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Sharing our SoRo School Sample for Student Advisory...

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1 Sharing our SoRo School Sample for Student Advisory...

2 Follow these directions A. Create a new slide B. Add your First Name only in the Title bar C. Type one sentence that shares something you do for fun D. Add more details in the ADD Notes section beneath the slide E. Insert an image or video related to that passion F. Explore the passions of your peers

3 How to Insert Images How to Add an Image to a Slide

4 How to Add a Video to a Slide Use URL if you know the link of specific Video you want to Insert Click INSERT in Menu Choose VIDEO - Then Select You Tube - Search for videos

5 Cheryl I enjoy gardening and the outdoors!! Learn more here

6 Tonya I love quilting. I mostly design my own quilts and I give them to friends and family as gifts. I have decided that since this year is our 25th anniversary, I might make one over the summer just for my husband and I... now that would be novel! Ever wonder what a FAT QUARTER is?FAT QUARTER Or how about BARGELLO?BARGELLO And for those who need a visual on a technique called FOUNDATION PAPER PIECING check out this video... FOUNDATION PAPER PIECING or click the link above to read more about it

7 Lucie's Passion Listening to my kids play music together. Learn more at

8 Tess (not Stephanie please) I love to push my students to realize all that they can do and then sit back while they amaze themselves!

9 Mary FW I enjoy travel, last summer to France Le Mont-Saint-Michel Orciers, France… recreation in the Alps.

10 Waterman I like to recognize others through photos & videos : 2014 Awards Day at South Royalton School. Community Based Learning and Volunteer Service students recognized. I discovered that you can’t link videos that are local and not on YouTube or have URL… unless you do a sceen shot of the video, past that in this space and then somehow link it to the video (which is housed in google drive). Hummmm!

11 I

12 J

13 K

14 L

15 M

16 N

17 O

18 P

19 Q

20 S

21 T

22 U

23 V

24 Y

25 Z


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