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Explore the leading edje of digital video technology… Channel Sales Presentation October 2001.

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1 Explore the leading edje of digital video technology… Channel Sales Presentation October 2001

2 Experience MPEG on the edje, the revolutionary new MPEG digital video player and network appliance. Low cost, powerful features, high reliability and small size make the edje perfect for today’s demanding video, audio and IP applications. Introduction

3 Benefits  Provides economical solution for Professional MPEG decoding  Facilitates scaling to any number of channels, with or without synchronous playback  Superior performance to PC based servers and DVD players  Very High reliability  Small form factor ideal for all applications

4 Features  Small Size 4”x8”x1.75”  MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 decoding  Supports IP multicasting with or without storage  PCB can be applied to OEM applications  Single 12 VDC power input ideal for transportation systems  Ease of use  CE and UL certified PS

5 Basic Applications  Playback of MPEG in a simple looping manner  Playback of MPEG with a time and date based schedule with playback verification  Barker/Information Channels  Hospitals and Hotels  Retail  VCR, Laser Disk and DVD replacement  Server and PC card player replacement  Kiosks and Interactive displays  Education  Trade shows  Museums and Theme Parks  Transportation systems  Companion player for corporate presentations

6  Synchronous playback (Video Walls and Multiple Projector applications)  Confirmed playback (Verifications)  Protection of MPEG content via ADTEC 32BE Encryption  OEM Applications (board only or unit)  UDP IP Multicast decoding with and without storage (Professional PVR)  IP Multicast streaming and playback (Outputs analog and IP concurrently)  Controlled by third party devices such as Panja (AMX), Creston, VDBS, Dataton, Vity and others via Serial, Parallel or Ethernet  Application Program Interface (API) enables third party software development  Transportation presentations Advanced Applications

7  Broadcast quality Full D1 MPEG 2  MP@ML MPEG 2 decoding up to 15 Mega bits per second  Supports Constant and Variable bit rate encoded content  Compatible with hardware & software based MPEG encoders  Supports MPEG 1, MPEG 2 Half-D1, MPEG 2 three-quarter-D1, and MPEG 2 Full-D1  Built in hard drive storage  MPEG File Encryption  File playback verification  Multiple unit Synchronous playback (unlimited channels)  Composite, YC video outputs  Unbalanced analog audio output  Serial, Ethernet and Parallel control  TCP/IP, EMT*, FCMP* networking protocol support  IP Uni-Cast and Multi-Cast Specifications

8  Supports UDP IP Multicast applications  FTP Server and Client (Concurrent)  EMT (ADTEC high speed LAN Ethernet protocol)  FCMP (ADTEC File Control Multicast Protocol for Satellite based distribution, includes Forward Error Correction)  LAN and WAN compatibility  Supports FTP Passive mode  Secure IP Authentication (Built-in Firewall)  Supports control and data distribution via the Internet  Front panel LED status  Supports NTSC, PAL, PALN and PALM standards  Real Time Clock with NTP support (Network Time Protocol)  Symphony-Basic Windows management application included Specifications

9  Play list and Schedule (time based) support  Compliant with most MPEG 2 program streams  Compliant with most MPEG 1 system streams  Plays elementary Video and Audio streams* (display still MPEG frames with separate MPEG audio tracks, ideal for Kiosk applications)  Frame Indexing  ADTEC embedded deterministic real time operating system  NOT PC based  External 12 VDC power supply  Very small (4”x8”x1.75”)  Rack mount option supports four units and power supplies in 1 RU  UL and CE certification *Available in second firmware release November 2001 Specifications

10  Dimensions are 4 inches wide, 8 inches deep, 1.75 inches tall (1 RU)  Reset Switch  Front panel LED for Power, Drive, Video, Link, Busy. Model 1013  Front panel LED for Power, Video, Link, Busy. Model 1010 Front View

11  Ethernet RJ-45  Composite Video BNC  YC Video 4 Pin Mini DIN  Parallel DB9 Female  RS232 In-Out RJ-11  Audio Out RCA  Power Locking 2.5 MM Rear View

12 Professional : Entertainment (Multi-media), Education, Retail, Transportation, Theme Parks, Museums, Kiosks, and Medical. IP: IP represents a rapidly developing application and includes: Content Distribution via T1, DSL and Broadband HFC networks, Multicast Satellite, Education and Medical, and Corporate networks. IP VOD is also included. Model 1010 is ideal as an IP decoder and the 1013 provides IP PVR functionality. Cable & Broadcast: Cable & Broadcast will not be a target space for the edje. However, due to its powerful features and cost effective nature, the Model 1013 will be applied. The IP functionality will inevitably lead this device to non- traditional cable & broadcast applications such as streaming decoded signals to the internet ultimately destined for the desktop. Market Applications

13 Model 1013  $ 1,395 with 20 GB HD Model 1010  $ 995 without HD  Specifically targeted to UDP/IP streaming applications List Prices

14  Shipping since June 2001 Availability

15 International Sales 904.720.2003 For More Information…

16 The Leader In MPEG Video Technology

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