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Whirligig By Paul Fleischman.

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1 Whirligig By Paul Fleischman

2 Whirligig: noun 1. a toy that spins around in the wind
2. a thing regarded as hectic or constantly changing. "the whirligig of time“ (Webster).

3 Whirligig Examples

4 Literary Terms Characterization: The method in which an author develops a character Dynamic Character: A character that CHANGES over time Static Character: A character that does NOT change in a story Setting: The time(s) and location (s) a story takes place Theme: The author’s main message of a story; it must be more than one word (a complete thought and complete sentence)

5 Key Terms to know Restitution: The act of making good or compensating for loss, damage, or injury Karass: A network or group of people that are unknown to them are somehow connected or linked Chrysalis: anything in the process of developing (protected stage of developing into an adult)

6 Characters Describe Brent Bishop and how he changes from the beginning to the end.

7 Characters Lea Zamora: the name, Lea, means spun by the wind.” Why is a whirligig symbolic?

8 Who is in Lea’s Karass Anthony Steph Flaco Jennifer’s grandmother Why isn’t Brent part of her karass?

9 Setting Non-linear, multiple locations, and multiple times
Begins in Chicago- Brent goes to Chaz’s party, drinks to fit in, and decides to kill himself by driving and swerving into traffic, but he kills innocent Lea instead Mrs. Zamora wants Brent to place whirligigs of Lea’s image in the four corners of the nation to spread her spirit and joy Brent stayed in a camp ground –Washington…meets cyclist Stayed at a hostel-California…meets Emil Stayed at a hotel- Main…meets artist

10 Setting Continued Bellevue, Washington- angel playing harp: Anthony finally can stop playing the violin San Diego, California- mermaid on whale: Jennifer’s grandmother had hope for survivors to keep on moving forward. Miami, Florida- wooden marching band- Flaco, the street sweeper- discovered that people belong together like a band and flock of birds Weeksboro, Main- Lea’s face decorated with sea glass and shells Brent found-helps Steph visualize her future and finds her boyfriend

11 Characters that Taught Brent
Cyclist Taught him how to play Go Emil A German traveler; gave him a book to read, “Two Years Before the Mast”/love of learning and education Mrs. Zamora Taught Brent to self-discover, forgive, and give back to the world Artist in Main Taught Brent that he can forgive himself and people are not defined by their past Brent Taught himself to make whirligigs, play the harmonica, forgive himself, constellations Lea There is more to life than superficial needs like fitting in/belonging

12 Discussion Question Why are those other four stories placed between the chapters about Brent’s growth?

13 Discussion Question Name three behaviors that show Brent to be desperate in the beginning of the novel.

14 Discussion Question What was Mrs. Zamora’s plan for Brent? How does Brent react?

15 Discussion Question What did we learn from Flaco, the street cleaner?

16 Discussion Question Why were whirligigs a tribute to Lea? How is the whirligig a symbol in this book?

17 Discussion Question Why did the whirligig have so much beauty attached to it according to Jennifer’s grandmother?

18 Themes Brainstorm possible themes for: belonging, guilt, forgiveness, self- discovery/coming of age

19 Review for your test and work on your essay!
Questions? Review for your test and work on your essay!

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