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Legislative Committee Report Spring Report April 29, 2014.

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2 Legislative Committee Report Spring Report April 29, 2014

3 SHPA Legislative Priorities State  Maintain/Increase Funding for Supportive Housing  Continue Focus on Healthcare Reform and Care Coordination  1115 Waiver Creation Federal  HUD/HEARTH Act Funding Increase and Implementation  Second Chance Act – funding to prevent homelessness for people leaving incarceration  Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Renewal

4 Current and Emerging Legislative Issues State  Expiration of the Temporary Tax increase  FY 2015 Budget – Revenue Shortfall  Elections this fall Federal  Sequestration Impact – Restoration of rental subsidy vouchers  ACA Implementation  THUD Funding Levels

5 SHPA Spring Advocacy Extend the Temporary Income Tax Increase! The State Needs a Revenue Solution for FY 2015! Maintain Current Supportive Housing Funding at $27.8 Million! Expand Supportive Housing Services! Increase Funding by $2.3 million! Leverage $67.5 Million!

6  Make a commitment to engage your legislator! By phone, in person, on site, in their office – some way, somehow!  Join the Legislative Committee! First Monday of the Month 9:30 am Conference Call Call in #: 1-866-951-1151 Access Code: 927-8634# For the Spring Session and Beyond

7 April 29, 2014 SHPA Quarterly Meeting Governance Committee Report

8 The Governance Committee The Governance Committee makes decisions about how SHPA should be run. The committee shapes the association’s by-laws, committee structure, membership policies and more.

9 Members of the Governance Committee Eileen Higgins, Chair Lucy Brownlee David Esposito David Harrison Sharon Hess William Johnson Sherri Allen Reeves Millicent Ntiamoah Michelle Surney Darsonya Switzer YOU

10 SHPA’s Membership Dues has & will: Meet the challenge to deepen our advocacy Grow SHPA’s training and TA to members and residents for best practices Help SHPA increase staff to serve our growing membership And much much more!

11 Governance Committee Report Covers Thank you for Paying Your 2014 Membership Dues Current Projects: SHPA’s Resident Travel Policy SHPA’s Social Media Policy Next Project: Membership Campaign Phase II Joining SHPA Governance Committee

12 2014 Membership Dues Paid CoC- DoPage County CoC- Heartland CoC- Northwestern Illinois CoC- Southern Illinois CoC- West Central Illinois Kitty Cole Connections for the Homeless Cornerstone Service Deborah”s Place DuPage PADS Inc. A Safe Haven Alexian Bros. Bonaventure House AID Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Charities Diocese of Joliet Center for Prevention of Abuse Chestnut Health Systems Coc Decatur/Macon County Homeless council

13 2013 Membership Dues Paid Housing Options for the Mentally Ill in Evanston Inner Voice Interdependent Living Solution Center Lazarus House Light the Way Inc. Lighten-Gale Group Madison County Community Development Mercy Housing Lakefront PADS Inc. (Aurora) Richard Durbin Embarras River Basin Agency Featherfist Ford Heights CSO Grand Prairie Services Heritage Behavioral Health Center Homestead Corporation of Champaign/Urbana Housing Action Illinois Ford Heights C.B.O.

14 2013 Membership Dues Paid PATH Inc Primo Center for Women & Children ReVive Center Sheridan Ventures Southside Office of Concern Southern Illinois Coalition for the Homeless Thresholds Together We Cope Trilogy West Suburban PADS

15 For paying your 2014 membership dues!

16 Social Media Policy & Residents Travel Policy The committee has reviewed both the social media and residents travel policies. We have made recommendations and sent them to the Executive Committee for Approval.

17 Phase I of the Membership Campaign Project Come Back Our next meeting May. 27, 2014, we will discuss our findings from the agencies and move on to Phase II with reaching out to potential new members.

18 If you have questions, comments, or need to make payment arrangements for 2014 dues. Please call or email Aaron Eldridge. 312-202-0254

19 To Join the Governance Committee Fill out the Get on Board with SHPA form and give it to Aaron Eldridge or Eileen Higgins. The next Governance Committee call is Tuesday May 27, 2014 @ 2:00pm. 888-951-1151; 927- 28634,888-951-1151 Join us as we explore every aspect of the policies that Govern SHPA.

20 Quality improvement and results Standards & Best Practices Committee

21 Standards & Best Practices Current and Future Activities: Merging of the Association’s Healthcare Committee activities into the S & BP Committee:  The healthcare system is rapidly evolving in Illinois.  Housing is now more widely acknowledged as a social determinant of health.  Healthcare and housing is now recognized as important to the Illinois Medicaid and healthcare system.

22 Standards & Best Practices Current and Future Activities  Dimensions of Quality  The Committee has reviewed the Dimensions of Quality I  More discussion is required.  The SHPA Executive Committee supports a best practices approach to supportive housing.  Staff Credentialing  The Committee representatives have had preliminary discussion with the Illinois Certification Board about staff credentialing.  The Committee will engage in research and review about the value of and potential for developing a credentialing process for supportive housing staff.

23 Standards & Best practices Join this exciting committee to assist us in our work this year!  We meet on the Fourth Monday of the Month at 10am (see schedule included in packet).  Your participation is welcomed and needed! Please join us.

24 Continuum of Care Committee Connecting and Sharing Information April 24, 2014

25  Housing Action Illinois and SHPA co-host the Continuum of Care Committee.  CSH, IHDA, DCEO and IACAA staff also participate, as well as members of every Continua around the state.  Only statewide forum for Continua.  The CoC Committee continues to maintain a “Google Group” established during the last NOFA submission. It has facilitated discussion and information sharing. Continuum of Care

26 CONTINUUM OF CARE  Federal Housing Choice Voucher Funding  Presentation by Barbara Sard, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities  75,000 HUD Tenant-Based Housing Choice Vouchers were cut due to sequestration implemented in FY13  Congress restored 34,000 vouchers in FY14 appropriations bill but 40,000 were lost

27 CONTINUUM OF CARE  13 national groups including Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, National Low Income Housing Coalition and others working together to lobby for restoration and targeting  Targets: 1. 30,000 for homeless or at-risk families and individuals 2. 5,000 for victims of domestic violence 3. 5,000 for people with disabilities (Olmstead compliance)  Wednesday, April 30 – Housing Alliance Illinois, CSH, Thresholds and SHPA are participating in person and by phone in a meeting with Senator Durbin’s staff to discuss

28 CONTINUUM OF CARE Announcements:  SHPA regional meeting and Advocacy Day, April 29 and 30, Springfield  Housing Action Illinois Annual Conference, October 23, Bloomington Next meeting: Via conference call, Thursday, May 22 at 10:00AM, Presentation by Sue Augustus – SOAR (Social Security and SSI Access to Recovery)

29 Continuum of Care Committee  Meets on the Fourth Thursday of the Month at 10am via conference call.  Anyone who is involved with their local continuum of care is invited to attend and participate.  Simply fill out the Get On Board With SHPA form and return it to Carlissa Puckett.  Google Group  If you wish to enroll in the Google Group. Indicate that on your Get On Board With SHPA form.

30 SHPA Healthcare Committee Quarterly Meeting Report August 13, 2013

31 Housing and Healthcare Reform Goals Medicaid Expansion to include all Residents and Clients An End to Homelessness through Permanent Supportive Housing Coordination of Care for Those in Supportive Housing Improved Health Outcomes for Those in Supportive Housing Cost Savings Resulting from Improved Health Outcomes

32 Housing and Healthcare Reform Action Plan Outreach, engage and enrollment Residents/Clients in expanded Medicaid; Maintain and expand supportive housing; Build opportunities for housing and healthcare Actively develop relationships as a Partner with: other service providers (mental health, substance abuse) state government managed care organizations healthcare providers – doctors, hospitals nursing homes.

33 Major Opportunity - The Waiver The Waiver is: A State request to the Federal government for flexibility in the Medicaid program A way for Illinois to request federal funds to change the Medicaid program: o to improve the individual’s experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); o to improve the health of populations; and o to reduce the per capita cost of health care. A major opportunity for supportive housing, BECAUSE….

34 Major Opportunity - The Waiver Supportive Housing improves quality of life; improves health outcomes for people living in supportive housing; saves the healthcare system money.

35 Make a commitment to engage your legislator! By phone, in person, on site, in their office – some way, somehow! Join the Healthcare Committee! Second Tuesday of the Month 10:00 am Conference Call Call in # - 866-951-1151 Access Code - 927-9634# Help Us Reform Housing and Healthcare Practices

36 Residents Program Report April 2014

37 Resident Program Updates Coming Soon…. 2014 Resident Attendance in National Alliance to End Homelessness Next Conference Call: May 20th 1:00 p.m. 1-866-951-1151 Code: 9278634# CALL IN!!!!!

38 SHPA Partnership Updates Chicago Coalition for the Homeless MAJOR VICTORY: The Re-Entry Pilot program within the Chicago Housing Authority was approved by the Mayor’s office. Alliance in Suburban Cook County 150 Homes Campaign: As of 4-2014 housed 345 chronically homeless individuals Chicago Alliance PSH Constituence Group: CoC Governance Charter, to be voted on in June 2014

39 Resident Program Updates Invited to be on CANTV Program “Honoring Veterans First” Resident Leader Babette Peyton Revitalization of St. Leo’s Tenant Council Strategic Planning Session, Meet & Greet, Election Process Building momentum at Connections for the Homeless Benefits of Tenant Council, Development of Mission Statement, Meet & Greet Aaron Parker: CCH Organizing Training The Renaissance Collaborative: Revitalization of Tenant Council

40 Resident Program Updates Disproportionate Miniority Contact Summit Mansfield Institute for Social Justice & Transformation and Health and Medicine Policy Research Group

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