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2 A IS FOR ARMAND Armand is a boy that Colette, Hannah, and Pillar meet at a café. Armand and Colette are somehow very close because they are both relatives of a secret group.

3 B IS FOR BUS The bus is where Colette and her class first found out about the murders going on in Paris. Colette never realized that she was associated with the murders.

4 C IS FOR COLETTE Colette is the main character in the book. She goes on a trip to France with her class and is involved in a long chain of murders.

5 D IS FOR DUKE/DUCHESS These are the men and women titles for royalty in France. Armand wants to be royalty, but needs to have Colette as his wife.

6 E IS FOR EIFFEL TOWER The Eiffel Tower is Jules's favorite place in Paris. He takes Colette there and at the top they kiss for the first time.

7 F IS FOR FAINTING Colette faints after seeing the ghost in the catacombs. The fact that she is claustrophobic didn’t help her either.

8 G IS FOR GABRIELLE Gabrielle is a girl who is home alone and hears a noise. So she ignores it. Then when she looks in the mirror there is a lady behind her and she beheads her with a piece of broken glass.

9 H IS FOR HANNAH Hannah is a rich and popular girl in Colette’s school. Colette and Hannah become friends, but Hannah is still mean and thinks only of herself.

10 I IS FOR ISELIN Iselin is Colette’s last name. The name Iselin is associated with the royalty in France and also with the murders.

11 J IS FOR JULES Jules Martin is the tour guide for Colette’s class. Colette and Jules fall in love, but the relationship gets a little complicated.

12 K IS FOR KEY Colette found a key necklace in a box and wears it on her trip. The same design on the key is showing up on all of Marie Antoinette’s belongings. Colette doesn’t think that the key can get her killed.

13 L IS FOR LOCKED Colette was locked in a storm cellar in her grandmother’s house. From being locked up Colette has got claustrophobia which comes back and bites her in the butt.

14 M IS FOR MARIE ANTOINETTE Marie Antoinette was royalty who got beheaded and is now a ghost who is beheading the relatives off all the people that betrayed her.

15 N IS FOR NAVIGATION Colette had to learn how to navigate the metros in France so she could go visit Stephanie and ask her questions about the ghost.

16 O IS FOR ORDER OF THE KEY The Order of the Key is a group of people that were involved with the murder of Marie Antoinette. Colette’s family was in The Order of the Key which is very dangerous for her.

17 P IS FOR PAIRS Paris is where the book takes place. Colette has strange occurrences in almost all of the places in Paris, which makes it hard for her to enjoy her trip.

18 Q IS FOR QUEEN Marie Antoinette was a queen. She was beheaded and now getting revenge on the families in The Order of the Key.

19 R IS FOR RICH Colette’s family was rich, but now is poor. Colette never told her friends because they are rich and she doesn’t want to be kicked out of the popular group.

20 S IS FOR SMUDGE There was a key shaped smudge on all of the murder victims. There was a smudge on Pillar's arm but Colette saved her from being murdered.

21 T IS FOR TOYING Armand was toying with Hannah. He was using Hannah to get to Collette so he could get Colette to be his wife.

22 U IS FOR UMBRELLA STAND The umbrella stand is one of the things that Hannah angrily kicked over when she found out that her love, Armand was murdered the day before.

23 V IS FOR VERSAILLES This is the first place that Colette and her class visit in Paris. Colette sees a reflection behind her and when she turns around it isn’t there.

24 W IS FOR WHITE POWDERED WIG The white powdered wig is a distinct feature on the ghost of Marie Antoinette that Colette always remembers.

25 X IS FOR XVI (16 TH ) Louie the XVI was Marie’s husband who was also murdered by being beheaded.

26 Y IS FOR YEARNED Colette yearned to be rich and popular. Then Hannah excepted her into the group, but Hannah isn’t the nicest person to deal with.

27 Z IS FOR ZERO Colette had zero dollars to buy expensive clothing in her country and she couldn’t buy a costume for a party in Paris because she didn’t have any money.


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