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Introduction to Forward SDK Part A. General Description of Forward H/W and S/W Part B. Forward SDK Description.

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1 Introduction to Forward SDK Part A. General Description of Forward H/W and S/W Part B. Forward SDK Description

2 Part A. General Description of Forward H/W and S/W What you can do by Forward H/W and S/W

3 OnAir Automation & Multilayer-Titling User Designed TV Clock Schedule Play Live or Video ( Any format ) – AVI,MPEG,DV,MJPEG,Dvix AVI with Alpha Titling AVI with Alpha Titling 3D Font by DDTitle 1. What you can do FORWARD HW & S/W (I)

4 OnAir Automation & Multilayer-Titling AVI wih Alpha Logo Logo Title Flash Animation Flash Animation 1. What you can do FORWARD HW & S/W (II)

5 FORWARD H/W and S/W Stable On Air for 24/7/365 environment Automated playback/scheduling Whole Titling and decoration Best Performance vs Price ratio Automatic chroma key and Mix – best solution for Karaoke system (2D Virtual Sets)

6 TAPELESS By Forward Servers More than 450 Worldwide Studios said : It is Reliable, Stable & Versatile !!

7 Forward Server OnAir Server APC server Playback server Titling server Clock generator Logo insertion Weather report... Mixer Video inputs Video outputs Audio mixer + audio delay Audio inputs Audio outputs Switcher + TBC Time shift server Forward with PC Can do automated studio

8 FD300™ Forward Video Processing Board FD300 Video/Audio Processing Card General Purpose Video Inputs, Processing, Output Board Designed for Broadcast Automation Environment

9 FD300™ Highest level of reliability for low-budget are based on: Unique hardware Optimized software Many years of SDK usage for different broadcasting tasks solving

10 Uniqueness of Hardware FD300 provides Simultaneous ingest of up to 2 channels of video with frame synchronization and switching of sources Simultaneous record and playback of video and audio (up to 6 audio mono-channels) Pass-through one of several sources of video and an audio- signals (software switching) with an adjustable audio delay Exact synchronization of video and audio Mix of two streams of video data with simultaneous titling Support of all analog video signals Synchronization of a video output to any external source (genlock) Generation of a signal of a mask ("chroma key") for input channels Additional video output of the alpha - channel for mixing on an external mixer options for digital video signals as SDI and ASI

11  Input video switcher/selector  Time Base Correction (TBC)  Adaptive 3D noise reduction video filter  Advanced de-interlacing filter  3 Stereo pairs Audio I/O ( Balanced )  DSP TriMedia processor  PAL/NTSC Video Encoder / Decoder  SDI digital video input and output (optional)  Input video switcher/selector  Time Base Correction (TBC)  Adaptive 3D noise reduction video filter  Advanced de-interlacing filter  3 Stereo pairs Audio I/O ( Balanced )  DSP TriMedia processor  PAL/NTSC Video Encoder / Decoder  SDI digital video input and output (optional)

12 FD300 Inputs and Outputs FD300 Board Input Switch Audio In/out Video Out

13 FD300 Functional Diagram DSP Input Switcher 6ch Audio Sound Frame Synch. TBC+Kalman Filter FPGA 3 YUV/RGB 6 SVideo 12 CVBS 6ch

14 FD300 H/W Digital Signal Processing Form FPGA To VIDEO ENCODER To VIDEO ENCODER H/W MIXER 1,2 3 2 Inputs Capture 1 Output Capture While multichannel Play

15 FD300 H/W On Board DSP H/W Mixer Input Video Switcher PC PCI Bus Videos DSP VIDEO Mixer (Multilayered Title) (Multilayered Title be Mixed from CPU)

16 FD 300 Have several Breakout Active Breakout Boxes Balanced Audio and Active In/out signal Proc. 4U Active 1U Active 2U Passive Breakout Cable

17 FD300 H/W Built-in audio mixer/delay unit Up to 6 analog or 2 digital audio inputs/outputs Selectable delay per channel (up to 1000 ms) 6 Ch Mix,Multiple simultaneous outputs available

18 Applications of FS1000 Title generation Server (with internal or external mixer usage) Scheduled Playout Server Scheduled Multi-layer titling Server Scheduled input switcher, ingestion Server Scheduled time shifter with full rescheduling Rebroadcasting of multi-channels OEM Servers– User selected component features

19 Part B. Forward SDK Forward SDK have two groups 1. Microsoft Standard API : VfW, and Direct Show Filters, Audio Wave device 2. Darim-Softlab COM-based API Low-Level API : (HD as well as SD resolution available) hardware management & control (Direct Forward Control) Capture and playback different data trough video buffers ( Memory Buffer Access) High-Level API : Easy to use, mostly File Operation Playback different type files Forward OnAir application management ( Forward OnAir application Use Only High-level API)

20 Forward SDK Functional structure Microsoft API I. VfW (Video for Windows) II. Audio Wave Device ( Audio Capture and Playback) III. DirectShow filters Darim API 1. Capture SDK : ( Only Low-level ) 2. Video Playback SDK ( High-level ) 3. Titling SDK ( Both Low and High-level) 4. Darim OnAir application command’s SDK ( Only High-level) 5. Board configuration SDK ( High-level ) 6. Other SDK (only Low-level) : many other miscellaneous features like Low-level playback

21 Microsoft API (I,II) Darim VfW™ (Video for Windows) capture driver allow you to capture video through Microsoft standard API Darim WAVE device (following Microsoft standard system audio driver) allow you to capture and playback up to 6 mono channel by Microsoft standard API

22 Microsoft API (III-1) Darim DirectShow™ source filter allow you capture up to 2 uncompressed video streams + up to 6 mono audio streams from FD300 board Darim DirectShow™ render filter allow you playback one uncompressed video stream + one stereo/mono audio stream on FD300 board

23 Microsoft API (III-2) Darim DirectShow™ ASI source filter allow you capture MPEG2 transport stream from ASI input (by FD210 board) Darim DirectShow™ ASI render filter allow you playback MPEG2 transport stream by ASI output (optional ASI daughter board required)

24 Darim API : 1. Capture SDK This Low-level capture SDK allows you capture videos and audios through Memory buffer from : Forward board Input Stream up to 2 video streams alpha stream(Key/Mask) up to 6 mono audio streams Forward board output stream One Video Stream 6 mono audio streams

25 Darim API : 2.Video Playback SDK This High-level SDK allows you playback video and/or audio tasks: AVI-files with any VfW codec (VfW codec should be installed on your PC) MPEG Movie Picture (JPG, TGA, PNG, BMP) LIVE video channel (one from 6 user selected inputs of Forward300) Tasks will be played one by one exactly at specified time with frame accuracy During one task playback you can prepare next task (check file, load beginning part of the file) and then start playback of the prepared task with cross-fading At the same time, additional audio players ( unlimited number of players) allow you to playback Audio files. For example: One long audio file playback together with image sequence playback ( slide show ) Additional audio stream playback (Matrox movie have splitted video and audio as AVI–file and WAV-files)

26 Darim API : 3.Title SDK (I) This SDK includes both High-level and Low-level API: Low-level Titling API allows you to playback generated title images (RGBA) trough video buffer High-level Titling API allows you playback files (TGA,BMP,PNG,JPG, AVI with/without Alpha channel, Flash,Image Sequences, Movie Sequences,Clock-Darim Format,etc) by title project(should be created by FDTitleDesigner) You can use both API at the same time into your application. Darim Title SDK contains Darim Title Engine which can mix unlimited number of layers. Every layer have a title region( own user defined rectangle region) And a corresponding FIFO ( PC Memory buffer for RGBA images)

27 Darim API : 3.Title SDK (II) How it works Forward H/W Board Darim Title Engine (Multilayer Image Mixer) FIFO Low-level API Title Object from FDTitleDesigner FIFO Hi-level API Your image generator Your Application for Title object control

28 Darim API : 3.Title SDK (III) Darim Tiltle SDK includes 3 engines which generate 3 streams for DSP Mixer on Forward300 board: Title, Background and Foreground One title engine can mix unlimited number of regions at the same time Your application can use both Low-level and hi-level API without any limitation 4 input Forward Mixer

29 Darim API : 3.Title SDK (IV) How to use Low-level Title API Memory(Video, RBGA) buffer (FIFO) used for guaranty of title playback without any drops Your application should generate images one by one and put it into FIFO – title engine will take away images, mix all and show result You can start/stop and hide/show any title region with frame accuracy – just specify time( frame number) when command should be executed. Low-level Title API can be applied to make HD title application as well as SD.

30 Multi-Layer Title Designer Title Object Is Group of Title Elements, Each element has one region Title Project Is a set of all Title objects

31 Darim API : 3.Title SDK (V) How to use High-level Title API You can : Open a title project (should be created before by FDTilteDesigner) Specify a task file ( Flash file, AVI, Image..etc) for every title object of selected title project Start playback at specified time Obtain rest time and current state Stop or abort current playback (by next start title object continue playback from stopped position) At the same time you can load unlimited number of title projects (all created/loaded title regions have to has different Z-order)

32 Darim API : 4. Darim OnAir application command’s SDK SDK for Programming remote client control S/W for FDOnAir Server system. You can send any command ( which operator can do by mouse click ) into running FDOnAir application (EX. You can generate schedule for playback by your own application – as a result, FDOnAir application will be playback server and your application will be client application)

33 Darim API : 5. Board configuration SDK You can call FD300 configuration dialogs from your application, then save and restore settings FD300 Configuration Dialogs

34 Darim API : 6. Other SDK We provide another Low-level API for full Forward control: Low-level playback of uncompressed video FD300 internal 4-input mixer management FD300 internal audio mixer management FD300 input video switcher management Others like Security control, board selection, board information scan, etc. which is not so important but we have many others as well( Contact us )

35 How to start SDK usage We recommend you : Read description of FD300 H/W and S/W SDK PDF files Write e-mail with draft description which goal you need to reach We will review your projects and propose you the best way We guaranty fast technical support by e-mail ( )

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