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New Horizon College English Book II Unit3 Section B Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law.

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1 New Horizon College English Book II Unit3 Section B Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law

2 Contents I. Reading skill II. Fast reading III. Structure of the text IV. Important Words V. Detailed study of Text VI. Exercises

3 I. Reading skill -- Recognizing Differences Between Facts and Opinion

4 1.Difference Between Facts and Opinions Facts are statements that tell what really happened or what really in the case. A fact can be proved or disproved with direct evidence. It is something known by actual experience or observing. Opinions are statements of belief, judgment or feeling. They show what someone thinks or feels about a subject. Solid opinions, of course, are based on facts. However, opinions are still somebody’s view of something and are not facts themselves. It is now always easy to tell opinion from fact. A writer often combines the two in such a way that we do not always notice where facts ends and opinion begins. When we have a mixture of fact and opinion in a single statement, we must decide whether the main point of the sentence is essentially fact or opinion. Sometimes an opinion is presented as it it were a fact.

5 2.Practice Find and look at the following statements from reading Passage B. Which are facts? Which are opinions? After much thought, I came up with a brilliant plan for Rich to meet my mother and win her over (para1, passage B) Answer: F One day, my mother called me, to invite me to a birthday dinner for my father. (para2, passage B) Answer: F I knew she would do this, because cooking was how my mother expressed her love, her pride, her power, her proof that she knew more than any one else. (para3, passage A) Answer: O

6 Rich was not only not Chinese, he was also my junior, a few years younger than I was. (para6, passage B) Answer: F And unfortunately, he looked much younger with his curly red hair, smooth pale skin, and the splash of orange. freckles across his nose. (para6, passage B) Answer: O In his dark business suits, he looked nice but easily forgettable, like somebody’s nephew at a funeral. (para6, passage B) Answer: O

7 I felt compelled to defend on his behalf, a bit too heatedly as I raised my voice above the noise of the kitchen. (para9, passage B) Answer: O He had brought a bottle of French wine, something he did not know my parents could not appreciate.(para14, passage B) Answer: F

8 But the worst happened when Rich criticized my mother’s cooking, and he didn’t even have a clue about what he had done. (para15, passage B) Answer: O As is the Chinese cook’s custom, my mother always made negative remarks about her own cooking. (para15, passage B) Answer: F

9 II. Fast reading 1.After much thought, the writer came up with_______. A. an idea for her mother to visit her boyfriend B. an idea for her boyfriend to meet her mother C. an idea about how to cook a birthday dinner for her father 2.The writer reminded her boyfriend________. A. to tell her mother that her cooking was the best he ever tasted B. to arrange a chance so that her mother would cook a meal for him C. to cook a meal for her family

10 3.The writer’s mother thought she was more skillful than Antie Suyuan in cooking because________. A. she used garlic and cabbage B. she knew what secret ingredients to put in just by using her nose C. she did not pay attention to her sharp chopping knife while chatting 4. The writer didn’t notice Rich the first year they worked together because _________. A. Rich was also Chinese B. Rich looked younger though he was of the same age as the writer C. the son knew right away there had been a mistake

11 5. “I felt compelled to defend on his behalf, a bit too heatedly as I raised my voice….”(Para. 9) Here “heatedly” can be best explained as _________. A. calmly B. angrily C. critically 6.Rich brought a bottle of French wine which______. A. the writer’s parents liked very much B. the writer’s parents didn’t like C. before the Marine come to the nurse’s station

12 7.When Rich poured a riverful of the salty black stuff on the china plate it suggests that____________. A. Rich did not understand what the writer’s mother really meant B. Rich well understood the Chinese cook’s custom of making negative remarks about one’s own cooking C. Rich was better than the writer’s mother 8.From the writer’s point of view, her boyfriend _________. A. had succeeded in winning her mother over B. had failed to win her mother over C. had hit it off with her mother back

13 III. Structure of the text Part 1(para.1- 3): I came up with a brilliant plan for Rich to meet my mother. Part2 (para.4- 18): The experience of Rich meeting his future mother-in-law for the first time. Part3 (para.19): Rich didn’t realize that he had failed. back

14 IV. Important Words concerning prep. 关于 /with regard to, about e.g. If you have any information concerning the recent event at the station, please contact the police. 考点搭配: the speech concerning the project 关于该项目的演讲 concerning the urgency of 关于 …… 的紧迫性 concerning the matter 关于那件事

15 compel vt. 强迫,迫使 语气由强到弱 force>compel>oblige e.g. The rain compelled us to stop our game. My father compelled us to stay indoors. 考点搭配: compel sb. to do sth. 迫使某人做某事 compel sb. to one’s will 迫使某人服从自己意愿

16 behalf n. 利益,方面 on/in behalf of 代表,为了 =on the interests of sb. e.g. The legal guardian must act on behalf of the child. On behalf of my government I have the honor to make to you the following communications.

17 somehow adv. 设法,由于某种未知的理由 somehow=someway 不知怎样 somewhat 有几分,在某种程度上 e.g. It won’t be easy, but we’ll get across the river somehow. I think her ideas are right, but somewhat I am not completely sure.

18 come up with come up 走近, 上来, 发芽, 流行, 发生, 被提出 e.g. The question never came up. come up with 赶上, 提出, 拿出 e.g.Very few scientists come up with completely new answers to the world’s problems. come up to 达到, 符合 e.g.The water come up to his waist.

19 proceed to do proceed =go on doing sth. 继续做某事 e.g. She had a few beers and proceeded to tell everyone in the bar about her personal problem. He paused to take a sip of water, and then proceeded to tell the story. go on to do sth 暂停后继续做尚未做完的事情

20 even though 即使 e.g.Even though you take a taxi, you’ll still miss the train. Even though the calculation is right, scientists can never be sure that they have included all variables and modeled them accurately 句意:即使计算无误,科学家们也永远无法保证将所有的 变量考虑在内,并且准确的模拟出来。

21 hit it off 相处得好 e.g.Fortunately Hones and his new employee hit it off from the very beginning. His classmates and he hit it off very well. He and I hit it off well with each other. back

22 V. Detailed study of Text 1. I had seen her expression when she opened the door, her forced smile as she surveyed him from head to toe, checking her judgment of him against that already given to her by Auntie Suyuan (para5) [ 解析 ] 时间状语为: when she opened the door /as she surveyed him see 的宾语为: her expression/her forced smile checking her judgment 为现在分词做状语 that 引导介词宾语 [ 译文 ] 我曾注意到她开门时的脸部表情,以及她 从头到脚打量他, 以亲自验证素媛阿姨已经给她讲过的对里奇的评价时露出来的 不自然的笑容

23 2. He was a bit on the short side,compactly built (para6) [ 大意 ] He was a little too short and had a small, but well-shaped body [ 汉译 ] 他稍微矮了一点,但长得很结实。 [ 解析 ] compactly built 为过去分词作状语,表状态 on the …side 意为 rather,a little too. e.g. I like the house but I think the price is a bit on the high side.

24 VI. Exercises Finish the rest exercises on page 82, book 2.

25 The End

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