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WV-ASM200 Solution NEW i-PRO Management Software

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1 WV-ASM200 Solution NEW i-PRO Management Software
for Multi-Recorder and Multi-Site System Operation display (Spot / Quad) Live display (1 / 4 / 9 / 16 split) Map display New GUI Design WV-CU950 System Controller KEY FEATURES New GUI Design No dongle with online license management system 16:9 video stream and 16:9 HD monitor support SDHC H.264 recording data download support File Converter included (N3R to MP4 file conversion) Expansion Kits for advanced functions Release Schedule: Sep/2011 (tentative) Various Alarm Management VMD, Camera’s command alarm etc. Satellite System Capability The remote site can be integrated into the center system. High Reliability ASC970 work on Linux. So anti-virus and stability. And 2 ASC970 can make redundant system. When one side breaks down, It changes into the other side and it keeps operating.

2 WV-ASM200 Package Maintain price point with additional functions and Provide expansion kits Kit X Price .... Additional Expansion Kit Kit 4: XXXXX Kit 3: Hyper Resolution Kit 2: DVR/NDR Qty Up Kit 1: 32/64 screen ASM100 Full Expansion Kit ASE201 3 Monitors MAP CU950 3 Monitors MAP CU950 Basic Function ASM100 Light ASM200 Additional Features + 16:9 Stream & HD monitor support + File Conversion + Internet Mode (Camera) + ND400 Smooth Playback + SDHC H.264 Download Functions ASM100 ASM200

3 Basically cover ASM100 series functions
WV-ASM200 Specification Basically cover ASM100 series functions Supported devices Functions Item Description Device  Network camera i-PRO series *except WV-NP472, WV-NS320, WV-NW474 Encoder WJ-NT304/314/GXE500 Network Disk Recorder WJ-ND200, ND300A, WJ-ND400, NV200 DVR WJ-HD616, HD716, HD316A, HD309A *Not support WJ-RT416 Controller WV-CU950 Video format H.264、MPEG-4、JPEG Resolution 2,048x1,536、1,280x960、960x720、640x480、320x240 Item Description Recorder # Up to 100 Camera # Up to 256 User registration Up to 32 User level 5 levels Group registration UP to 400 Sequence # Up to 10 Map # Alarm log # Up to 30,000 Device error log # Up to 1,000 Network error # System log # Access log # Up to 100,000 Search # Supported OS Item Description Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP2 32bit/64bit Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 32bit/64bit (*) WindowsXP is not supported due to UAC(User Account Control) support, which is security infrastructure technology introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista and Windows7

4 New Function / Features
WV-ASM200 New Features # New Function / Features Package Schedule 1 GUI Design Change ASM200 V1 Sep/2011 2 16:9 HD Monitor support 3 16:9 Camera Stream support (Can mix 16:9 and 4:3 videos) 4 On-line License System (No dongle) 5 Camera RTP over HTTP support 6 File Conversion (N3R to MP4) support 7 SD/SDHC H.264 Data Download 8 NVR Smooth Playback 9 Device Login and Alarm Management Improvement 10 3 Monitors / CU950 / MAP (*Not New Functions) Expansion Kit 1 (ASE201) 11 32/64 screen support Expansion Kit 2 Apr/2012 12 Recorder Qty Increase Expansion Kit 3 13 Hyper Resolution support Expansion Kit 4 Under Study 14 Timeline Bar ASM200 V2 15 GXD400 Support

5 Aspect Ratio Holding Mode
ASM200 New Feature 16:9 Video and Monitor Support ASM200 can mix 16:9 and 4:3 videos from IP cameras and supports two display modes, Aspect Ratio Holding mode and Scalable mode, for any SD or HD monitor support. Aspect Ratio Holding Mode Scalable Mode 16:9 4:3

6 Activate by HASP key connection
ASM200 New Feature License Key Activation (No dongle) ASM200 change the activation way from Dongle, HASP key, to License Key. ASM100 ASM200 Key Management System HASP Key Internet Software install Activate by HASP key connection Activate by registration of “Registration key” issued by Key management System Activation Key Card Activate Software Activate Software Future plan 【ご参考】 ・市場や、他社の(現行ではなく)次期商品の価格トレンドをウォッチすることが重要 ・単価動向(社内推計値 ※一部ヒヤリングより算出) Step1 : License Card Sales without CD-ROM by software download from Web site Step2 : Web-based sales by software & License download from Web site Software install (万円) 07年度 08年度 09年度 年平均 下落率 セキュリティ NWカメラ 5.4 5.0 4.5 ▲ 8% アナログカメラ 2.6 2.4 2.0 ▲12% モビリティ R/W(組込) 2.2 2.1 ▲ 2% R/W(端末) 3.1 2.7 2.5 ▲10% ブロードメディア 業務用カメラ 230 224 218 ▲ 3% 放送用カメラ 833 754 681

7 live image from Recorder
ASM200 New Feature Internet mode support ASM200 can receive live image from both cameras directly and recorders via internet. *ASM100 ver8.0 can receive live image only from Recorders via internet WJ-ND400 (Ver.2.40 or later) WJ-NV200 (Ver.1.04 or later) WJ-HD616/716 (Ver.2.04 or later) live image from Recorder Over HTTP Internet live image from Camera Over HTTP IP cameras (SmartHD camera only) ASM200 ASM100 Ver8.0

8 File Conversion (N3R to MP4)
ASM200 New Feature File Conversion (N3R to MP4) File Converter can covert video files downloaded from Panasonic NDRs and DVRs to MP4 file format. Viewer Software such as Quick Time and VLC player can playback MP4 files. n3r MP4 Quick Time Player VLC Player File Converter

9 SD/SDHC H.264 Video Download
ASM200 New Feature SD/SDHC H.264 Video Download ASM200 can download H.264 videos (MP4) saved in SD/SDHC card of network cameras. Viewer Software such as Quick Time or VLC player can playback the downloaded data. * H.264 SmartHD cameras only 1. Click “List” button 3. Select records and Click “Download” 2. Select “Alarm data” or “Manual/Schedule data”

10 ND400/NV200 Smooth Playback Step 2 Step 3 Step 4-7 ASM100 ASM200
New Feature ND400/NV200 Smooth Playback ASM200 supports WJ-ND400/NV200 Smooth Playback to avoid skipping important scenes. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4-7 ASM100 4 times speed I frame only 8 times speed 16, 32, 64, 96 ASM200 2 times speed I frame + P frame 4 times speed 8, 16, 32, 48 (*Increase the number of I frame for smooth playback) * ND400 V2.41 or later needed * NV200 V1.20 or later needed * Available on 1 or 4 split screen

11 ASM200 Software Migration??
WV-ASM200 Solution ASM200 Software Migration?? <Question> When existing ASM100/ASM100L customers want ASM200, do they need to buy? <Answer> Yes. They need to buy “ASM200” since this is not ASM100 version upgrade and it’s a new software release. After ASM200 purchase, they will receive ASM200 free version upgrade benefit.

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