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1 Free From Food 2014 - Brussels “Not Only Gluten Free”

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1 1 Free From Food Brussels “Not Only Gluten Free”

2 2 GLUTEN SENSITIVITY IS GROWING It is well and world-wide known that the gluten-free market is rapidly growing due to a growing number of consumers who need or wish to eliminate or restrict their gluten intake It is also well known and accepted that “gluten sensitivity” has been identified and recognized as responsible of a wide range of disorders. Gluten sensitivity, « the other » celiac disease The key market numbers of “celiac disease” and “gluten sensitivity” can be extremely synthetized in the following two percentage ranges: Average number of celiac people: 1% to 1,5% of the population Average number of “gluten sensitive” people: from 5% to 15% of the population

3 GLUTEN SENSITIVITY IS GROWING NEED FOR PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS The needs of Gluten-Sensitive People are pushing the Industry to improve the product offering Taste and Organoleptic quality Nutritional value (balanced dietary system, less fats) Clean label (allergen free, less E-numbers, no sat fats) Value for Money Assortment Place of Consumption Subsidy Systems soon to become obsolete 3

4 4 HI-FOOD WHO WE ARE, OUR VISION HI-FOOD is a new company founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the food sector, who wish to add value through innovation and knowledge Vision: Natural Functional Ingredients for a Sustainable Future (e.g. vegetable fibres) – High R&D, Innovation and Knowledge Content, leading to innovative technical approaches (fibers, gluten free, etc) – Focus on the technological “Functionality” of the ingredient (unique properties, low dosage and high effect) – Strong orientation to the Finished product going to the consumer (quality, taste, cost, label and processing)

5 HI-FOOD AND GLUTEN-FREE WHAT WE HAVE DONE A functional network for Gluten-Free bakery and dough products… – Taste and Organoleptic value – Nutritional value – Clean label – Ease of Processing – Value for Money – Broad Assortment, fast development cycle …but also a number of synergic functional ingredients addressing other Free-From needs 5

6 GLUTEN-FREE IS ONE OF THE MANY FUNCTIONAL PLATFORMS Gluten-Free is not the final target; it is one important step towards an improved Free-From dietary program Gluten Free – The old target: “Keeping somehow the starches together” is gone – New Target: Mimicking the functionality of Gluten Allergen Free – No Milk or Lactose, No Eggs Clean Label – Replacing Mono-diglycerides, Emulsifiers, Hydrocolloids (E-no) – Using natural anti-mold products Replacing Palm Oil and Tropical Oils (Saturated Fats and sustainability) 6

7 GLUTEN-FREE IS ONE OF THE MANY FUNCTIONAL PLATFORMS – NUTRITION IS THE TARGET Gluten-Free is not the final target; it is one important step towards an improved Free-From dietary program Nutrition is the ultimate target 7

8 8 FREE-FROM FUNCTIONAL PLATFORMS Palm Oil Free No Emulsifiers Allergen Free Lactose Free Natural Colorant Natural Antimold GLUTEN FREE GLUTEN FREE Lactose Free Allergen Free Natural Antimold Natural Colorant No Emulsifiers Palm Oil Free


10 10 HI-FOOD Products are produced in a BRC-Certified facility. No GMO according to regulations CE 1829/2003, CE 1830/2003, Dir. CE 2001/1. HI-FOOD operates to ensure full batch traceability, an extensive Quality Control regime together with technical support to ensure success of your products. FDA reg. no For more information about Gluten-free Bread, Bakery Products, Ingredients and other applications: Phone: Fax: Via Sala Baganza, 3 (Quartiere Filagni) – I Collecchio (Parma) Italy THANK YOU

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