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Cutting Edge Computer Games CPS124 – Computer Graphics Ferdinand Schober.

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1 Cutting Edge Computer Games CPS124 – Computer Graphics Ferdinand Schober

2 Computer Game Milestones I First Age – 80’s: Pong, Pacman, M.U.L.E., Nethack Bard’s Tale, Ultima, Wizardry Civilization, Populous, Maniac Mansion Second Age – 90’s: Doom, Ultima Underworld System Shock, Elder Scrolls, Thief Quake, Unreal, Wing Commander Warcraft, Diablo, Half-Life Ultima Online, Sim City Third Age – Y2k+: Black & White, Baldur’s Gate, No One Lives Forever SEQUELS!!!

3 Computer Game Milestones II

4 Famous Designers I Will Wright Maxis; Sim City (1989), The Sims (1998) Raymond Padilla, Freelance Gaming Journalist: "He is somehow able to reach the hard-core gamer as well as the mass market. Nobody has been as successful in doing so on the PC side." John Carmack ID Software; Commander Keen, Quake (1996) John Howard, Microsoft: "Defined the terms "deathmatch" and "strafe" for a generation of gamers. Next to Tetris and a few early arcade cabinets the Doom and Quake series have distilled the soul of the video game to its essentials." Quotes from

5 Famous Designers II Sid Meier Firaxis; Civilization (1990), Railroad Tycoon, Pirates Michael Hershberg, Quicksilver Software: "The first PC game I remember getting addicted to (and I mean stay-up-till-4-homework-comes-second kind of addiction) was the original Civilization. Now I have the pleasure of shunning my friends in favor of Civilization III. If Sid deserves anything it might be a spot on the Top 50 People To Blame For Dwindling Social Life.“ Warren Spector Ion Storm; Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Deus Ex Rantz Hoseley, Quicksilver Software: "Warren is a perfect example of someone who has done just phenomenal work in games, producing truly pivotal games, but not being content to rest on his laurels. Every game that Warren is involved in manages to push the boundries and challenge the conventions. It's purely icing on the cake that he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in this business." Quotes from

6 Famous Designers III Peter Molyneux Lionhead Studios; Populous (1990), Dungeon Keeper, Black & White Bill Roper, Blizzard Entertainment: "I was so taken with one of Peter's games that at one time my online handle was Powermonger. Bullfrog had an amazing string of fun and inventive games, making the "God Game" their bread-and-butter. This was an idea that Peter molded, shaped, reworked, folded, exploited and reinvented time and again, and every time it was somehow familiar and new all in one big package, and that has always been the particular genius that I have seen in all of his work."

7 Famous Designers IV Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo; Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Metroid Bill Roper, Blizzard Entertainment: "Shigeru Miyamoto has not just been making games for years and years -- he has truly been creating worlds. The amount of thought, detail and passion that go into his designs is evident from the second you start playing. No other designer better realizes the concept of getting the player into the game within the first 30 seconds than Miyamoto and he continues to provide an impeccable guiding vision from project to project. A stellar achiever who has never lost sight of what makes a game fun." Quotes from

8 Game Demos & Movies Now to new games: Movies: -Half-Live 2 -Unreal Technology -S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -Battlefield Vietnam -Far CryFar Cry -Sacred -Thief 3 Demos: -Far Cry -World Racing -Serious Sam 2

9 Cutting Edge Computer Games しゅう えんしゅう えん 終演終演 The End

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