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SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 Full HD Digital Signage Player.

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1 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 Full HD Digital Signage Player

2 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – General Presentation −Applications: −Single screen signage (picture poster format) −Advertisement display (looping video) −USB or Networked signage −Previous models: −BKM-FW50 (internal) / VSP-NS7 (external) −List price: −VSP-BZ10: price in € 595 −Support contract: −PrimeSupport 3 Years (within covered area) −Availability: −VSP-BZ10: 9 th May 2011 ModelMain Specification VSP-BZ10 Stand-alone Digital Signage Player Box Full HD Video & Image playback Reliable & Eco-friendly (consumes 7W) Supports horizontal/vertical scrolling text Supports conversion of Flash & Powerpoint files Instant media interrupt for alert messaging SD, USB or Network distribution Free bundled software included Full HD Digital Signage Player

3 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Positioning HD Player Ziris Lite Ziris Pro Ziris Canvas VSP-BZ10 + Low Spec PC + High Spec PC + PlayStation 3

4 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Positioning Small quantityLarge quantity Simple Features VSP-BZ10 Free Bundled Software Bravia B2B VSP-BZ10 Ziris Software Bravia B2B or PuD Complex Features Ziris Lo Recommended PC Ziris View Lite Software Bravia B2B Ziris Hi Recommended PC Ziris View Pro Software PuD

5 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Market - Target Small retailer (Bakery, Grocery shop) USP 1 « Stand-alone operation from SD card » USP 2 « Easy to use, free software included » « USB copy mode – no network required » Example « Small corner shop: network & servers not required. A laptop with the software and a USB stick will do. » Large volume retailers with simple needs USP 1 « Strong management & content distribution when networked with the Ziris suite » USP 2 « Very low power consumption 8W – cost saving » « Reliability: No moving parts, No OS, No Virus » Example « Mall / Supermarket chain – many sites with simple content requirements: full screen video is sufficient »

6 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Key Specifications −Full HD Video & Image playback with audio: −MPEG2 & MPEG4 (H.264) video up to 1920x1080 (1080i) −JPG, PNG, BMP images with cross fade transitions −WAV, MP3, M4A (AAC) audio −Reliable & Eco-friendly: −Dedicated player (not a PC) −No moving parts (no fans or HDD) −No error messages or pop-ups −No anti-virus required −Power consumption only 8W −Text capabilities: −Static text & scrolling text −Coloured background or transparent background −Landscape or portrait mode −Text can include small PNG images (i.e. company logos) BUY 3 items, GET 1 FREE!

7 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Key Specifications −Free bundled software tools: −Content authoring software included, restricted to 10 players −Flash & Powerpoint conversion software included −Instant media interrupt: −Ability to instantly interrupt playing content −Interrupt content can include an image or video −Interrupt can be triggered from the software −Player will return to normal playback after timer expires or keypress −Clever content distribution: −Contents can be chronologically displayed from an SD card −Contents can be updated by USB stick (preloaded in the software) −Contents can be updated over the network (through the software) −Contents can be updated over the network (through the web interface) −Contents can be updated through Ziris* (*target release Q2 2011) Emergency Evacuate from Building

8 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Configuration/solution with Ziris Media content Authoring and channel configuration using Ziris Create Network Management and device control using Ziris Manage Content distribution using Ziris Transfer or Edge Playback using VSP-BZ10 * Ziris support planned for Summer 2011

9 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Display control - VSP-BZ10 can control B2B BRAVIA over HDMI using the CEC protocol - VSP-BZ10 also can control Sony PuD Video+ Control Line VSP-BZ10 Conversion Adapter CBX-H10 Video Line RS-232C Control Line ◆ System diagram RS-232C Port VSP-BZ10 ◆ System diagram Sony PuD Analog RGB Video Line RS-232C Control Line

10 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Inputs/Outputs Legend: 1.12V power inputA. Cable tie holder insertion hole 2.RS232 Serial control portB. Kensington lock (theft protection) 3.RJ45 Ethernet LAN connection 4.HDMI video output 5.VGA video output 6.Audio output (3.5mm stereo jack) A. B.

11 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Optional Accessories WBPM1 wall mount for PuD Fits a VSP-BZ10 (attach with Velcro or remove feet & drill holes) (please mind to keep air holes free) CBX-H10 RS232 to HDMI adaptor (no external power required)

12 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Warranty/Service Warranty Description: 3 Years of PrimeSupport bundled on all sales within the EU, Switzerland & Norway Multilingual Telephone Helpdesk Replacement unit if the product can’t be repaired remotely through the helpdesk


14 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Box contents −VSP-BZ10 Box −Vertical stand −AC Adapter −Power cord −Cable holder clamp −CD-ROM with free software −Manuals in: −English −French −German −Spanish −Italian −Warranty flyer


16 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Layers explained 1. Background Layer (Video / Image: Full Screen) 2. Text Layer 3. Interrupt Layer (Video / Still Image/Text/Audio/Control) Single layer in stand alone operation (without software) Two layers when using software Interrupt playout generates a new layer on top of the currently playing media (Therefore the schedule will not be affected and resume as soon as the interrupt has ended)

17 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Text capabilities BUY 3 items, GET 1 FREE! “Single Line Scroll” with transparent background Free Embroidery Single line text supported Static as well as scrolling Landscape as well as portrait Supports transparent backgrounds “Static” text with background in portrait mode

18 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Full screen text capabilities Emergency Evacuate from Building “Full Screen Static text” with background fill. Late Show Starting 23:00~ Get 30% off Beverages With Coupon Stage Starting In 5 minutes. Please return to your seat. “Full Screen Static” over still image background, transparent background, including alignment.

19 SONY PROFESSIONAL Today’s Specials Lunch Salmon Salad Shrimp Sate Mixed Pizza Dinner Pork Ribs Lasagna Late Show Starting 23:00~ Cinema1: Zombee1 Cinema2 : Taxi 5 Cinema3: Time Traveler Get 30% off Beverages With Coupon “Full Screen Static text” with back ground color “Full Screen Static” over still image back ground, transparent background, left alignment. VSP-BZ10 – Scrolling text capabilities

20 SONY PROFESSIONAL VSP-BZ10 – Scrolling text capabilities (embedded PNG) Static PNG over Full Screen Still image Today’s Rate 0.95 EU 0.60 EU 1.30 EU PNG Messaging scrolling. You may embed PNG files and use them the same way as text (scrolling, static both landscape as well as portrait).

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