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TIFFANY LAWRENCE, RN EndoSure by CardioMEMS, Inc..

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1 TIFFANY LAWRENCE, RN EndoSure by CardioMEMS, Inc.

2 Objectives Describe EndoSure and its uses Describe and evaluate associated hardware Describe associated information system Discuss how EndoSure effects professional nurse practice Discuss advantages/disadvantages

3 EndoSure Manufactured by CardioMEMs, Inc. Wireless pressure measurement system

4 EndoSure Uses Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Aneurysm Repair CHF monitoring P ULMONARY ARTERY

5 The Sensor Insertion Size Power MEMS technology

6 External monitoring system 3 parts: Main Unit Antenna Graphic Display

7 Graphical User Interface Pre-occlusion waveform Post occlusion waveform

8 Usability Simple steps: 1. Antenna placed over insertion site 2. Communication via RF signal 3. Data Display Requires minimal hardware Data output already understood With regular use, may become transparent

9 System Review Type of Information System Who will use it? What is the function? System Configuration Disease and Procedure Classification System

10 Advantages vs. Disadvantages Advantages Permanent Minimally invasive Size Life of sensor Frequent monitoring Disadvantages New technology Invasive procedure

11 Ethical & Legal Issues “Somehow your medical records got faxed to a complete stranger. He has no idea what’s wrong with you either”

12 Effect on Nursing Experience Monitoring Knowledge Education

13 Summary EndoSure used for CHF and AAA monitoring Requires implanted sensor and external monitor devices New technology – long term outcomes unknown Aids in nurses’ monitoring of CHF and AAA patients

14 References CardioMEMS, Inc.,. (2010). CardioMEMS Wireless Sensing. Retrieved June 3, 2010, from CardioMEMS, Atlanta, GA. Web site: CardioMEMS, Inc,. (2005). Physician Billing Guide for the CardioMEMS EndoSure™ Wireless AAA Pressure Measurement System. Retrieved July 28, 2010, from CardiMEMs, Atlanta, GA. Web site: an_Billing_Guide.pdf. an_Billing_Guide.pdf

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