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Chris Nelms Supplier Management Ameren’s Story Implementing

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1 Chris Nelms Supplier Management Ameren’s Story Implementing
Supplier Lifecycle Management SLM 02 OCT 2014 Chris Nelms

2 About Ameren… Electric Customers 2.4 Million Gas Customers ~1 Million
Service Area 64,000 Sq Mi Generation 10,300 MW Electric System Miles 85,400 Gas System Miles 21,000 Total Assets $22 Billion Total Revenues $6.6 Billion Employees ~8,500 Fully Regulated Presenter Introduction: Chris Nelms leads the operations team charged with the ongoing strategic implementation of processes & systemic changes around the Supply Services Systems & Processes, which include further enablement of electronic supply chain collaboration. A licensed PMP, he holds an MBA and two Bachelor of Science Degrees.

3 Ameren & Oracle… Ameren’s Oracle odyssey began in 2003 with two modules – 2004 brought in the eCommerce Consultant 2005 & 2006 the Source to Settle program was conceived and developed 2006 Sourcing was implemented stand alone and completely vanilla for ~16 users 2007 S2S was implemented full scale, big bang – 2007 Ameren joins Oracle North American Procurement Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Still the only investor owned utility on the CAB

4 Ameren & Oracle… Database OBIEE 10g 11g SEP HR Analytics APR 2013 P&SA OCT 2013 UPK EBS Applications Sourcing MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Procurement Contracts MAY 2009 SEP 2013 iProcurement MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Core Purchasing MAY 2009 SEP 2013 iSupplier Portal MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Services Procurement MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Accounts Payable MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Accounts Receivable MAY 2009 SEP 2013 CCTM* MAY 2009 SEP 2013 Buyer’s Work Center - - OCT 2009 SEP 2013 (Complex Procurement) Hyperion - - DEC 2010 SEP 2013 iExpense - - JUL 2011 SEP 2013 SLM SEP 2013 General Ledger JUL 2014 *CCTM: Contractor Cost Tracking Module. Custom bolt on atop Services Procurement to handle recurring services

5 Ameren & Oracle… Chris Nelms Manager Process & Systems Group
Victor Alarcon Sr Coordinator Kate Minor Sr Coordinator Mike Renieri Bus Perf Spc Laura Angelo SC Clerk Tiffany Pallme SC Analyst Kay Cotner SC Analyst Lawanda McGill SC Clerk Melissa Orr SC Clerk

6 Historical Supplier Situation…
Supplier General Maintenance In 2008 Ameren maintained ~18,000 supplier records AP Manages the overall supplier record, banking information and the remit-to site(s) Supply Chain manages the purchasing sites and contacts for each supplier 2009 manually on-boarded 400 suppliers to iSupplier Portal 2009 supplier cleanup/purge project – 18K to 10K No PO’s for past three years - Nuclear plant specific suppliers exempted 2012 ALL new suppliers must be registered, trained and on-boarded to iSP 2013 Exceeded 2000 suppliers on iSP All manually on-boarded

7 Historical Supplier Situation…
Supplier Insurance Maintenance 2009 Corporate Project Oversight Committee (CPOC) formed Insurance requirements were increased in rigor during this approximate time frame Browz ( was implemented to handle insurance certifications for all services suppliers with =/> $25K annual volume All other services suppliers were handled manually in MS Access that containing the summary abstraction of the insurance in force for each supplier. Access DB allowed for single user only Roughly 5000 services suppliers maintained in Access Re-certifications tend to be received at CY mid year and year end Always a backlog of data entry on insurance. Always.

8 Supplier Addition Process…
Any Requisitioner in any Business Line can request any supplier No real supplier vetting process in place Buyers rationalization – Easier to setup than to research In most cases the new supplier was just added, no questions asked If a supplier insists on a credit application being completed: Ameren has no credit department per se Personal involvement Hard push back on every request, insisting that due diligence in finding an existing, registered supplier be engaged If after due diligence we were compelled to add the supplier, we provide a standard response including trade references and other descriptive information about the Ameren Nothing really discouraging the addition of new suppliers based on request alone New suppliers crept in incrementally over time

9 Supplier Lifecycle Management…
Supplier Maintenance Costs: This reference from the AMR shocked us: We didn’t know if this high end cost applied to us We knew we were not considering the cost of supplier maintenance as such We knew there were efficiencies Oracle AP and Purchasing by themselves were not addressing “…companies are spending up to $1,000 per supplier annually…however, when information, enabled by technology, becomes visible across the organization, costs per supplier quickly dwindle to below $150 per supplier.” - AMR Research, June 2009

10 SLM & Supplier Hub… Managing the Supplier Lifecycle
Consolidate Data Quality 3rd Party Integrations Publish Supplier Repository AP SCM Proc. D&B Analytics Supplier Self Service Registration Supplier Self Service Profile Management Supplier & Stakeholder Questionnaires Workflow Approvals Managing Data Quality & Integration Managing the Supplier Lifecycle Supplier Lifecycle Management (Process) Supplier Hub (Data & External Connectivity)

11 Supplier Data SLM… Supplier Management Designed to…
Do you know your top suppliers? Do you know your high risk suppliers? Are you adding new suppliers records when they already exist? Can you analyze your supply base for diversity? Do you know your tier-2 suppliers? Do you maintain supplier profile data in multiple systems? Does it take too long to on-board a new supplier? When a supplier goes on hold, when do all your systems with supplier data know about it? Supplier Data Impact these processes Procurement Centralization Supply Base Rationalization Strategic Sourcing Social Responsibility Contract Compliance Risk Mitigation S2S Execution Supplier Management Designed to… Reduce the cost/time of managing supplier information Improve the quality/accuracy of supplier data

12 Single Supplier Master
SLM… Transactional Data Analytical Data Single Supplier Master Master Data Spend Analytics Dashboards KPIs Reports/Charts S2S Contracts Sourcing Purchase Orders Invoices Etc. Supplier Hub Extended Attributes* De-Duplicates Merges Classify Suppliers Integrate to Legacy & 3rdParty Data Supplier Lifecycle Management On-Board Suppliers Supplier Audit Supplier Assessment Supplier Profile Self-Service eBusiness Suite

13 Ameren Justification…
Functionality Areas Insurance Certification Management Allows multiple users into the DB simultaneously Effectively reduces the cycle throughput of maintenance and update by at least half Justification for entire SLM module was covered by productivity improvements on this single point In conjunction with extensive supplier search and grouping capability, improves supplier selection and grouping for sending mass actionable notifications Insurance Certification Lookup/Reference Buyers and Sourcing people no longer rely on worksheet index to determine if valid insurance is in force They review directly in Oracle with an image of the certificate available

14 Ameren Justification…
Functionality Areas Certification Management In addition to Insurance which is handled separately, SLM handles these certificate types as well for Ameren: Abatement (general) certified Asbestos certified Health / Environmental certified Training certified ASME certified The certificate area is wide open to accommodate a wide variety of certification management needs and can be augmented later as business needs change

15 CyberSecurity Certificate Retention
Ameren Justification… Functionality Areas CyberSecurity Certificate Retention IT developed an elaborate (50+) question CyberSecurity Questionnaire Use applicable for some IT suppliers only Approval of CyberSecurity aspect separate from Purchasing/Sourcing approval SLM will contain the questionnaire as a stand alone attachment only for CS approved suppliers

16 Supplier Communications & Notifications
Ameren Justification… Functionality Areas Supplier Communications & Notifications Extensive supplier search and grouping capability allowing the user to parse and group suppliers by extensive criteria Insurance and other certifications are renewable annually Notifications allows for quick and intuitive build of supplier communication across many possible points

17 Qualification Management (Supplier Diversity)
Ameren Justification… Functionality Areas Qualification Management (Supplier Diversity) SLM engages creates an invitation when users send requests for update out to suppliers Registered suppliers can then update their information directly on SLM Diversity takes these qualifications into Oracle via approval workflow A third party is used to validate supplier qualifications twice per year

18 Ameren Justification…
Functionality Areas Supplier On-boarding Ground Rules: Ameren does not expose supplier registration to the internet Policy is invitation only for new suppliers Ameren developed a two round supplier approval process: Round 1 All based and addresses the vetting of the proposed new supplier against the existing suppliers checking for duplicates SLM uses fuzzy logic to return lists of suppliers that match based on spelling, address, city, etc. Vetting is quick and accurate is routed according to CAT code assigned to supplier CyberSecurity Questionnaire is reviewed (if applicable) If approved, supplier is advanced to Round 2, if not approved, an existing supplier is used

19 Ameren Justification…
Functionality Areas Supplier On-boarding Round 2 (Currently under review for improvement) Supplier is re-contacted by clerks to fully complete their profile online Supplier added to supplier master by AP Information augmented by Purchasing Information certifications are uploaded and approved (if needed) Tracked certifications are uploaded and approved (if needed) Supplier diversity qualifications are uploaded and approved (if needed) CyberSecurity Questionnaire is attached to supplier record (if needed) Supplier is approved and enabled for use in Oracle.

20 Ameren Justification…
IT Interest Capital Investment IT keen to implement GL to go live on (JUL 2014) Fully regulated utility Rate recovery cases go before state PSC Capital intensive Capital expenditure more readily enters rate base SLM completely new functionality to Ameren Presence of SLM allowed IT to capitalize the upgrade of EBS

21 Upgrade to 12.1.3 SLM Overall Ameren Experience…
Roughest in our history with Oracle Underestimated impact at Ameren/supplier user level One round of testing less than usually done Many more user impacting problems PDF forms not working Purchasing forms functionality not working Litany of problems, all resolved now, but some took months. SLM Overall Difficulty implementing the two round approval loop process Underestimated the volume of new supplier requests RFI update form facing suppliers not working properly, intermittent problems Login problems on supplier end

22 Ameren Experience… Insurance Certificates Other Certifications
Functionality worked as planned Capability to build and run a data load program Separate from SLM but promising for mass update Manually entering insurance information Maintenance is up to date with little if any backlog Other Certifications Paper files to convert Much data entry to accomplish Online functionality works as expected Backlog is worked by clerks and also by interns as we hire them for summer, Christmas break, etc.

23 Ameren Experience… Supplier Diversity CyberSecurity Attachments – OK
Promises a large upside for this small user community Use of supplier facing forms for self update still having problems CyberSecurity Attachments – OK Standard attachment dialog used Notifications preparation and grouping for communications all working as expected Initially worked as planned. With the recent RUP’s & switching to Exadata, the functionality is somehow disabled – SR with Oracle filed.

24 RUP’s… Comprehensive Roll Up Patches were implemented spring and early summer 2014. Extensive testing was done Exadata servers were implemented Oracle General Ledger went live SLM suffered some technical and process setbacks as a result of this implementation We re-evaluated the two cycle process and eliminated the initial supplier contact for supplier update. This would’ve happened regardless. Supplier grouping and function was somehow disabled around the time Exadata became part of the topology. An SR with Oracle was created.

25 Questions…? Chris Nelms M:

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