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New Era Interactive English Viewing, Listening & Speaking Unit 11 Somewhere Around Here.

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1 New Era Interactive English Viewing, Listening & Speaking Unit 11 Somewhere Around Here

2 Learning Objectives You will use the vocabulary and grammar of this unit to: describe places: Mount Everest is the highest mountain. Compare places: It’s the most beautiful place in the country.

3 Luis and Kate are browsing in a bookstore. They are in the travel/ geography section, and Kate is looking at a map in a book. Kate: Luis, where are you from? Luis: San Francisco, you know that! Kate: No, no. I mean, where is your family from? Luis: Oh, my parents are from Mexico. Kate: But where in Mexico? Luis: Colima. Kate: Calina? next Notes: Americans often ask each other where their families are from. Many Americans have parents or grandparents who came from a different country.

4 Luis: That’s close. Kate: Where is that? Luis: It’s in western Mexico. Kate: Is it close to Mexico City? Luis: Not far. Here, I’ll show you. It’s somewhere around here…here. Kate: Oh, Colima! What’s it like there? Luis: It’s near the ocean and the mountains. I think it’s the most beautiful place on Earth! next

5 Terms like the 1950s and the 1960s refer to a period of 10 years. The 1950s are 1950-1959 and the 1960s are 1960-1969. Luis: How about you? Where’s your family from? Kate: Well, I was born in California. My father moved here from Georgia in the 1950s. Luis: Oh? Kate: And my mother moved here from Texas in the 1960s. Luis: Uh-huh. Kate: They met and they got married…and here I am! Luis: Wow! Everyone’s got a story, huh? nextback

6 Discuss the video in groups 1. What are the two persons talking about? 2. Where is Luis from? 3. Where is kate’s family from?

7 Stress for understanding Where are you going TONIGHT? But WHERE in China? But where is your FAMILY from?

8 Oral Practice 1. Practice the following dialogue: A: Where are you from? B: I’m from Los Angeles. You know that. A: But Where is your family from? B: Oh! My parents are from Los Angeles. A: My parents are from L.A, too. Do your parents still live there? B: Yes. Do yours? A: Yes, they live in Beverly Hills. B: My parents live in Beverly Hills, too---on Sunset Boulevard. A: My parents live on Sunset Boulevard, too. Can you believe it? B: No! The same street! Let’s introduce them.

9 Further Study of the Vocabulary and Usage Somewhere: =someplace –get somewhere 取得一些成就 [ 进展 ] –see sb. somewhere 要某人滚蛋, 要某人 见鬼去 –somewhere about 在... 附近 大约 –somewhere else 别的地方 –somewhere or other [ 口 ] 某个地方

10 somehow: 设法 ; 不知道怎样, 莫名其妙地 She somehow got lost. 她不知道怎么竟迷了路。 somehow or other 不知是什么原因 由于某 种原因, 以某种方式 Sometime: (someday) 1) 有朝一日 ; 日后 ; 改天 It happened sometime last month. 这件事发生在上个月的某一个时候。

11 sometime or other 迟早, 总有一天 2) 曾经是 … 的;从前的;昔日的 Mr X, the sometime professor of physics. X 先生,前任物理学教授。 Sometimes: at times, now and then –sometimes rich, sometimes poor – 有时富, 有时穷

12 Somebody: 某人, 重要人物 think oneself to be (a) somebody 自以为是个大人物 nobodies posing as somebody 冒充大人物的小人物 习惯用语 –or somebody... 之类的人 –somebody else 别人, 了不起的人物 –somebody or other 某一个人 ( 不知道是哪 一个 )

13 Somewhat: 一点儿, 几分 He is somewhat of a musician. 他可算是个音乐家。 习惯用语 –more than somewhat [ 口 ] 非常 –somewhat of [ 口 ] 有点 ; 相当 I was somewhat surprised. 我有点惊讶。


15 英语 “ 方位 ” 表示



18 2. Introduce a few places of interest in your hometown.Use the expressions you’ve learnt.

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