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SonoBat QuickStart: basic operations. open file Alternative: Drag and drop a file or directory here.

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1 SonoBat QuickStart: basic operations

2 open file Alternative: Drag and drop a file or directory here

3 help info SonoBat works best with individual files of bat pass events. notes embedded with wav file

4 compressed view removes pauses between calls

5 same file displayed in real time view displays entire recording

6 select file with one click drag to scroll click to jump

7 pull down to navigate up directory hierarchy previous file highlighted

8 play sound moving cursor tracks playback playback of time expanded files in real time for audible sounds simulates a bat detector for ultrasound to hear actual call cadence

9 Contextual Help- Cntl-H (Windows); Cmd-Shift-H (Mac) popup help messages

10 zoom selection selectable to only zoom time scale (eliminates need to capture freq to maintain scale of view)

11 Individual calls may be processed into high resolution standard views. This enables viewing calls in standard time scales that facilitate comparison and recognition without further manual zooming and resetting scales.

12 In compressed view mode, calls may be selected for processing into std views by just selecting any area near the call. press to have std view time automatically selected buttons for manual std view time selection

13 In real time mode, std view selections and centering may be selected manually. initiate std view Initial coarse zoom final centering zoom, then invoke std view

14 Std view selections may be saved to the reference library with attached notes.

15 appended reference view Any std view saved as a reference view may be used for subsequent comparison to sequences and std views. Reference views may be assembled into compilations.

16 appended compiled reference view of different calls to show a species repertoire at a glance ruler enabled to show a frequency line for comparison

17 low frequency noise may be filtered

18 filter applied SonoBat can automatically select a filter, or accept a manual selection New with version 2.9,

19 Careful: leaving manual filters enabled can miss low freq signals

20 correct filter to render audible frequency bat calls

21 Quantitative analysis of calls in std view mode with automated call trending. More than fifty quantitative parameters written to a spreadsheet.

22 Intelligent call trending algorithm can recognize the end of calls buried in echo and noise.

23 SonoBat can also successfully establish trends through noise and from low power signals.

24 Files may be edited in real time mode to crop noise or other undesirable sections.

25 Filenames may be edited from within SonoBat. File notes and attributes may be edited.

26 default panel size stretched panel size The SonoBat panel may be stretched to fit any screen size.

27 The SonoBat preferences panel enables customization and automation of many default settings.

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