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1 Introduction to the Stereoscopic Player 3D Korea International Film Festival November 19th, 2011 Gwangju, South Korea

2 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at2 Overview  Stereoscopic Player  Concept  Input settings  Output settings  Supported formats  Features  Other applications  Stereoscopic Multiplexer  MVC to AVI Converter

3 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at3 About  Focus  Stereoscopic video playback  Stereoscopic video recording  Products Stereoscopic Player Stereoscopic Multiplexer MVC to AVI Converter  Location  Linz, Austria   Timeline  Development started 2001  Completed diploma thesis in June 2004  Company founded in 2005

4 Stereoscopic Player  The Stereoscopic Player is a 3D video playback application for stereoscopic and multi-view videos on the Windows platform Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at4

5 5 3D Video Playback  The questions  Why do we need 3D playback software?  Why not use any 2D video player?  The challenges  Many 3D display technologies  Many 3D formats  The solution  Real-time format conversion  3D playback software ? !

6 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at6 Real-Time Format Conversion  Real-time format conversion …  … avoids vast number of files  … requires full color left and right views  … gives best quality  Suitable source formats Over/Under Side-by-Side Interlaced (Field Sequential) LR L R L R Dual Files/Stream

7 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at7 Dual Files, Dual Streams  Dual files  Efficient use of multi processor systems  Circumvent codec limitations (often limited to 1920 x 1080)  Playback synchronization is prone to errors  Performance problems when located on same media  Dual streams  Avoid performance problem of separate files  2D video players show the left video stream only  Supported for Windows Media, MP4 and AVI formats  Multi View Coding (MVC) removes redundancy

8 Stereoscopic Player Menues  Input settings  Stored per file  Different for each file  Output settings  Stored globally  Configured once Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at8

9 9 Format Selection  Stereoscopic Player asks the user to select the format when opening a new video  Stereoscopic Player remembers settings for each file in the built-in video library

10 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at10 Stereoscopic Metadata  Fundamental idea  It is hard for users to find out the proper layout  The content creator knows the proper layout  Ship video files + format description (= metadata)  Stereoscopic Player …  … reads embedded metadata in Windows Media files  … reads metadata file in same folder as the video file  … contacts metadata server (turned off by default)  The official metadata server is maintained by and provides settings for most commercial 3D-DVDs and some popular video files.

11 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at11 Creating Stereoscopic Metadata  Use the Windows Media Stereo Attribute Editor to embed metadata in Windows Media files (available for download on the website)  Click File|Export in Stereoscopic Player to create a separate metadata file (for all other formats than Windows Media) Improve user experience – deliver your movies with metadata!

12 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at12

13 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at13 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods Anaglyphs Shutter glasses Polarized projection Native support Any graphics card, any display NVIDIA 3D Vision / Quad Buffered OpenGL Software Pageflipping (ATI and Intel) Dual Screen Output Quad Buffered OpenGL

14 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at14 Native Dual Screen Output 1.2.

15 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at15 Dual Screen Output via OpenGL  Requires professional graphics card (Quadro FX, FireGL)  Graphics driver set to clone mode  Normal 2D operation possible

16 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at16 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods HDMI 1.4 frame packing format Via NVIDIA 3D Vision driver Only 24 Hz at 1920 x 1080 Squeezed side-by-side format Squeezed over/under format View|Aspect Ratio|Half Width TVs accept up to 60 Hz View|Aspect Ratio|Half Height Ideal for polarized TVs

17 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at17 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods 3D-DLP-TVs LCD displays with micro-polarizer Checkerboard pattern natively support Viewed with shutter glasses Interlaced pattern natively supported Viewed with circular polarized glasses

18 Autostereoscopic Displays  Do not require glasses  Two basic technologies  Lenticular lenses in front of the LCD panel  Parallax barrier behind the LCD panel  Lenticular add-on lenses possible Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at18

19 Types of Autostereoscopic Displays  Narrow viewing angle  Only left and right view required  Wider viewing angle  More than two views needed  Image acquisition difficult  Interpolation of images planned for future player version Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at19 Single Viewer Multi Viewer

20 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at20 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods  Autostereoscopic single-viewer  Column Interlaced  Tridelity SL Series 3D Display  Sharp 3D Displays  Generic Single-Viewer Display  Autostereoscopic multi-viewer  Tridelity MV Series Multi-Viewer Display  Generic Multi-Viewer Display More displays are added on request but are already supported by the generic viewing methods

21 Stereoscopic Player Viewing Methods Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at21

22 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at22 Stereoscopic Player Features  General features  File playback  3D-DVD playback  Capture device support  Intuitive user interface  IR remote control support  Integration features  Command line control  OLE Automation  Serial Sony 9-pin protocol  Windows Media features  Streaming  Digital Rights Management  Multi-channel audio  Multiple audio languages  Professional features  Customization tool  Effect control (COM, UDP, DMX512)

23 Supported File Formats  Video formats  Video for Windows (*.avi)  Windows Media (*.wmv)  Quicktime (*.mov)  MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (*.mpg)  Material Exchange Format (*.mxf)  Third party DirectShow decoders allow playback of additional format  Image formats  Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)  JPEG (*.jpg, *.jps, *.mpo)  GIF (*.gif), TIFF (*.tif), PNG (*.png) Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at23 AVI MPG

24 3D Blu-ray Playback  Stereoscopic Player plays *.ssif files  No menu navigation yet (but planned)  Third party decryption tool required Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at24  Install AnyDVD HD  Click File|Open File  Go to the BDMV\ STREAM\SSIF folder  Select largest file

25 MVC Playback  H.264 Multi View Coding (MVC) is the 3D video format of the future  MVC is used by 3D Blu-ray disks and the latest 3D camcorders  Player supports the MVC codec in *.mts (Sony) and *.mp4 (JVC) files Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at25

26 H.264 Multi View Coding  MVC is an extension of the proven H.264/AVC industry standard  Saves approximately 50% of the right view's data rate  Exploits the correlations between the left and right views Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at26

27 Effect Control  Control curtains, motion seats, lights, fog, water spray, …  Supports COM, UDP and DMX512 output  Effect data are stored in XML files with *.effx extension Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at27

28 Effect Control File Example Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at28

29 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at29 Stereoscopic Multiplexer Concept Right streamLeft stream RL Combined video stream RL

30 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at30 Fields of Applications  Live preview during recording  Stereoscopic Multiplexer loaded in Stereoscopic Player  Live broadcasts  Stereoscopic Multiplexer selected as capture device in Windows Media Encoder, running on the server  Stereoscopic Player running on the client  Watching 3D recording  Transferring left and right tape to hard disk not required  Stereoscopic Multiplexer synchronizes tape drives

31 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at31 Supported Hardware  Camcorders  DV camcorders  HDV camcorders (next version)  Digital cameras  Industrial Firewire cameras  Industrial USB cameras  Webcams  Others  Analog cameras via frame grabbers  Many other WDM-compatible capture devices

32 MVC to AVI Converter  Batch converter for MP4 (JVC) and MTS (Sony) MVC files Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at32

33 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at33 Thanks for Your Attention  Q&A Visit us at!

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