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Investigate Mummy-X Unlocking the mysteries of a real 3,000-year-old-mummy.

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2 Investigate Mummy-X Unlocking the mysteries of a real 3,000-year-old-mummy

3 MYSTERIOUS MUMMY LEAVES EGYPT FOR SCIENTIFIC TESTING! Cairo– The mysterious mummy of a person dead for over 3,000 years leaves today on an unexpected journey to the United States. Scientists and historians hope to discover more about the person who lived and learned the techniques Ancient Egyptians used for body preservation. Mummy-X, swathed in ancient linens, was shipped in a plain wooden box. It left the museum in a police van, escorted by a heavily armed squad of police cars. Sirens wailed as the entourage made its way through the congested streets of Cairo to the airport. The entire world eagerly awaits the results of this unique opportunity to perform an autopsy on a person who lived so many centuries ago. THE DAILY NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1079 B.C.E

4 Scientific Research Teams In order to discover more about this mummy, you will be working in four specialist groups: Chemical/Embalming and X-Ray specialists Dental and Skull specialists Lung and Parasite specialists Bone and Heart specialists After you have broken up into groups, read the report on the autopsy and answer the questions. Be prepared to present your findings!

5 Findings Chemical/Embalming Report X-Ray Report Bone Report Heart Report Lung Report Parasite Report Dental Report Skull Report

6 Mummy-X Mysteries Revealed! Cairo- Mummy-X is a real mummy. Based on hieroglyphics from her tomb, historians believe her name was Makare. Evidently she was a priestess of the god Amon- Re around the 11 th century B.C.E. Somehow she was able to elevate her status and work in the temple, which explains her diet and the elaborate burial process reserved for those of a higher class. Scientists speculate that Makare died in childbirth and that the baboon was buried with her to symbolize her baby, who probably lived. The information from the autopsy reports accurately reflect the life and death of a high-class person in Ancient Egypt. The evidence helped establish the person’s age, sex, diet, and social status, as well as some common health hazards and diseases that existed for all Ancient Egyptians. THE DAILY NEWS THE WORLD’S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1079 B.C.E

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