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Intelligent IP Surveillance and Security Solutions.

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1 Intelligent IP Surveillance and Security Solutions

2 Presentation Contents Corporate Profile Video Surveillance – Vision & Solution Products Overview Our Commitment; Our Values

3 BATM Corporate Fact Sheet ● Established in 1972 with over 38 years telecom and networking experience ● London Stock Exchange FTSE 250 Mkt Cap $450mln ● Global Presence ■ Israel; US; Germany; France; Singapore; Japan ● Solutions for the Ethernet Edge ■ Commercial Ethernet (VPLS, MPLS) ■ Packet Backhaul ■ Residential Ethernet (FTTH) ● Vast experience in complex telecom projects with Tier 1 equipment manufacturers ● Strategic growth through the development of a Synergistic Ecosystem ■Strategic partnerships ■Acquisition of complementary technologies ■Organic growth and development ●Global engineering team with deep and broad experience ■Modular Networking Operating System (BiNOX) ■Long history in developing Carrier Ethernet and IP MPLS-based solutions ■Extensive EMS/NMS

4 BATM Systems’ Ethernet Edge Solutions EdgeGenie Service Management System TM-7124S TMC-3208SH T5C Family T5C-XG TM-7124S BSC / RNC 4G Gateway STM1/OC3 Ethernet TM-7224 TM-200 PB X TMC-3208SH TMC-2xx 2G 3G 4G IP/MPLS 3 rd party TM-7224 TMC-2xx TMC-3xx EdgeGate 4

5 Vigilant Corporate Fact Sheet ● Established in 1999 ● A BATM Group Company, Telecom Division ● Global Presence: ■ Tel Aviv ■ Boston ■ London ■ Singapore ● First Commercial systems shipped in 2000 ● Over 130,000 high-end channels worldwide ● Innovative team ■ Creator of the first world’s virtual matrix ■ Expertise in migrating IP and Analog into one integrated hybrid solution

6 April 2009 Company Confidential Vigilant’s End-to-end solution Edge Devices  NetStream IP encoders and IP Cameras ► MPEG4, H.264, 4CIF/D1, Megapixel, Video Content Analysis, Audio, Power over Ethernet, etc… Video Recording  Elite DVR and NetVR (NVR) ► High availability, supports major camera manufacturers IP cameras Monitoring & Management  NetView Server, NetView Lite ► Digital matrix for centralized monitoring  NetView Command ► Touch-screen controls  ViewStation ► Investigation tools  Case Creator ► Powerful Incident and case creator tools  Remote Viewing Solutions ► Remote Gateway server ► Remote Client Intelligent Video Analysis, Integrated with various 3 rd party systems  Access Control, Video Management, Storage solutions, Camera manufacturers

7 Key Vertical Markets Correctional Facilities Finance & BankingGaming & Casino

8 Key Vertical Markets Public Spaces Town Centers Transportation HK – APM train

9 And More References...

10 A Secure World by Vigilant Single source provider for enterprise-grade video surveillance solution  Recording & investigation  Complete control room, merging live & playback, suitable for centralized or distributed deployments  ‘Surveillance by exception’ through intelligent video analysis Customer & partner support  Always with you, whenever required Deployment flexibility – analog, hybrid (analog/IP) or pure IP  Retention of investment in analog devices  User controlled pace of migration to IP  Future proof – scalable and robust Optimizing security & surveillance decision making High quality video & audio viewing & recording Mission critical environments End to end, yet open and modular

11 IP Surveillance: The Solution… The Products.

12 Vigilant System Architecture - Edge Devices Analogue cameras NetStream IP Cameras NetStream Encoders NetStream Decoders Video Analytics

13 Vigilant NetStream – IP Video Encoders Vigilant NetStream 2301/2901 Wall-mounted encoders Vigilant NetStream 2301/2901/2901B – 1 channel encoder High quality MPEG-4/H.264 encoder series Leverages existing TCP/IP infrastructure to transmit video streams Supports migration to OCTV (Open Circuit TV) systems without discarding legacy analog cameras Improves bandwidth utilization and traffic management through Vigilant’s recognized compression algorithms Vigilant NetStream 2312/2912/2340/2940 Rack-mounted encoders Vigilant NetStream 2312 – 12 channels encoder, 1U form-factor Vigilant NetStream 2340 – 40 channel encoder with dual power supply and fans, 4U form-factor

14 Vigilant NetStream – IP Video Encoders\Decoders Vigilant NetStream 6001 Single Channel Embedded Decoder Video decompression: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG CIF 100/120FPS, D1 25/30 FPS Up to 4-channel H.264 30fps@CIF display Simple to install; no PC required, mouse setup with video monitor Vigilant NetStream 5001 HD Screen Encoder H.264 dual stream support VGA, 720P, 1080P, up to 2048 x 2048 resolution Dual-link VGA\DVI input capabilities Records control-room operator actions for response and performance analysis

15 Vigilant NetStream – IP Cameras H.264 video compression, high picture quality with low storage requirements Dual streaming Built-in video content analysis for proactive management Tamper detection features to reduce vandalism Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) High Quality with competitive pricing

16 End-to-end yet open Edge Devices

17 Vigilant NetStream Analytics; Intelligent Video Analysis Enabling Surveillance by Exception Advanced video content analysis applications, to support ‘Surveillance by Exceptions’ concept Provides real-time alerts and notifications Customizable unlimited rules-based engine Outdoor system for all weather and illumination Proven solution, already in commercial deployments Architecture – Edge Based Analytics

18 NetStream “Surveillance By Exception” NetStream Complete Surveillance Package  Advanced Calibration (size, speed etc)  Filter detection by object (person\vehicle)  Counting  Loitering  Direction  Masking Areas

19 End-to-end yet open Video Analytics

20 Vigilant System Architecture - Servers NetVR Series Hybrid Series

21 Vigilant NetVR – Network Video Servers Support hybrid analog/IP camera environments H.264\MPEG-4 data streams CIF or 4CIF/D1/ MegaPixel with up to 25 (PAL) and 30 (NTSC) fps Internal basic video analytics per channel – VMD and Signal Los Unlimited scalability supporting unlimited input channels and storage capabilities Open architecture for easy integration of 3 rd party IP devices Vigilant NetVR 5201 Vigilant NetVR 5210 Video server with integrated RAID-0 storage unit 2 variant supporting 24& 32 channels Up to 12T bytes storage per unit Video server with external RAID- 5 storage unit 2 variants supporting 40 & 52 channels Up to 28T bytes per unit, 122T per server + NAS compatible Dual power supply option

22 Vigilant Elite\Xstream Hybrid– DVR Series Vigilant Elite Hybrid Series Compact footprint Robust internal RAID-5 storage (up to 22Tbyte) unit with option to expand to external storage unit Dual power-supply option Vigilant Xstream Hybrid Series Internal RAID-0 storage unit (up to 6Tbyte) Cost-effective solution Megapixel Support NetView Lite onboard RGS for remote monitoring D1 / 25 ips per channel No single point-of-failure Modular and scalable architecture Up-to 32 Channels per module Lip-sync audio/video in each input

23 End-to-end yet open ExternalStorage

24 Vigilant System Architecture - Monitoring NetView NetView Command ViewStation NetView Lite RGS

25 Vigilant NetView – IP Control Room Matrix End-to-end, fully-digital control room system including virtual matrix and event handling Instant access to live and recorded video from any camera on any monitor Connect and control multiple monitors over the network Unlimited monitors & video displays arrays Centralized & / or distributed architecture Proactive real-time, multiple alarms capabilities to overcome human errors Activate sequence of multiple commands upon event or time based Dispatch recommended actions over the network Lowering operation and labor costs Joystick controls - forward playback – reverse playback – PTZ Enhanced operation of standard CCTV keyboard Replaces or complements existing analog infrastructure Seamlessly integrates with Video-wall

26 Vigilant NetView Command - Graphic Interface Easy-to-use, unified control application, utilizing the surveillance solution to the full extent Touch screen operation coupled with traditional CCTV joystick Site mapping application provides physical location of cameras High resolution, user-friendly GUI, enabling almost zero-training- operation Unique method instant access to live and recorded video from any camera on any monitor Combines virtual and analog matrixes to get a single unified solution Scalable to unlimited channels to protect your investment Video Wall support NVR/ DVR support Vigilant NetView Command

27 Vigilant RGS– Remote Access Easy-to-use application for remote, broadband users providing real-time, playback and event-based video viewing Add-on onto Vigilant NetView IP control room matrix for efficient remote monitoring MPEG-4 real-time video streaming, QCIF or CIF up to 25(PAL)/30(NTSC) fps Up to 4CIF/D1 @ 25(PAL)/30(NTSC) fps for export- based playback Automatically optimize video quality to available bandwidth Automatically receive alarms from the site / branch High level of security maintained across the network as access is restricted to authorized users only Deployed effectively on any internet connection using minimal bandwidth Remotely access and control PTZ cameras Vigilant Remote Access

28 Vigilant Videowall – Complete Video Display Control Transforming physical monitors into virtual ones –any size or location Enable multiple layers of video display –picture-in-picture or one on top of the other Visual integration of video and PC applications Enhanced video display options to improve ongoing surveillance and incident management Enable higher security levels in mission-critical, multi-user environments.

29 Vigilant View Station - Investigation Solution Designed to perform 3 main tasks, through easy & friendly user-interface  Thorough analysis & investigation of past events  Compose the stored video into indisputable evidence  Administration interface to Vigilant’s encoding & recording solution Key capabilities  Synchronized playback of multiple cameras at various speeds  Instant Events Browsing - one click leap from event to event for fast event browsing  Instant playback leap to (playback) any point of recorded video regardless of data distribution and scale  Reverse and Forward playback at various speeds, including frame by frame  Watermarking (bit-exact) video/ audio authentication; with verification utility  Mass data export capabilities

30 Megapixel – Enlarge Field View 720x576 2048X1944 Analog Camera View 5 Megapixel Camera

31 Megapixel Awareness in details

32 Megapixel –Panoramic Cameras

33 And now for some practical results in Law Enforcement

34 Hackney

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