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My Cultural Heritage Heritage, Diversity, Integrity, And Honor Yarizbeth Berrios Period 4.

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1 My Cultural Heritage Heritage, Diversity, Integrity, And Honor Yarizbeth Berrios Period 4

2 Signature

3 Table of Contents Environment: Society: Culture: Economics: Politics:

4 Environment:

5 Culture/Society

6 Economics

7 Politics


9 Family Tree Yarizbeth Berrios Wilkins HernandezYolanda Ingles Pedro Hernandez Sonia Bellido Maximilliana Rodriguez Laura Quintana Yeimy M. Berrios Yaritza N. Berrios Eladio Ingles Irene Ingles Martinez Domingo Quintana

10 Oral History Slide For this slide I decided to interviewed my grandmother, which is in Puerto Rico and I asked her about he past. She came to United States and stood here for 15 years. In what year did you come to U.S.? - In 1958 and it was winter, and since it was too cold, I didn't get use to it real fast. Did you use to get a lot of money from work? - I only worked 40 hours a week and we got paid one dollar an hour so I bought home 40$. Was that enough for rent? - Yes, we only paid 35$ for the whole apartment, big rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. How was the airplane? - They were little and it felt like I was sitting on back of the pilot and the fkught took 8 hours.

11 Grandpa, Grandma, & Big Sister

12 This has happened several times before, because there have been other collapses in these past months.

13 Environment Beaches in Puerto Rico are a main attraction towards tourists and everyone. The beaches are clean and theres plenty of space for everyone. During the summer, there's a lot of algaes in the sea, so sometimes you need to go in a little deep. While in the winter the whole sea is bright and there's nothing in the water. You can go jet-skiing, or you can rides these boats called "banana boats". Its a ride where you get in a banana looking boat and they take you around the sea.

14 Well, other than the beautiful beaches Puerto Rico has, it also has the most outstanding mind- blowing places of all. El Morro is located right at the tip of San Juan. And as you can see it was use as an fortress against the Spains. When you go in, its really big, and you can see the whole ocean with its high waves. El yunque is a rainforest that has been in the wonders of the world and it was going to be voted for one of the 7 wonders of the world. But it didnt quite make it. It starts in the top of some cliff and then you need to walk in it to find the waterfalls.

15 Culture & Society In Puerto Rico there are this festivals called " Fiestas Patronales" where there are rollercoasters, food, and even artists that come just to sing. It last a certain amount of time, like there's always one in christmas and in August. If you miss it don't worry because there's probably going to be one the next month.

16 Parrandas During Christmas, everyone in the neighborhood gets together and they walk to all the houses to sing. They carry guitars or any instrument and they all sing and drink together just to celebrate. It's like a party but a moving one because everyone in the neighborhood would end up in it somehow.

17 Economics "The massive layoffs affect the whole town." There's a lot of people being layed off their works and they need money. There taking too many people out of work and most of them are forced to try to get money from the government somehow.

18 Higher Prices = Crisis Everything in Puerto Rico has gone up and everyone is not happy about it. Food is one of them and even though some families get money from the government, just a carton of milk can cost 3 dollars.Gasoline has gone up too, and it's not like in the United States that it's by gallons over there it's by liters. Clothes are affected too and in Puerto Rico everyone uses uniforms, and the fabric they use is being expensive more and more each time.

19 Politics Luis Fortuno is the current gorvernor of Puerto Rico since January 2009. We rely on the United States but we don't take sides. We can come to United States whenever we can and we don't need to have papers because were already citizens. Most people blame him for everything that in Puerto Rico has change, just I don't know if it's in a good or bad way.

20 Puerto Rico is an commonwealth associated with United States meaning that all inhabitants of the island have the rights and obligations of a normal U.S. citizen. Puerto Rico is not the only commonwealth to United States, it has two major ones and its the Northern Marianas. There's three different parties going in Puerto Rico and they are the "Popular", the "Indepentista" and "PNP". There divided in colors too "Popular" meaning red, "Independestista" meaning green and "PNP" meaning blue. PopularPNPIndepentista

21 Political Cartoon "Im not worried about puertoricans, they have survived at my way of governing, category 5; this storm is nothing." This is a way of him saying that he's taking over the country when he hardly is.

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