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111 Waiting For Your Cat to Bark David J. LeRoy Audiences and Geography.

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1 111 Waiting For Your Cat to Bark David J. LeRoy Audiences and Geography

2 222 Geography is Destiny 49% 29% 6% 16%

3 333 Comparing Two Similar Sized DMAs The Impact of Geography

4 444 FCC Says This Is KPBS’s Signal

5 555 Real Coverage Map of KPBS

6 666 Coverage Map WNPT

7 777 The Consequences of Geography  KPBS is has a much bigger budget, even excluding the revenue assigned to the radio portion of this joint licensee.  Gross Rev. 2010 data:  NPT $5.5 million  KPBS $13.3 million*  Nashville invests a higher portion of its funds in programming (NPT 53%, KPBS 37%) * KPBS radio and TV combined was approx. $18 million gross revenue in 2010.

8 888

9 999 Increasing Grants and Major Gifts

10 10 Increasing Grants and Major Gifts

11 11 Take Away  The great station managers somehow learn to shift emphasis when traditional sources of income atrophy (like underwriting and membership)  These two stations have focused on partnerships, major gifts and philanthropy  But one size does not fit all

12 12 Geography and Membership

13 13 The Take Away  KLVX could not exploit the NGO route nor major giving and had to develop a different funding model  That is a fee for services: i.e., training large number of adults funded by various governmental agencies  This “new” CPB data set lets us explore and reveals new insights… for example

14 14 KLVX Number of Members

15 15 Waiting for the Cat to Bark  Somehow the “rule” emerged that more and more viewing (GRPs) should led to membership  Both WNPT and KLVX are consistently the most viewed PTV stations in the nation and yet have “failed” to grow their membership  And for more than a decade these two stations’ membership levels have remained the same  Viewing is a necessary but not sufficient condition for membership

16 16 Challenging The Membership Assumption  The amount of viewing in a market (GRPs) does not appear to be related to membership levels… Why?  Some possible hints: heavy viewers of all TV are not necessarily believers of the “mission”;  Yes, there are loyal, knowledgeable viewers who view a drive and pledge – but we suspect they a minority of the cume!

17 17 Membership and Local Programming  1 st – the mix of local programming and its long history on the station creates a “warm feeling” (this is about emotion not reason)  2 nd day in day out do you connect the dots for the viewers and the members?  3rd local pledge specials can successful because its touches peoples emotion

18 18 Work in Progress Questions

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