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New Titles January 2010. Raven Summer David Almond  A noisy raven leads 14-year-old Liam Lynch and his best friend to a golden- haired baby lass, abandoned.

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1 New Titles January 2010

2 Raven Summer David Almond  A noisy raven leads 14-year-old Liam Lynch and his best friend to a golden- haired baby lass, abandoned in ruins. This fairy-tale story captures the media's imagination (and even that of his preoccupied famous-author father) and ultimately leads Liam to the green- eyed Crystal, a passionate, troubled foster-care teen who considers him "normal" in part because he's loved by his family, and Oliver, a Liberian refugee who isn't telling his whole, awful story. Liam's colorful entourage forces him to examine the very nature of evil-is it the barmy, bullying Nattrass, who delights in staging blindfolded beheadings? Is it in Oliver's eyes? In his own? Was even the sweet foundling born a beast and murderer? The baby's happy coos, even as Iraq-bound planes fly overhead, ground this hypnotic, sensuous foray into the nature of war, truth, art and the savagery of humanity. Kirkus Reviews

3 Winter’s End Jean-Claude Mourlevat  Growing up in a dystopian society reminiscent of mid-20th-century Europe, four teens move from darkness and despair to light and hope as they pursue freedom. Best friends in their repressive boarding school, 17-year-old Helen and Milena bond instantly with Milos and Bart from the neighboring boys' school. Together Milena and Bart escape, tracked by dog-men trained to kill. When they discover their parents were assassinated as Resistance leaders 15 years earlier during the Phalange's brutal coup d'etat, Milena and Bart vow to return and fight rather than flee. Finding refuge in the resurging Resistance, Milena inspires all with her beautiful voice while Bart rallies horse-men as allies. After Milos is held captive in a gladiator training camp, Helen joins the heroic uprising hoping to find him before it's too late. With its ironic twists and moral dilemmas, the action-packed plot darts from one protagonist to another with compelling urgency. Bell's fluid translation captures the peril, power and pathos of this truly epic drama in which four young heroes taste love, camaraderie, grief and triumph. Bravo! (Fantasy. 14 & up). Kirkus Reviews

4 How to Say Goodbye in Robot Natalie Standiford  By the time she's a senior, Beatrice Szabo is an expert at emotional detachment, having trained herself not to consider “the houses we lived in as my house, or the street we lived on as our street.” Her biology professor father, constantly following grant money to new positions, has now brought the family to Baltimore. Bea's former best friend—her mother—is coming unhinged, miserable about moving and her deteriorating marriage. So it comes as a surprise to Bea that at her new, small private school she forms a near-instant bond with Jonah Tate, a boy with a past so tragic his withdrawal was probably inevitable. Bea and Jonah's relationship is platonic but intense—two kids drawn to each other by joint recognition of the intelligence behind the robotic facades they wear to get through high school. Publishers Weekly

5 Refresh, Refresh Danica Novgorodoff  Three young men in the Pacific Northwest deal with the wartime absences of their fathers coupled with their own adolescent angst. Cody, Josh and Gordon struggle to deal with their feelings during this confusing time. Answers do not come easily to the boys and usually manifest in a form of violence; the trio routinely boxes to "make each other tougher." Split into three narrative threads that combine and then separate, this graphic novel routinely intertwines and then unwinds, showing the dynamics of the boys together and then in their homes. Each boy is desperately waiting for his father to contact him (they pine in front of their computers, constantly refreshing their e-mail for new messages), although when one of the boys receives unwelcome and disturbing news, the group bands together and lashes out viciously. After this action, the group makes a shocking decision that affects their impending futures. Disturbing and intense, this proves to be a thoughtful examination into these very contemporary characters' psyches. Graphic Novel. Kirkus Reviews

6 Blood Promise Richelle Mead  This latest installment is a wonderful mix of love, loss, loyalty, and betrayal. Half vampire and half human, Rose Hathaway's world is torn apart when the love of her life, Dimitri, is turned into a Strigoi, one of a group of evil, undead vampires out to destroy the Moroi, who are living vampires. She drops out of St. Vladimir's Academy and journeys to Russia to save Dimitri from himself. In St. Petersburg, she befriends Sydney, a member of a secret group of alchemists who aids in her quest. Together they track down Dimitri's family in Omsk; her stay there gives her time to heal as well as to make an important discovery about her relationship to her friend Lissa, a Moroi princess with healing abilities. When Rose confronts Dimitri, he takes her hostage and puts her to the ultimate test. The story features strong character development and an action- packed plot full of many twists and turns. School Library Journal

7 Deadly Little Lies Laurie Faria Stolarz  Last fall, sixteen-year-old Camelia fell for Ben, the mysterious new boy at school who turned out to have a very mysterious gift—pyschometry, the ability to sense the future through touch. But just as Camelia and Ben's romance began to heat up, he abruptly left town. Brokenhearted, Camelia has spent the last few months studying everything she can about psychometry, and experiencing her own strange brushes with premonition. Camelia wonders if Ben's abilities have somehow rubbed off on her. Can the power of psychometry be transferred? Even once Ben returns to school, Camelia can't get close enough to share her secret with him. Despite the romantic tension between them, Ben remains aloof, avoiding contact. Then when an unexpected kiss leads to a frightening argument, Camelia makes the painful decision to let Ben go and move on. Adam, the hot new guy at work, seems good for her in ways Ben wasn't. Adam is easygoing, and seems to really care about her.  But when Camelia and Adam start dating, a surprising love triangle results. A chilling sequence of events upturns secrets from Ben's past—and Adam's. Someone is lying, and it's up to Camelia to figure out who-before it's too late. From the Publisher

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