 5/4/2015 15

16 Analytics: Three Key factors >3. Proper configurations –Typical configuration –Analysis FPS: Can be set lower than the record frame rate –Capture resolution –Analysis resolution –Motion mask –Perspective(Camera position) –used to help with object classification –configured once per camera –More than one analytic can be enabled per camera –One motion mask & perspective per analytic/preset(for PTZ cameras) 5/4/2015 16

17 Analytics >Hardware requirements –Depending on: –Type of analytics running –Number of analytics running –Image size & frame rate –Typically 12 cameras can be analyzed on a single Intel Core2 Duo 5/4/2015 17

18 Event Management >Rules –Uses meta-data created by video engine –Allows combination of sub-events >Events must occur in sequence/within a specified time period >Typical configurations >Alarm mask(zone), actions, alarm schedule >Many alarm masks can be set per analytic >More than one Rule can be enabled per analytic >Special Actions –Enable another rule –PTZ Auto-tracking –Launch external program on the server (no GUI) –OPC 5/4/2015 18

19 Video Search >Event-driven Video Search –Pinpoint specific events by setting search parameters such as: –Search by time, location, activity –Review and export qualifying snippets of video –Export as.aira file (together with Symphony Player) –Export as MPEG files >Recurring Search 5/4/2015 19

20 Reporting >On-demand business intelligence reports ReportFormatSummery Object Counts Across a line TextualObject counts across a user definable line per camera Object CountsTextualObject counts across many cameras Heat MapGraphicalOverlays traffic patterns on image Object SatisticsGraphicalCompares object traffic and dwell time Alarm CountsTextualSummarizes alarm totals 5/4/2015 20

21 Demo Session >A typical use cases –Add a camera –Configure analytics –Configure rules –Search –Report 5/4/2015 21

22 Resources >Application Video Samples > >Documentations –Downloadable from Aimetis Xnet ( 5/4/2015 22

23 Gold ADP Application Validation >Why we are doing it –Ensuring Gold ADP applications have early support for our new products –Ensuring Gold ADP applications work well with our products –Ensuring Gold ADP applications support our market driving functions >How we are doing it –Test tool: QACE –Wireshark –Scripts >Validation results –Validation reportsValidation reports –API coverage report 5/4/2015 23

24 Questions & Answers Thank you! 5/4/2015 24

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