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1 Lecture 12 Course Mid-term Assessment P&W Gear Turbo Fan Engine Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Tribology Professor Texas A&M University

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1 1 Lecture 12 Course Mid-term Assessment P&W Gear Turbo Fan Engine Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Tribology Professor Texas A&M University March 8, 2011 ME 489 Practices of Modern Engineering

2 2 Lecture 12 Date: March 8, 2011 Today: Your opinion counts Students replies to Course Mid-term Assessment Presentation from Pratt & Whitney on Geared Turbofan Jet Engines Assignments & reading: A4 – Take IP QUIZ at Other: complete ONE MINUTE PAPER MARCH 10 – Crash on Entrepreneurship

3 3 Mid-term course assessment 13= 100%, 1=7.7% Class Preparation: Each day the professor comes to class well-prepared and organized. Communication: I can easily understand the professor’s explanations and discussions in class Explanations: The professor's explanations help me learn the material more deeply and faster. Responsiveness: The professor makes me feel welcome and answers my questions effectively. Availability: I have found the professor whenever I needed help. Grading: Grading is timely, fair and consistent. Physical Environment: physical classroom helps my learning and encourages me to attend class. Learning Outcomes: I am aware of the learning outcomes to succeed in this course and think I am making progress toward these outcomes. Assignments: Assignments, exams, projects, homework, etc., help me achieve the class learning outcomes.

4 4 Mid-term course assessment Question abcdea+b+c 13/43 ExcellentV-GoodGoodFairPoor 1Class preparation69.223.17.700100 2Communication69.230.8000100 3Explanations61.538.5000100 4Responsiveness: 5Availability60301000100 6Grading8020000100 7 Physical Environment 38.523.1 15.3084.7 8Learning Outcomes: 58.333.38.300100 9Assignments:61.523.115.400100 13= 100%, 1=7.7%

5 5 What I like best about the class 13= 100%, 1=7.7% 1.My favorite part of the course is the class discussion and the responsiveness of the lecturer to our questions. 2. I like the fact that the course changes structure as we progress. Wide range of discussion topics. 3. Very interesting discussions about engineering around the world, preparation for the future. 4.Doing the presentations so that we can work in groups, work on public speaking, and research cool engineering topics. 5. It is a nice break from strictly technical engineering classes. 6. Broadens one’s perspective on where we are going with our lives and how to be successful. 7. Willing to teach us what we want to learn, open to discussions.

6 6 What I like best about the class 8. I enjoy learning about all the topics we have covered in class. Particularly I like our group presentations. Not only is it a great and easy way to practice our presentation skills and communication, but it also sparks an interest in many areas of engineering. Some of the ideas presented on, I have never heard of before, and it’s very motivating to keep investigating. I have never been one to browse the internet for engineering related topics, and now it is something I find myself doing often. The topics we have covered thus far are beneficial and interesting, and very applicable to our environment right now.

7 7 What I like best about the class 9. Gaining RELEVANT knowledge to engineers. Learning about things other classes do not cover. The opportunity to have classroom discussions is a big plus. Being able to practice and get feedback on presentations is the best part of the course. It is also good to watch others and learn from them. 10. I enjoy the open discussion atmosphere of the class. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this class. Every lecture you dedicate time to answering our questions from previous classes. I truly enjoy how critical you are on our presentations. You offer genuine advice about our presentation and public speaking abilities. Your feedback gives us (the students) time to hone our skills before we seek full time employment.

8 8 What I like best about the class 11. I appreciate the lecturer’s responsiveness. The lecturer’s engineering experience is the course’s most important asset. The most effective means at Dr. San Andres’s disposal are personal stories and anecdotes about his engineering schooling, his research, and his international experience. Please augment the generalizations of the course with specific information. 12. I like the presentations very much. The material that we are learning is very important and we would not learn it in other classes.

9 9 Worst parts of the class 1. I would like to have the lights on in the class. I don’t understand why they are always off. 2. When people are having their own discussions and as a result can’t hear the professor or have a good class discussion. 3. None. The workload is very reasonable, and the lectures are quite engaging. 4. Late in the day. 5. The time of day. 6. Sometimes the class gets too loud and out of control. This has been addressed and is getting better.

10 10 Worst parts of the class 7. This is hard in a large class, but I do enjoy the discussions we have in class. Somehow, can we improve more upon discussing topics, asking more questions, and having students with similar experiences answer those questions. I have been amazed at the diversity in opinions and experiences we have in our class. It’s neat to learn about other’s pursuits and outlooks on their careers and futures. 8. Lack of work. I enjoy personal assignments that require me to step back from numbers. This class would benefit from individual assignments of some kind. 9. I wish the class was directed more towards international issues that a modern engineer has to deal with. 10. I can only take it once?

11 11 Suggestions to improve 1.Turn the lights on. Other than that, it is an excellent course that I thoroughly enjoy going to. 2. Nothing, I am extremely pleased with this course and am learning lots of information that motivates me to do work for my other classes and prepares me for after college. 3. More speakers from different industries would be helpful if you can get them. 4. Only 2 group presentations instead of 3. 5. Doing a great job. I would encourage you to keep giving feedback after student presentations.

12 12 Suggestions to improve 6. Have more in depth lecture material on the topics discussed. However I understand that that would be very difficult as we discuss a very broad range of topics. Professor is doing very well. 7. At the moment I don’t have any suggestions on how to improve this course. Participation is not something the professor can necessarily control, but it’s more for the students to take the initiative on this and talk. 8. Essays should be turned in individually, it would be more practical. We should have more statistics and engineering news from other parts of the world.

13 13 Suggestions to improve 9. Share personal stories and anecdotes. They are entertaining, enlightening, and endearing. Increase the individual work load. It’s great to get people working in groups, but you should require individual thought outside of class mixed with in-class discussion. Academically, it’s difficult to set aside time for this course unless required by an assignment. So, make formal assignments that require students to put in personal time and thought.

14 14 Assignment 4: Intellectual Property Intellectual Property (IP) is the group of legal rights for things (ideas, processes, artistic expressions, gadgets) people create or invent. Intellectual property rights typically include patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret rights. Patents protect INVENTIONS Copyrights protect CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS, Trademarks protect logos and symbols Trade secret rights are secret AS AN INDIVIDUAL READ a PRIMER on IP and take a QUIZ at Send “report card” via e-mail to your lecturer (due by 03/22/11)

15 15 Intellectual Property Rights Why are IP rights important? What is the meaning of something being in the public domain? How long do patents last? If you invent something at your work, is it yours or the company’s? Is reverse engineering a violation on patent protection? Is reverse engineering legal to unveil a trade secret? Read ASME magazine articles – for Assignment 5 (release March 22) Developed to be Unique. Marketability isn’t the whole story. Without exclusivity, a product may yield small profits in a field crowded by competitors (September 2008) Timing Issues Critical to New Product Development (web exclusive, 2008) Trade Secrets 101: There are advantages to protecting intellectual property by keeping it under wraps. But there are some things you just can’t keep from getting out. (October 2008)

16 16 Questions? Next lecture 03/10 – Crash on Entrepreneurship Richard Lester – MAYS School of Business Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

17 17 Practices of Modern Engineering © Luis San Andres Texas A&M University 2011

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