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I AM RUTH With Faith Like Hers Bible study series by Carol Peterson.

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1 I AM RUTH With Faith Like Hers Bible study series by Carol Peterson

2 DAY 1—BECOMING RUTH Have you ever researched the Bible to understand the depth of meaning in a story? How did that enrich your understanding of the passage? Do you have any preconceived notions about biblical Ruth? What are they? In what ways do you already see yourself as biblical Ruth?

3 WEEK 1 My Circumstances

4 DAY 2—I NEED TO UNDERSTAND JEWISH CUSTOMS How might knowing that Jesus was born in the House of Bread strengthen your awareness of God’s hand even in small details when taking the Sacrament of Communion where the bread reminds us of Jesus’ body broken for us? Are you willing to recognize that the events on the threshing floor were not unseemly? How important is it to sometimes understand Jewish history and customs when reading Scripture? What other passages come to mind as needing to research the customs in order to understand them?

5 DAY 3—I AM A FOREIGNER Describe how Ruth might have felt leaving home, going to a foreign land, going to a place she knew she was not welcome. Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong—in your home, community, nation? How does that affect your sense of self-worth or make you feel disconnected from others and different from them? How would having different customs make everyday life different, harder or confusing? What are some of the practical difficulties involved? How could this understanding help you focus more on heaven?

6 DAY 4—I NEED WOMEN FRIENDS Is there a woman in your life who is especially precious to you? What makes her so? Is it her personality, her ability, her experiences or just her presence? What could you do today to show this woman how much she means to you? What woman in your life could you be a better friend to? What could you do today to further develop your friendship with her?

7 DAY 5—I DO NOT RUN AFTER MEN What were you like in your youth? Was there a time when you were boy crazy? Are you still boy crazy? What advice might you give to young women in your life based on the example of Ruth? How much of what you feel is your value is dependent on how others see you? How much depends on what Scripture says of your value to God?

8 DAY 6—I SOMETIMES NEED PROTECTION How do you think Ruth felt, living in a strange land, being told not to do this or that or that there could be trouble everywhere she went? Think of a time where you were in an unsafe situation. What made it unsafe? What did you do differently next time? In what ways do you prepare in advance for safety? How do you rely on Jesus’ protection in unsafe situations? How do you rely on Jesus’ protection from evil?

9 WEEK 2 My Characteristics

10 DAY 7—I AM HUMBLE In what ways are you unworthy of God’s attention? What about you do you think especially pleases Him? Even though we are assured that Jesus calls us “friend,” are you humble before God? Do you need to be more humble? What does it mean to you to be humble? Do you need to be more humble in certain situations or with certain people? How can you do that?

11 DAY 8—I NEED MENTORS IN MY FAITH Ruth lived during a time where a single, foreign woman’s rights were not secure. How comfortable would you feel setting off during that time without the trusted counsel of people who understood what was involved? Who do you have in your circle of family and friends to mentor your faith? How have they mentored you? In what way might they mentor you further? Who do you know to whom you could be a mentor? What could you do today to mentor her?

12 DAY 9—I AM STRONG AND HARDWORKING In what way do you work hard? Are there areas of your life that you don’t work hard? Do you work without complaining? Was there a time in your life you had to rely on Jesus to pull you through and give you strength? How do you feel about that time as you look back on it? In what ways do you rely on Jesus for strength today? In what ways could you rely more on Jesus?

13 DAY 10—MY REPUTATION IS IMPORTANT Have you ever had a bad reputation? Were you able to recover from it? What quality about you would you like people to think most highly about? How do you think Jesus sees you and your reputation? What are the three major values you live by? Give an example of how you live each value.

14 WEEK 3 My Outward Actions

15 DAY 11—I LIVE THE MEANING OF THE NAME RUTH Who in your life is a companion to you? To whom are you a companion? How is that relationship different from that with your family or friends? Do you know what your name means? How might you pray that you would live its meaning? How might you pray that other people live the meaning of their names?

16 DAY 12—I BRING JOY TO THE BITTER HEARTED Was there a period of time in your life when you felt bitter hearted? How did you work through that time and those feelings? Was there a person who helped you through? Who in your life have you brought joy to who was bitter hearted? Who in your life might need you to bring joy to them right now? What could you do for them today?

17 DAY 13—I DON’T DWELL IN SELF PITY How do you react in a crisis? Do you hold a pity party or focus on others? In what ways do you provide for the physical needs of others? In what ways do you provide for the spiritual or emotional needs of others? Who helps provide for your needs—spiritual and physical?

18 DAY 14—I ACCEPT HELP GRACIOUSLY When you have a need but are dependent upon the good will or favor of others, are you humble before them or does your need make you defensive and/or demanding? How do you react to someone who approaches you with a request in arrogance vs. someone who has a humble attitude? How do you think God reacts to each of these approaches?

19 DAY 15—I AM BEAUTIFUL TO MY REDEEMER When was the last time you really went all out getting dolled up for a special man in your life? How did doing that make you feel? How did He react? What does 1 Peter 3:3-4 mean to you? Do you think God really values the state of your heart more than your appearance? Do you have a gentle and quiet spirit before God? Have you asked Jesus to be your Redeemer? If not, why not do so now?

20 WEEK 4 My Kinsman Redeemer

21 DAY 16—I HAVE A KINSMAN REDEEMER Have you ever been in serious difficulty that you could not get out of on your own? Did someone come to your rescue? Have you ever imagined trying to work your way to heaven? How do you feel knowing there is nothing you can do to save yourself spiritually? What legal or moral responsibilities do you have for people in your life? How might God want you to introduce them to Him as Redeemer?

22 DAY 17—MY REDEEMER HAS RENEWED MY LIFE In what ways do you feel you have been born again spiritually? In what ways does the concept of spiritual rebirth still feel foreign? How can you focus on spiritual rebirth through Jesus to grow your relationship with Him?

23 DAY 18—JESUS COVERS ME WITH HIS CLOAK Have you heard about the hem (or the tassels at the hem) being a source of power and authority? How does this concept add meaning to the episodes with King Saul and the bleeding woman? How does the idea of coming under God’s wings give you a sense of His protection? How do you seek God’s power and authority in your life? How could you more fully claim that power?

24 DAY 19—I KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF SHOES If we need proper footwear for specific tasks, how might preparing your feet be viewed in a spiritual context when stepping out to do God’s work in the world? When you put on your shoes, how might you remind yourself to ask God to put the rest of His armor on you? What does it say about Boaz that he did not disgrace the first-in-line kinsman redeemer more than necessary or that he protected Ruth and Naomi from having to disgrace the man? How can Boaz’ example help us in our relationships with others?

25 WEEK 5 I Grow in My Faith

26 DAY 20—I TAKE ON THE TRUE FAITH Have you ever felt other Christians looked down upon your “brand” of Christianity? How did that make you feel? Did it make you question your faith? Have you ever felt your brand of Christianity was somehow superior to that of others? Why? How might you be able to encourage other Christians to focus on our common core essentials of faith rather than our differences?

27 DAY 21—I AM PART OF GOD’S FAMILY Think about your personal genealogy. Do you have anyone in it who lived a scandalous life? How do you feel about that? Is there anyone you are particularly proud of? Why? How do you think people might look at your life from a genealogical point of view? How does Jesus look at it? If you are married, do you feel a greater loyalty to your own family or to your in-laws (which are like an adopted family)? Why is that?

28 DAY 22—I DRINK THE WATER OF MY REDEEMER Do you thirst for righteousness? How does seeking to know God help you quench that thirst? Have you ever been truly thirsty? Describe how you felt physically? How could you relate those sensations to a thirst after Jesus? What do you do to thirst after Jesus? What could you do more of?

29 DAY 23—I RECEIVE SIX MEASURES OF BARLEY Reread the verses referencing three measures of grain as an offering to God. How does your understanding of the “three measures” give additional meaning to those verses? How might remembering the significance of Boaz’ generosity help you remember Jesus’ sacrifice when you take Communion? How does the concept that a grain offering indicates fellowship with God provide insight into Jesus’ reference to His body as bread, broken for us?

30 DAY 24—I AM MY REDEEMER’S BRIDE How can you relate that to being the bride of Christ and taking His name, Christian? Spend some time imagining a holy wedding between Jesus and His Church. What would it be like? What was the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever attended? What made it so wonderful? How can you relate that to your relationship with Jesus?

31 WEEK 6 I Live Ruth 3:11

32 DAY 25—I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING In what ways have you accepted the truth that you are part of God’s family? In what ways do you still need to live your membership in God’s family? What can you do today to live as a child of God and be an ambassador for the King?

33 DAY 26—GOD DELIGHTS TO ANSWER MY PRAYERS What special insight do you have about the Lord’s Prayer? Do you pray it regularly? How could you learn to pray it better or with more understanding? What things do you regularly pray for? Do you feel these things are aligned with God’s will? Do you pray for things you know are probably not His will? What prayers has God answered “no” to that you now see were evidence of His wisdom and grace?

34 DAY 27—IF GOD IS IN CONTROL, I DO NOT FEAR What is your greatest fear? How might God be working to ease that fear? In what way might you need to trust God more? In what way might a focus on gratitude help you control your fears? How can you start that focus right now?

35 DAY 28—I AM RUTH In what way does the Book of Ruth feel ordinary? In what ways is it extraordinary? What one characteristic or circumstance of Ruth do you most identify with? What characteristic do you need to work on most? How can you begin to do that?

36 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 1 How can acknowledging that our circumstances are like Ruth’s, help us live life as part of modern society, in a godly way? How can we live in this world without being of this world?

37 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 2 How can we make sure that Christ is glorified when other people watch to see how His daughters live their lives in faith?

38 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 3 How can we let God use us to share His love with the people we meet each day?

39 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 4 How can we take hold of Jesus’ promise of redemption so that when we put on those boots of peace, we step confidently out into the world to share Jesus with others?

40 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 5 How can we celebrate being part of God’s family and proclaim our inheritance to the world, sharing the legacy and inviting new members into His family?

41 FINAL CHALLENGE FOR WEEK 6 How can we claim the power and authority to speak and act in a way that glorifies God and helps us be His ambassadors in the world?

42 PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THIS STUDY Did it open your thinking? Did Ruth teach you any new lessons? Did you find a new way to apply something from Ruth? Did the study make you want to dig more deeply into Scripture? What might make the study deeper or better for other women? Please go to www. and let us know your thoughts. THANK YOU!

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