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Sophomore English 202 August 26th, 2013.

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1 Sophomore English 202 August 26th, 2013

Today we will do the following: Quotes Debunking Writing Myths What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

3 Who said it? The moments we have behind us, you won't be able to see again. We're only responsible for what we live in right now.

4 Who said it? Whether you are on the Right or the Left, everyone can agree that there are a lot of outside influences in American politics that are not good for the system. There's just too much money.

5 Who said it? Beauty is grace and confidence. I've learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me.

6 What is this??? H20 “Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but no one can do it.” Lao Tzu “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” Henry David Thoreau “Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

7 Organization Question: How many paragraphs should be in an essay? Why?
Answer: Most of you would say 5…but, this isn’t always true. Younger, struggling students should stick to 5 paragraphs as a guide. However, as we progress, you should let the content (subject) guide your essay.

8 Thesis Statements Question: True or False A thesis statement should include the THREE main ideas of the paper. Answer (short): True and False The “three-point” essay is just like the 5 paragraph essay. Younger, struggling writers should use it as a guide, but more advanced thesis statements will be used in this class.

9 Introduction Paragraphs
Question: Try to explain how an introduction paragraph should be formatted. Answer: Tough question. It should be formatted like a funnel: Attention Getter (General) Main Ideas (Specific) Thesis (Focused)

10 Paragraphs Question: How many sentences should be included in a paragraph? Why? Answer: Many of you probably said 5. Well, some paragraphs are more effective with one sentence. However, if you need to elaborate more, the paragraph might be 9 sentences.

11 Topic Sentences Question: What should be included in a topic sentence? What’s the purpose of a topic sentence? Answer: Ahhh, one of Mr. K’s pet peeves. You should include a transition in your topic sentence. Also, the purpose of this sentence is to relate the subject BACK (link) to your thesis. So, the sentence should somehow relate to your thesis.

12 Conclusions Question: True or False A concluding paragraph should almost be identical to your introduction? Answer: Noooooooooo, False! Conclusions should be fresh and exciting. Leave the reader with someone to remember. They can REMIND the reader of the introduction, but not repeat!!!

13 Perspective Question: In what perspective (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) should you write your papers in? Why? Anytime you’re writing about literature, you need to use 3rd person (he, she, him) perspective. However, when writing a narrative (story about yourself), you would use 1st person. NEVER use 2nd person (you, your) in a paper!

14 Verb Tense Question: Which verb tense should you use when writing a paper about literature? ALWAYS use historical present tense when writing about literature- When Eric runs to the car… Literature is a living, breathing thing and should be treated as so. Pretend as if the person reading your paper is experiencing the book for the very first time.

Today we will do the following: Journal Identify terms Notes on the wall What goes around the world, but stays in a corner?

16 Journal Now that we’re 4 days into the school year, what about the summer do you lust over most? Why? Elaborate.

17 1. Essay Terms Review- Formatting
Font: 12 point, Times New Roman, Double spaced Margins: 1 inch MLA Heading: Name Teacher’s Name Class Date

18 2. Essay Terms Review- Formatting
Running Header: Upper right hand corner of page- Last Name and Page #. Indent all paragraphs.

19 Essay Terms Review- Introductions
Shaped like an upside down cone...broad to specific. Grabber/Attention Getter: Bold statement, statistic, or quote. MUST relate to thesis statement… Focus Statement (main ideas): Present main ideas as a brief preview of the paper. What information does your reader need to know about the book in order to understand your argument? Relevant Context Thesis Statement: This is your argument! It should be one complete sentence.

20 4. Essay Terms Review- Body Paragraphs
Basic format and order for a body paragraph: Topic sentence with transition Introduce quote with relevant context Quote with citation Explanation of quote and how it relates to your topic sentence Wrap-up sentence

21 Topic Sentences Include a transition
Clearly state the topic of the paragraph Think of this as a “mini-thesis” statement

22 Introducing Quotes What are quotes?
Anything extracted from a piece of literature… In fiction, you must introduce the quote so your reader knows what’s happening in the book. This is called- relevant context. This tells the who, what, and where of the quote.

23 So what? Who cares? We already read the book!
Any good detective needs evidence to prove a case. Your writing from now into junior and senior year will place a heavy emphasis on using the text as evidence. Your personal feelings can only carry you so far. In order to get the most out of your paper (and to get a better grade) you need to use quotes to support your ideas.

24 Some tips Your quotes will support your argument in reference to your thesis Don’t ever. Ever. EVER. Leave a quote by itself. As a general rule of thumb, whenever your paper brings in a NEW point or is developing a VITAL point, it’s always good to use text evidence.

25 Quote Formatting Once you use a quote from a book, you always need to cite it. When you cite a quote from a book, YOU WILL USE THIS FORMAT: “Blah blah blah blah blah” (Author page #).

26 An example Quote: “My mother is a guaranteed fox.”
Eric displays his weirdness when he says, “My mother is a guaranteed fox” (Crutcher 13). Notice how the period goes AFTER the parentheses, and NOT in the actual quotation. Exception: If there is a punctuation mark that is not a period in the original quote, it stays. Eric displays his weirdness when he says, “My mother is a guaranteed fox!” (Crutcher 13).

27 Explanation of Quotes Once you’ve presented your quote, you need to explain how it illustrates your topic sentence, and ultimately, how it links to your thesis. An acronym to use is: I.C.E. Introduce Cite Explain

28 Wrap-Up Sentence The purpose of this is to bring the reader back to the main topic: Remind the reader of the topic. Transition to the next topic.

29 5. Essay Terms Review- Conclusions

Today, August 28th, we will do the following: Quiz- Mr. Klein needs to take the notes off the wall! Thesis statements Finish homework in class I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

31 Review: Thesis Statements
Write this information in your notes Quality thesis statements possess the following: It should be a complete sentence. It should express an opinion. It should NOT be a question. It should NOT be a statement of purpose.

32 Revising Thesis Statements
Multiple revisions- thesis statements are the MOST important part of your paper! Some ideas to ponder about thesis statements: Do I answer the prompt completely? Reread the prompt in order to ensure you answered the prompt completely. Have I taken a position that others might challenge or oppose? If your thesis has facts that no one would, or even could disagree with, it’s possible your thesis is simply a summary and not an argument. Make your thesis statement a “thinker, not a stinker!”

33 Does your thesis pass the “tests”?
Is my thesis statement specific enough? If your thesis contains words like “good” or “successful,” see if you can be more specific: why is it “good” or “specific”? Does your thesis pass the “so what” test? If your reader’s response is “so what,” then your thesis probably needs clarification, or to connect to a larger issue. Does your thesis pass the “how” and “why” test? If your reader’s response is “how” or “why,” it most likely needs to be more specific or contain more guidance for the reader. So what!?

34 Good or Bad? What are the causes of violence? TERRIBLE A thesis statement is NOT a question.

35 Good or Bad? The purpose of my paper is to identify the cause of violence. BAD A thesis statement is NOT a statement of purpose.

36 Good or Bad? The influence of economics on education. BAD A thesis statement is NOT simply a topic.

37 Good or Bad? Education in the United States can be improved through more funding from the federal government. GOOD! This statement takes a position and is arguable.

38 Good or Bad? I would like to discuss how cars can achieve better fuel efficiency. NOPE! This needs a position! We can’t argue against this!

39 What did we learn? Thesis statements are impossible to write in “one shot.” Thesis statements require your brain to hurt. Thesis statements must be revised repeatedly.

40 Your turn!!! Write a thesis statement in response to one of the following prompts. Remember to cover all of the points previously mentioned. Brainstorm possible main ideas for that thesis. Write topic sentences for at least 3 of your main ideas.

41 Prompts Many celebrities - such as actors, musicians, models, or athletes - make a great deal of money. Do you agree or disagree that celebrities make more money than they deserve? Write a paper in which you convince the reader that your side of the issue is correct. If someone discovered a formula that would enable us to live forever would that be a blessing or a curse? Write a paper to convince others of your position. Some of the parents at your school have started a campaign to limit the homework that teachers can assign to students. Teachers at your school have argued that the homework is necessary. What is your position? Write a paper to convince your teacher of your position.

Today, August 29th, we will do the following: Turn in homework Hand back quiz scores Rubric breakdown I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me; lower light I never see. HOMEWORK: BRING YOUR SUMMER READING BOOKS TOMORROW!!!

43 Rubric Breakdown The rubrics you’re given are NOT in the correct order. Look through each of the grades, dissect their meaning, and arrange them in the correct order from the highest grade (6) to the lowest grade (1). Write the number in the box…

44 Let’s take a walk… Each of you will start with 3 pieces of candy.
For every time I ask/tell you to be quiet, you lose a piece of candy. Try to remember the things you think about and what happens as we walk around the school.

45 So…. What did you think about while going for a walk?
Why do people go on “walks?” What are the possible benefits of “going for a walk?” Do you think there will be a time when people stop “going for a walk?”

46 Ray Bradbury’s take on writing and life…
Now, take a out a clean sheet of paper, create a KWL chart on that paper. You will turn these in at the end of class!!!

47 “The Pedestrian” KWL What do you KNOW? What do you WANT to know?

48 First introduction is on MONDAY!!!
HOMEWORK! No HW First introduction is on MONDAY!!! Ryan, be ready!

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