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Streaming with Windows Media © Nanda Ganesan, Ph.D.

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1 Streaming with Windows Media © Nanda Ganesan, Ph.D.

2 Windows Media Technologies Windows Media Audio 9 Series Windows Media Video 9 Series Windows Media Encoder 9 Series Windows Media Services 9 Series Windows Media Player 9 Series Windows Media Rights Manager 9 Series Windows Media 9 Series SDK

3 Windows Media Link indowsmedia/ indowsmedia/

4 Windows Media Technologies (WMT) Windows Media Audio CODEC provides excellent quality at low bit rates Integration with other Microsoft products (Windows NT Server, Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft BackOffice) Digital rights management Advanced Compression Technology Broadcasting

5 Audio Comparison

6 Video Comparison

7 WMT Advantages Multiple Bit Rate and Multiple Language Support Variable speed playback Highly compressed audio and video Audio CODEC is optimized for dial-up rates Digital 5.1 surround sound CODEC Lossless audio compression Good scalability to larger audience Live digital rights management Support for Plug-in (C++ etc.) (For further info: )

8 Multiple Bit Rate and Multiple Language Support With a single click of one file, the Windows Media Player 9 Series can automatically pick the best video size and audio quality to stream, based on the current connection speed – and it dynamically adapts during streaming. The player can automatically choose the preferred audio language, or the user can select or change languages on-the-fly during playback. (source: Microsoft)

9 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES Free with Windows 2000 Server Relatively new Proprietary ASF codec, MPEG4, SMIL Intelligent Streaming Microsoft Media Server (MMS), HTTP protocol

10 WINDOWS MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Internet broadband-ready platform for the creation, distribution, and playback of digital media files. Newest version of the industry's leading digital media platform

11 COMPONENTS Windows Media Player Windows Media Services Windows Media Encoder Windows Media Format Windows Media SDK Windows Media Rights Manager

12 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES Used to host media files to be streamed over the internet/intranet A digital media platform that offers employees, partners, and customers exceptional scalability, reliability, and quality

13 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES FEATURES Most Scalable –Uses Windows NT Server multithreading and processor support to allow for maximum scalability. Pentium II system can support over 2000 28.8 Kbps connections –Provides freely available tools for independent organizations to document concurrent streams delivered on one machine Continued….

14 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES FEATURES Most Reliable –Tight integration between Windows Media Services and Windows 2000 creates the most reliable streaming platform –ZD Labs reported that Windows Media Services delivered 26 billion packets of data with 99.9999999% accuracy over more than 12 days of continuous streaming of over 2,400 broadband streams. Continued….

15 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES FEATURES Highest Quality Output –Windows Media Services supports the industry-leading Windows Media format –Only video codec that offers near-DVD quality video at as low as 750 Kbps –The Windows Media audio format, which offers CD-quality audio at 96 Kbps –The revolutionary Windows Media Screen codec, which offers exceptional reproductions of computer screen movement at resolutions as high as 800 × 600 and data rates as low as 22 Kbps. Continued….

16 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVICES FEATURES Highest Return On Investment –Windows Media Services are built directly into Windows 2000 Server, offering complete integration with corporate infrastructure –No additional per-stream or per-seat licensing is required for Windows Media, thus minimizing deployment costs

17 STREAMING CONTENT SETUP Basic steps for creating and hosting streaming content using Windows Media Technologies: 1.Encoding Windows Media Files 2.Hosting Encoded Content

18 WINDOWS MEDIA FILES Format created by Microsoft for authoring, storing, editing, distributing, streaming, and playing multimedia content Designed specifically to stream the content over networks, like the Internet Highly flexible format that can be used for streaming audio, video, slide shows, and synchronized events Windows Media Format enables content to be delivered to end users as a continuous flow of data

19 ENCODING WINDOWS MEDIA FILES Windows Media file may be created from a.wav,.avi, or.mp3 file Windows Media file can also contain JPEG or.bmp image Source Files may be PowerPoint Presentation slides

20 ENCODING TOOLS Media On-Demand Producer (Microsoft) Windows Media Encoder Windows Media Author Free with Windows 2000 Server SMIL creation Convert.wav,.avi, or.mp3 to Windows Media file format (.asf,.wma,.wmv)

21 CONTENT HOSTING Two Choices of hosting: –On a Web Server –On to Windows Media Server

22 WEB SERVER HOSTING Creating and hosting Windows Media metafiles - a metafile is needed for each Windows Media file. A Windows Media metafile is a small text file that contains the URL of a Windows Media file. Adding links to the metafiles from a Web page - each link points to the metafile for a Windows Media file instead of directly to the file.

23 Windows Metafile Example: WEB SERVER HOSTING

24 WEB SERVER HOSTING PROBLEMS Web Server not designed for streaming media files. Playback can be interrupted by periods of buffering. Cannot stream files that have been encoded with multiple bit rates.

25 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVER HOSTING If you require higher quality and better server resource utilization, it makes sense to host your content on a dedicated Windows Media server. Copy the Windows Media files to the ASFroot directory, and copy the metafiles to the Web server

26 WINDOWS MEDIA SERVER HOSTING Windows Media Services can stream two types of content: –Broadcast and –On-demand. Delivered to clients with a unicast connection Broadcast content can also be delivered with a multicast connection




30 CONTENT VIEWING Windows Media Player can play back audio and video content the same whether a file is on a Windows Media server, a Web server, a network server, or a local hard disk A Windows Media server is designed to handle busy, congested networks and low- bandwidth connections to client computers running Windows Media Player.


32 ADVANTAGES Stream through most firewalls Indexing - provides end users with a means of fast-forwarding and rewinding through a file that is being streamed Stream content with Digital Rights Management - Windows Media Rights Manager - distribute licensed digital media over the Internet with superior audio quality. Windows Media security - Security features can be used to limit access to media on a Windows Media server

33 ADVANTAGES Live Streaming - Playback of a broadcast stream is controlled at the point where the stream originates and includes live streaming Intelligent streaming - interaction between a Windows Media server and Windows Media Player to optimize the stream for the current available bandwidth Administering and logging - control how a Windows Media server manages live content and files and monitor overall system activity in real time, log files

34 ADVANTAGES Best-of-breed Multicast and Server Administration - easy-to-use server administration with extensive wizards that guide the user through procedures, such as setting up a multicast, monitoring a server, or switching between multiple live sources. Support for Advanced Applications and Pay- Per-View (PPV) - Includes pre-built and documented interfaces to Site Server Ad Server, Site Server Commerce Server, and Site Server Membership server. This functionality is the core of pay-per-view and dynamic ad-insertion applications of streaming media on the Internet.

35 THE FUTURE High bandwidth connections will make streaming more popular. Guaranteed Quality of Service over IP will improve streaming quality. The streaming model will be used more widely to provide multimedia content.

36 CONCLUSION Streaming media is the future of online entertainment. Low cost way to deliver interactive multimedia. Windows Media Services: a comprehensive suite for streaming.

37 RESOURCES fault.asp?url=/library/en- us/dnwmt/html/contcreation.asp?fra me=true fault.asp?url=/library/en- us/dnwmt/html/contcreation.asp?fra me=true rojects/streaming/ rojects/streaming/ http://www.cultivate-

38 RESOURCES windowsmedia/en/overview/default. asp windowsmedia/en/overview/default. asp fault.asp?url=/library/en- us/dnwmt/html/webserver.asp fault.asp?url=/library/en- us/dnwmt/html/webserver.asp ue/0,4537,2471928-4,00.html ue/0,4537,2471928-4,00.html

39 RESOURCES treaming.html treaming.html windowsmedia/en/support/faq_strm. asp windowsmedia/en/support/faq_strm. asp /html/2000/august/features/streamM edia_0800.htm /html/2000/august/features/streamM edia_0800.htm

40 RESOURCES http://www.cis.ohio- 97/ip_multicast/http://www.cis.ohio- 97/ip_multicast/ ojects/streaming ojects/streaming

41 LOG ON l In the Linux Lab

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